Always There For You

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Something Special for my Juliet

Submitted: September 01, 2008

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Submitted: September 01, 2008



Never had I thought I would feel like this,

every time I see you I would feel such wondrous bliss.

As we face the world together; hand in hand,

by your side is where I shall always stand.

You see the world is blind of what love truly can be,

always afradi of their emotions and setting them free.

But with you I have no fears,

these eyes of mine for society shall never shed a tear.

Not for the way the world is enveloped with foolish ideals,

never to except what is true, what is real.

Whatever does happen; we shall be as one,

doing what our heart longs to be done.

For you I shall do whatever it takes,

trying so hard with you not to make any mistakes.

People in this world never know the power of words they say,

letting their thoughts be fooled and go astray.

But I speak words of truth from my heart,

letting passion run free and romance start.

All that is needed to start this romance,

is your tender kiss which always does entrance.

You see my maiden fair,

when I look into your eyes I can see true love there

love so strong; beyond what anyone can know.

To be away from you too long I could not bear,

always longing for my love for you to show.

Let the world say and do what it may,

for I know by your side is where I shall stay.

With one kiss I would let my voice be heard so,

screaming to the heavens and the universe how I love though

it is obvious to you my love.

Together is where we shall be,

not letting anyting bother us from all we see.

So many others in the past follwoed the path we are on,

their romance lasting through life and beyond.

When troubles do come and threat you so,

there is one thing you must remember though,

that I am there by your side and will always love you so.


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