Don't Say Good-bye

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Don't say Good-bye to a love that that is so strong. Don't turn away from this heart that cries out for you so much.

Submitted: September 19, 2011

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Submitted: September 19, 2011




My Lady's tear filled eyes looks upon me
as we both sit there
not able to utter a single word to each other
as I see her bottom lip shiver,
the sorrow is consuming her right now.
She tells me that it is not working
that she can not go on living a lie to herself,
as her emotions makes her feel like she is drowning.
Yet, my heart and soul doesn't want this to happen,
for she is all that I truly want
all I truly need to make me happy.
How I want to ask her how can she do this?
When we had shared so much together
endured so much that proved our love for each other
and had grown so close
that we became as one with each other.

I don't want her to leave me,
for how can I exist without her in my life?
She was my muse who inspired the words of love
that burned the pages which they were written on,
just by her loving me with all her heart
as she had done all these years.
And even more than that
she was the one who lifted me out from the darkness
of my own soul,
opened my eyes to a world that I did not know of
and a love that I believed I could never obtain.
And I give to her all that I am,
never denying her anything that this heart and soul can give,
respecting her more than any man could with a woman,
believing in her more that anything else,
caring for her beyond the point of reason
and loving her with the strength of heaven itself.

But the look in her eyes tells me
that there is nothing I can say to change her mind,
that she only does this so I can be happy
a happiness that she can not give me.
How I want to speak to her
of how she is my happiness,
how no matter what obstacles might come our way
we can defeat them together hand in hand
and that our love for each other
shall always be strong and true.
But my lips do not utter a word
as my heart beaks
and never shall I ever love again as deeply
as I have loved her.
And never shall she have a man
who will respect her as strongly as I have,
understand her as completely ,
believe in her every ounce of my essence,
and love her more than I could ever love anyone else.

I want to tell her not to say good-bye,
to stay here within my arms
and together we can live and start a new life.
But it is too late
as she walks away from me to her train ride home,
never to look back at me,
saying her last good-bye just from this action
as she leaves me alone in this world
in the shadows of my sorrow and pain....forever.

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