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A story I have been working on for some time now. Hope you like it.

Submitted: April 26, 2008

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Submitted: April 26, 2008



She stacked the wood on the funeral pyre, wondering how it would feel to burn, while the eyes of the ones she loves watched in silent horror. Normally, she would not conceive such thoughts like this that was until the death of her good friend and secret lover, Eric. The memory of him stayed fresh in her mind, making it difficult for her to let go of the pain of her lose. The way the wood was formed was like a small stage or altar, so all could bear witness to the ceremony. To her, it seemed like a morbid act which the coven performed, even though she had seen many of them before. The only thing was, was that the decease had always been someone that she didn’t know, that she had not loved. Unlike what she had shared with her beloved Eric. The one thing which she feared was that the high priest and priestess would find out about her torrid affair. They would not have looked kindly of it. Considering that she was a seventeen year old girl who had been having a passionate affair with a thirty-two year old man who was married. But she couldn’t help falling in love with him. The way he talked to her, the passion of his kiss and how patient he was when it came to him making love to her. Especially when he found out that it had been her first time. No matter what, she wanted to give her virginity to him, which of course she did. Making love by the shore of the pond, that many of the people of the coven went skinny dipping in. That was the one thing that she would always remember.

The blistering sun pounded down on her soul as she stood there in silent mourning. Around her people dressed in gypsy clothing, or in cloaks, with the hoods over their heads. A few of the younger women walked around topless, showing off their firm breasts without any worry or fear about it. Just like the way the women did at Woodstock back in the sixties. Or at least that was what she had been told. But that didn’t seem top matter to her, for her mind was focused on Eric. It was then she heard the sound of a woman’s voice coming from the distance, behind her.

“Dyana, come over here and get something to eat. You shouldn’t stand over there to long.” The woman’s voice called out.

“I’ll be there in a minute, April.” Dyana said, turning around for a second, and then brought her attention back to the pyre.

When she did, a tear ran down her cheek, as she wished that she could just let her sorrow out. Screaming out why could it be that he had to die. And say of how much she loved him. How she had shared that moment of passion by the shore of the pond. But, if she were to do that, her secret would be out and she would be banished from the coven. The only home that she now knew. Slowly she turned around; the warm summer breeze caressed her face and ran through her long blond hair. But there was something else in the air that sent a chill down her spine, paralyzing her for a brief second. For she heard the sound of Eric’s voice whispering in her ear.

“Fear not my love. I shall be back to avenge my death.” The voice said.

Dyana had no idea what it could mean, except the obvious. And that was something which seemed ridiculous. For when someone dies, they can never come back to the living world. Could they? A question which seemed like it never would be answered. Even though the coven did believe in the spirit world, what she was thinking seemed too far fetched for her to except as truth.  She made her way over to the tent where April stood waiting for her. Even though she was a far distance away, Dyana could feel her watch her. With that same compassionate and worried look on her face that she had so many times before, in the three years since they had met. Dyana had run away from home, because of her father who had kept trying to molest her. Then one night, she had enough and escaped in the middle of the night. NO note explaining why, nothing, for she was afraid that her father would track her down. That was when she had met April at a small motel a hundred and fifty miles away from Dyana’s home town. She took her in and taught her the ways of her Wicca beliefs. This had fascinated Dyana. And now here she was, with a new family and a new life.

She walked passed the tents that were set up for their lectures on spirituality and selling the novelties of crafts, along with books, symbols, food and other things of their ancient religion. Mainly it was for the visitors that would come across their campsite, trying to make them buy something from them. Or as they would put it, educate them of their beliefs. April stood there with a smile on her lips when Dyana got a foot away from her.

“Come and sit down by the fire. I know that you are having a rough day. We all are, after Eric’s passing.” April said as her hand reached out and touched Dyana’s shoulder.

Dyana said nothing in response as she followed her over to the camp fire. The thought of Eric and the voice that she had heard jus at moment ago, stayed fresh in her mind. She sat down on one of the lawn chairs that they had brought with them. Her eyes staring at the flames of the fire as they danced on the burning logs. But in her mind, she didn’t see the logs, but Eric’s body before her. Even to the point where she swore she could smell his flesh burning. The thought of it started to make her sick, forcing her to turn away from the fire. Somewhere in the distance she could hear the sound of music coming from one of the vendor’s booths. The name of the song she couldn’t remember, but the melody of it seemed so soothing to her.

“You have to let him go. That is the only way he would be able to t ravel to the other side. Let him go…. Just let him go.” April said.

“I wish I could.” She thought, and then said. “I will.”

The voice that she had heard still echoed in her mind, making her wonder what it could be that it really meant. Yet, nothing she could possibly conceive made any sense to her.

“Eric was a good man. Always willing to give so much to anyone that would cross his path.” April said as she sat down next to her.

“If you only knew how giving he was to me. The passion that he gave me, showing me what love really was.” She thought.

“He will always be in out heart and mind. That is the way he would want us to remember him.” April said.

“Yes….That is exactly what he would want, I guess.” Dyana said.

Still, she could not forget what the voice had said and the feeling that briefly consumed her. She knew there had to be a meaning behind it, beyond the obvious. As she sat there, she started to think about the funeral pyre. How his dead body now lay on top of it. And how she felt like climbing up there, removing the white sheet that covered him, so she could see his face one last time. But that was something that she knew would bring some unwanted attention to her. Along with that, there would be many questions that she would have to answer.

Later as the sun sank beyond the dense foliage of the trees, the coven gathered in the center of the campsite, of a large clearing. Surrounded in a circle, around an altar in the center of the circle that their bodies made. Dyana stood in the crowd watching as the high priest picked up a sword and made his way to the North of it. Then raised the sword above his head as she spoke in a loud voice.

I summon forth the spirits of the North. The powers of the Earth. Come forth on this night, I command you. Join as one to aid up upon this sacred of nights as we perform this rite. Open your gateway to our world and give us the power. So mote it be.” The high priest said.

The whole time, Dyana kept her eyes on him for a brief moment, then gazed up and the blood-red moon shining down upon them. That strange colored, mystical orb watching herm as if it was going to witness something that would come about. In a way she felt the same thing. Something beyond the normal ritual that they were doing. But what? That was the one thing that she could not figure out. She could hear the members of the coven chanting, as she felt someone grab her hand on both sides of her and forced her to raise them up over her head. Her heart pounded wildly, a cold sweat started to run down the back of her neck as her eyes closed for a brief moment. When they did, a sudden rush of horrid colors appeared before her. Not knowing why colors should be so terrifying to her, but they were. Then the colors faded and two glowing eyes appeared through the darkness. The eyes of a beast, its glare feeling as if it was burning right through her. But what was it? Dyana had heard about a legend of some creature that lurked within the night, searching for its next victim. Yet, that was only a legend that was told to scare the children to behave. Right when the vision started to become more vivid, there was the sound of a woman screaming. Along with the rank odor of burning flesh filling the air. When she opened her eyes, she could see everyone turned and facing in the direction behind her. She feared looking back there, but knew that she had to.

“Alright Dyana, you can handle this. You know that you can.” She thought.

Slowly she turned her body around, as she took a deep breath.  It was then that she saw the funeral pyre had been lit, the flames engulfing it. On top of it, where Eric’s body lay, Holly Kinsley, Eric’s wife, stood screaming, as the fire engulfed her. Her hands raised over her head, as the screams grew louder, then were suddenly silenced. Her body fell forward, on top of her dead husband. No one in the coven moved or tried to do anything to stop it. For by the time they would have, it would still have been too late. Dyana could feel her body growing weak, her head started to spin, till finally everything went black. The last thing that she could remember was hearing Amy’s voice.

“Dyana! Dyana! Someone help her!” Amy screamed.

She had awakened an hour later, unsure if what she had seen had just been a dream or not. She found herself lying on her sleeping bag, looking up at Amy, who was placing a damp cloth on her forehead.

“Are you alright? You gave us all quite a scare.” She said

“I’m sorry, I must have fainted. I had the weirdest dream that we all were standing out there, watching as Holly set herself on fire.” Dyana said in a slightly weak voice.

“Dyana honey, I am not going to lie to you. It did happen. Now, I want you to stay right here. The police have shown up and are dealing with it. You don’t need to hear or see what is happening out there. It will be safer if you stay in the tent until I come and get you.” Amy said smiling.

“Sure, whatever you say.” Dyana replied in an unsure voice.

There had to be something that was going on, that she didn’t want her to know about. Dyana just lie there watching as Amy stood up and made her way out of the tent. Silence once again surrounded her as she wondered what it could be that was going on out there. She had run ins with the police before when she was hitch hiking, before she had met Amy. Most of them giving her a polite warning to stay off the streets, and then letting her go. But there had been a few of them who wanted her to convince them into letting her go. Doing a little felatio to them in the back seat of their squad car. She knew that she shouldn’t go out there, for one of them might get the same idea. Even though it was highly unlikely that would happen. Still, it kept her in there for a moment, thinking about it.  But her curiosity started to build. Making her want to find out. Especially about why Holly had done what she did?

“Oh to hell with this.” She said as she got to her feet.

Slowly, she made her way to the opened flap on the tent, her hand reached over and slowly pulled it to the side. She could see two police officers standing in the middle of the clearing, where the coven had started to perform the ritual. The thought of Holly and how she let the flames consumed her, stayed fresh in her mind. Even though she was in such grief that seemed to be a drastic action to do. And she had always been the one who acted as if she had a level head on her shoulders. Dyana watched the officers as they talked to Amy and the high priestess. She only wished that she could hear what they were saying. Without even giving it a second thought, Dyana made her way out of the tent. As she approached them, she started to have a feeling that someone or something was watching her. The only thing that she could think of, was that is was from the shock of what had happened. One of the officers saw her and instantly came over to her.

“Alright, here we go. Now, he is going to do something to me.” She thought.

“Miss, are you part of this group?” he asked.

“Yes…. Yes, I am.” Dyana replied.

“Can you tell me what you had seen here earlier?” he asked.

“Well…. I’m not sure. I just saw what everyone else had for a brief moment.” She replied.

“Why only a brief moment?” he asked, looking at her curiously.

“I had fainted from the sight of it. I guess you could say that I can’t handle things like that.” She said in a nervous tone.

The officer just looked at her, nodding his head slightly. But she knew that this wasn’t going to be the end of his questioning. Probably would want to take a shot at getting lucky with her. Even though she was a minor, he was a cop and who would question what he would say.

“Are you alright? I can get an ambulance her if you need medical attention.” He said politely.

“No thank you, I’ll be fine.” She replied, giving his a slight smile.

“There is one more question that I would like to ask you. According to the report that we have, there were two bodies found when the fire had been put out. One was a woman, who we know who she is. But there was also a man’s body found. Do you know who this wan was?” the officer asked.

Dyana stood there, pretending to think, relieved that he hadn’t asked her for any identification or a quickie somewhere close by. She knew that she had been talking about Eric. And she had to tell him the truth. Or at least part of the truth.

“His name was Eric Kinsley. The woman was Holly, his wife. That is all that I know. I never got to know them that well.” She replied.

He asked her a few more questions about Holly and if she had been acting peculiar in any way in the last few day. Dyana never really knew here though. She was just another face in the crowd to her. The only thing that she wanted right now was to get away from him. Before he did ask her for identification. The only thing that she had was a driver’s license that had expired a year ago. And on it had the address of her parent’s house. She knew that because she was a minor and none of these people were her legal guardians, she would be sent back home. Back to her father would probably try and molest her again. That was the one thing she could not let happen.

It was then that they heard a person scream, this time it was a man. After that, there was silence. Both officers looked around they upholstered their guns. Then made their way across the clearing to the other side of the camp, where the scream had come from. Dyana wanted to run away, but found herself unable to do so.  As if something was holding her back, so that she would not escape and would witness what had happened. But why? Why was this happening to her? She stood there for a moment, her body shaking suddenly in fear, as Eric’s voice whispered in her ear again.

“Fear not my love. Soon, you will be free from everything and everyone that you are afraid of. They sent it to me, to kill me. And now it has come back for them. But it will not harm you, as long as you don’t try to attack it.” The voice whispered.

Dyana knew what the voice had meant, for Eric had told her about the legend of some mystical beings that would come forth when someone wanted revenge. To her it was nothing more than a story that was told by a campfire to scare children. And anyway, something that was something that wasn’t done in the Wicca beliefs. It all seemed like a bad dream that she couldn’t get out of. But this was no dream …. So what could it be that was happening to her? Could there be some mystical beings that were going to exact revenge of the coven? All those questions filled her head, making it feel as if she was going mad. But maybe, after what she had seen so far, she was already mad? None of it made any sense to her and probably never would.

It was then she heard gunshots being fired, as she looked in the direction it came from. Then a strange figure lurked within the shadows of the night, even though she had no idea what it was. The one thing that she knew was that this wasn’t over with yet. This thing wasn’t over with, showing the power that it could do to the ones that were going to attack soon.

“My God, it’s true. It is really happening. How can this be happening?” Dyana said under her breath.

She knew that there was no way that she would find the answer, and before she could even try to contemplate everything that was happening, the figure started to move toward her. Her eyes widened in terror, finding herself unable to move, as a tear ran down her cheek. As it moved closer to her, she was abler to see the thing with more clarity. It’s black cloak was torn slightly at the bottom of it, with splotches of fresh blood on it. It’s bonny like hands slowly reached out for her, almost touching her below her stomach. She could feel the panic burning through her like an inferno. Not knowing what it would do, even though the voice had said she would not be harmed. But, how was she supposed to believe that? There was a smell of death around it, an ancient death. It was like rotting corpses that had sat in the summer sun for years. Making Dyana want to be ill, yet somehow found herself able to fight it off. For some reason, when the thing’s hand reached a couple inches from her, she could feel a warm sensation burning within her, in that same area. She wanted to scream, but before she could, it turned around and raced away. Actually, it floated a foot or two off the ground and didn’t seem to have any feet or legs at all. The bottom of the thing’s cloak hovered over the grass spotted Earth. Making its way to its next victim. Which ended up being a woman with long black hair, who was only wearing a pair of tight jean shorts. Her eyes looking in back of her in fear, probably from another one of those things that was chasing her. Never to know that there was another one coming from in front of her. It knocked her down, and then covered itself over her body, when the other one appeared and joined in. Like a pair of blood thirsty wolves that were now feasting on its prey. She creamed wildly, her legs (the only part of her still visible), thrashed about wildly. Begging to stop, screaming in terror, but these things were not going to listen. A couple seconds later, the woman’s legs fell lifelessly to the ground. Then these beings levitated off of the woman’s body, blood flowing from her cut opened throat and firm breasts had been practically ripped apart. Flesh dangling on the sides of it, while her arms and legs lay spread apart.

Dyana felt herself wanting to faint from the sight of it, yet something kept her from doing so. Her breath became so rapid that she thought she was going to have a heart attack. But nothing came to her. The screams of all the other victims echoed all around her. Even though she wasn’t looking around, she knew what was happening. Till finally, her body couldn’t take it anymore. Her body collapsed onto the ground, darkness started to consume her, as the screaming of the coven members started to fade from her hearing.

When she had waked up, she found herself in a hospital room. Her head throbbing in pain, stomach cramping up as her eyes tried to focus on the lights in the room. There was a couple police officers in the room, trying to find out if she knew what had happened. But she said nothing. For if she were to tell them what really happened, they wouldn’t believe her. In a way she was glad about that. That way Dyana wouldn’t have to relive that night in her head. Yet, every night after that, she would always see it in her dreams. Hearing Eric’s voice calling out to her, always saying the same thing, each time. “I love you my darling. Soon I will live again because of our love.”

Nine months later, Dyana gave birth to a healthy baby boy. At first she didn’t think that she would be able to take care of it. But because of the counseling, in patient therapy, and drugs to help keep her mind stable, she probably would be able too. But it was the birth of her son and the first time she saw and held him in her arms that she finally felt sane. For the child had Eric’s eyes, which made her feel warm all over.

“You found a way to come back to me, my love. You actually did it.” She said under her breath, so no one else would hear.

Right when she said that, the baby gave her a slight smile as its eyes opened and looked at her.

“Your parents are going to be so proud. To be grandparents to such a handsome boy.” The nurse in the room said.

“My mom will. My father died a year ago. They say it was a heart attack, but I think it was something else.” Dyana said and thought. “It was those things that attacked the coven. They went after him, like they did with them.”

“So have you picked out a name for him?” the nurse asked in a pleasant voice.

“Yes….. Eric. That is the only name I can think of for him.” Dyana said smiling down at her newborn son.

Now she knew that she would always be reminded of what her and Eric had shared, for the rest of her life.  And those things that had attacked would never both her ever again. Or at least she hoped that they wouldn’t. But only time would tell if those entities shall come back again.





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