Bathroom Mirror

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Within the mirror is the only place where we can see the real truth. That is if we are willing to see and except it.

Submitted: June 10, 2011

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Submitted: June 10, 2011



If the bathroom mirror could speak what would it truly say? Would it speak words of such comfort to the woman who would cry in sorrow from the anguish that she is forced to face. The fear of losing the one she loves, or the fact that she does not know if she carries child of the man she loves? Would it comfort her in her hour of need, make her see that everything will be alright and that she need to just be strong and to believe in herself and that love will concur all.

Would it scream out in anger and terror to see her dive so deep into her dark anxiety wanting to take a razor and cut herself not to end her life, but just to feel the pain. Would it call her a fool and that this will never stop what she is feeling inside, that she must be strong to face her fear no matter how scared she might be. Would it have arms to hold her close and a shoulder for her to cry on? So that she would know she is not alone.

Would it blush in surprise witnessing her fantasize of her lover letting her fingers move over her naked skin as she wishes that it was him that was touching her loving her the way she longs to feel. Promising to never speak of these acts of her burning desire which builds within her heart yearning to be set free and embraced by the man that she loves.

Would it promise to keep the secret she speaks to it as if it was a person she did trust, and looking as if to expect and answer or some advice to what problems she is dealing with. To let her know what she should do giving her comfort that the sun will rise tomorrow.

No, the bathroom mirror does not do any of that, just hangs on the wall doing the one thing it always does best showing the truth of who the lady really is within her reflection... Non-biased , and always truthful. in what it does see even when she does not with to know it as the truth.

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