Dedicated to my Love

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Something that I wrote for that special woman in my life.

Submitted: August 27, 2008

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Submitted: August 27, 2008



She stands out on yonder balcony longing for bliss,

Miles away her lover is from her touch.

Her lips longing to feel his tender kiss,

The one thing that she yearns for so much.

Heavy woe dost a her heart endure,

While her eyes slowly sheds a tear.

The love for him is pure and true,

Making everything she wants so clear.

Heavy passion locked within her heart,

Wanting him near to express him her love.

Wanting the passion between them to start,

To express the tenderness given from above.

Such wantonness burns between her thighs,

But now her heart with loneliness sighs.

Her mind does wander down the path of dreams,

Where there her love does wait with open arms.

Together the world troubles disappears it seems,

As they are enveloped within each others charms.

Kisses so passionate and deep,

While their limbs and hearts entwine.

This moment in their memory they shall keep,

And of this special love that is so refine.

Bodies joined as one in love’s desire,

Blessed by all the feelings they do endow.

Flesh melting to one from passion’s fire,

Two hearts beating for one body now.

Never does she want to let him go,

To continue forever to let their love show.

This maiden does awaken alone in her empty bed,

Longing even more now for his kiss, his touch.

The image of him stays within her head,

As her heart yearns for his love so much.

She walks to the window staring out into the cold night,

Sighs of such hunger for his desire comes over her.

Wanting her kiss to make her heart take flight,

And the reality around her becomes a blur.

It is then she sees him emerging from the shadows of the eve,

His words of love spoken with such passion.

Each word and feeling she knows to believe,

For he courts her in such honorable fashion.

He says I love you with all my heart,

And now she knows they will never be apart.

© Copyright 2017 Michael68. All rights reserved.

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