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A poem about a young woman who feels like a slave with her own family and wishes that true love will come and take her away from it all.

Submitted: February 16, 2010

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Submitted: February 16, 2010




 Lost within the anguish of other people's commands
While they refuse to help with anything around the house
Her life left on hold for everyone else's needs
Never able to embrace the true happiness
That her heart does long to feel.
Even though she is a student going after her dream,
At home her family does not see her as a daughter
But as a servant....a slave
While they all go out and do what they long to do
She is left playing the roll of mother,
Housekeeper, and chauffeur to them
She looks out her window at the night
Seeing the full winter moon shining through the darkness
As she wonders where her prince charming could be
And if she will ever be free from the torment
Of  this life she is forced to live.
While her eyes silently scream out
I want to fly from here
I want to run away from here
And find the happiness that I deserve.
But till that day does come for her
She silently continues on with this tormented life
Never to cry for it would never do any good
As she keeps in her heart
The hope for a better life and the happiness
That she longs for so much.


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