Following Your Heart

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When life seems so confusing and you do not know which way to go My Lady, all that you must do is follow your heart. It will never lead you astray.

Submitted: July 26, 2011

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Submitted: July 26, 2011



Oh my Lady
let not the shroud of uncertainty
cloud your eyes from the truth before you
or the misguided words of others
try and lead you astray
from that which you long to embrace.
For you and only you
truly know what it is
that your heart and soul craves
and can bring such happiness and serenity
into your life.
Can't you feel it,
the way your heart screams out to you
of that which it does know is true?
Do not deny yourself
all that waits for you my Lady fair
for if you do
then later on in years
you will realize how wrong you truly were.
Even though
your friends and family
may have good intentions toward you
it is only you that truly knows
what happiness you want in your life.
It is only you
that can say what path you shall follow.
Follow your heart, my Love,
and let it lead you to where you must be
and I shall always be there by your side
to help you along the way
and never tell you
that any dream you have
or thought of what you wish to do
would ever be ridiculous or not worthy.
Follow your heart
that is the one place
where you will find the truth
that you are seeking.

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