Come Fly Away With Me

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Come Fly Away With Me and let me take you to the paradise within my heart where we belong and our love and passion can roam free for each other.

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012




Come fly away with me to a paradise all our own
away from the turmoil and stress of this world
and into my arms and my heart
where I wait for you to share all the passion this soul holds for you
where we can walk in the rose garden
feeling the warmth of the summer sun upon our skin
while the gentle breeze caresses us so lovingly
just to hold you close to me... lips meet lips
in a soft and gentle kiss...expressing our hearts
within this brief moment of affection
so intense...our hearts sing out a sweet serenade of joy.

Come fly away with me....
where lovers walk hand in hand in the park
love birds sing so high in the trees there sweet melodies
as we enjoy the day before us
looking at each other with such passion and love
wanting this day to never end
and journey forth and discover how far our desires could take us
feeling such a closeness between each other
a bond of such love and devotion so strong
nothing could ever break it from us.
Oh my Lady, let my words touch you
in the one place no other man has ever been able to touch
to caress you there so lovingly and tender
showing how special you are to me
and how much I long and desire for you.
Let my words reach out and touch your heart
showing you how true my affections are for you
making you see the beauty that you truly are
both inside and out...and how I do love you so.

Come fly away with me...
to where we can sit upon the grass shore
by a lake where the surface is so calm and smooth
where silver ballerinas dance on a liquid stage
and the stars in the night sky sparkle
like diamonds within a sea of ebony
we hold each other so close and tight
bodies pressed against each other
shedding away that which the world sees us as
revealing our innocence to each other
as we succumb to a passion between us...bodies join as one...
and we complete each other so perfectly
while the light of the full moon gazes down at us
smiling at the sight of our love making
opening our bodies and hearts to each other
willing to share all we this night in paradise.

Come fly away with me....
and let me take you to the paradise within my heart
where a love so special and true waits for you
that will last a lifetime and beyond.

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