Dream The Dreams Of Love

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Dream the dreams of love...of passion so pure and strong that the paradise it brings....become our private reality. On this poem is a recording of me reciting this poem. Please let me know what you think.

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012








Dream of Dreams of Love



Dream the dreams of that which the heart cries out for

letting go of the world of daylight

and catapulting us into the celestial images of such desires

swept away into a world where lovers meet in secret rendezvous

under the clear night sky....their liaisons ….a paradise within itself

riding the crest of the eternal seas of love...absorbed within its abyss...

two lost souls that now found each other...becoming one in sweet harmony....

destined to be forever united.....while the sweet pleasures of our affections

fills us....thrills us....with such wondrous passion....

as we shed away the identity the waking world sees us as.....

revealing our bare innocence we keep hidden....opening up our soul to each other...

feeling the pleasure of skin against skin....words of such devotion whispered upon the breeze...

surrounding us in a sweet serenade ….our hearts profess its true feelings...

inhibitions and doubts now melted away...leaving only the true essence of our soul....

moving along the path of moonbeams.....stars sparkle like rare jewels in ebony silk....

this is our world....our paradise...where love can roam so free.... and the hopes and dreams

the soul does hold....becomes a sweet reality.....and reality is nothing more than a mere faded dream.





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