Difference Between Sex and Making Love

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My Lady you say you wish to know the difference....so here is what I have to say.

Submitted: March 08, 2012

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Submitted: March 08, 2012





You say you do not know the difference 

between sex and making love.

Well. my Lady.....I am here to reveal to you

with what i believe the truth is.


To me sex......

is nothing more than just lust.....

a lie to each other....

an illusion of something special......

a human need for affections

momentary and brief giving such ecstasy 

without any true emotions

just the longing for carnal pleasure 

that we all yearn for 

to make us feel needed 

and special for a moment.


Making Love........

is when two hearts entwine

and there becomes a closeness

that overwhelms the soul.....pleasing the heart......

where nothing would matter anymore

together completing each other

as we are sweetly absorbed within the tenderness of the heart

expressing our love so sweetly and gently 

showing the true love which we both do feel and cherish

and speak in whispers those three words 

which mean more than just simple words said

but felt within the heart and soul 

and forever has more meaning 

than we or anyone else can ever imagine.


My Lady......that is what I believe

and even more than that.......

I believe in you.......and love you ......

always and forever......till the end of time. 

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