Hell's Hollow- Part 1

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When a small town legend comes true, the townspeople find themselves trapped within there worse nightmare.

Submitted: June 02, 2008

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Submitted: June 02, 2008



He took another sip. Damn girl. Had to get in his mind like that. When the bartender asked him if he wanted another drink, he asked for three and slapped down another bill. Half- naked women danced on the stage on the other side of the room, while a band was setting up in the corner. His head pounded and a dancer slipped beside him. She draped her arm around him and muttered something in his ear. He supposed it was something sexy, something arousing, and something that his entire body yearned for. Just not from her. No he wanted it from the one woman who he now could not get out of his mind. He shrugged her off and then downed another drink. He was determined to get her out of his mind no matter what. That damn girl had gotten under his skin, and worse, in his heart. There seemed to be no way that he could ever forget about her now. She had put a spell on him, seduced him with her womanly way, to the point where he was now helpless without her. He knew he had to talk to her in private. To tell her everything that he felt for her and even though he knew she would reject him, at least he would have said his peace. But he would have to get her alone somehow. And in this club, that was the one thing that was the most difficult to do. Of course there was the woods next to this place, where they could hide in the shadows unseen by anyone who would be in the parking lot. Of course, a lot of people were afraid of that place, believing that there was something in there… something that was not human, that would hunt down anyone who would enter its domain. The people in Lincoln called it Hell Hollow, ever since 1936, when it got its name from a Chicago reporter. But to him it was nothing more than an area of undeveloped forest. Randy never believed the stories that had been told, even though there had been people who were murdered or ended up missing without any clue who could have done it. Of course, that was something for the police to worry about, not him. The bartender came over to him, and tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. When he looked at the bartender, he could see a concerned expression on his face.
“What do you want?” Randy said in an uncaring voice.
“Just thought I would warn you that she is headed straight for you right now.” the bartender replied.
Randy turned around and looked across the room to see that he was right. She was coming right for him, with a devilish smile on her lips. It was obvious to him what she was after, but this time he wasn’t going to let her play him for a fool. Still, the way she looked, any man would do anything to please her. She was a something special with her long flaxen hair, tanned flesh and eyes the color of the depth of the sea, and she knew it. But even her beauty would not deter him from doing what he wanted. He didn’t want to hurt her, even though the anger he felt was strong. No, he just wanted to talk to her, nothing more than that. But in some place where they would not be interrupted. Her name was Larissa, but in this club she always went by the name Destiny. If her name had any truth to it, then she would be a painful destiny for him. But after he had a few drinks that didn’t seem to matter to him anymore. The only thing that he wanted to do right now was to tell her how that he felt, so she would know that she couldn’t do this to him anymore. He knew that she would try to seduce him, to tempt him with the pleasures that her body could give him, promises that he knew she would never keep. He turned back to face the bar, not wanting to look at her anymore. He knew that she would come straight to him, for in her eyes he was the one customer in this place that she could get money off of.
When she reached him, he could smell the sweet scent of her perfume, which made it hard for him to ignore her. He took a drag from his cigarette as he tried to think of a way to tell her what he wanted too. Even though he was mad at her, he still wanted to find a way to tell her that wouldn’t make him look like a fool. He knew that he had to stay calm, for the last thing that he wanted was to draw attention to him.
“Hey there Randy, you are looking so good tonight. I never seen you look so good as you do tonight.” she said in a seductive voice.
“Thank you Larissa. You are looking good too, just like any other time.” Randy said as he turned and looked at her for a brief moment, and then turned back around.
She made her way to his side and then leaned against the bar. He really didn’t want to look at her, for he knew that he would probably end up falling for her beauty and lies of false love. But he knew that he couldn’t ignore her for too long. Sooner or later he knew that he would have to, so that he could tell her what he wanted to. The only thing that he wondered was if she would be willing to go with him somewhere private, where he could be with her without anyone else around.
“What are you thinking about Randy? I can tell that you got something on your mind. Why don’t you tell me, maybe I can help.” she said softly as her hand touched his chest.
“I am thinking about you Larissa.” he replied.
“Well, maybe we can go somewhere and talk about what you have on your mind.” she said in a playful tone.
Randy knew that this was the chance that he needed to finally set things straight with her. That was if she was willing to listen to him. No matter what he knew that she probably was thinking about something else than what he had in mind. Mainly because that was the only thing that she ever thought of when she was here….when she was with him.
“And where would you like to go so we could talk about it?” he asked in a naive tone.
“I would take you to the private room over there near the stage, but there is a private party going on. Do you have any ideas where we can go?” she said, moving closer to him.
Randy couldn’t believe that this was happening, that she was actually saying just what he wanted her to say. No matter what, he wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity that she was offering him. He smiled briefly at her as he stared at her face. She showed a look of such innocence, as if she had no idea what he or any other man could want from her in this place. Maybe that would work out to his advantage. Whatever it was, he wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass him by. The only thing that he had to figure out was how he could do it without creating any suspicion to her our anyone else.
“So where can we go to be alone, sweetie?” she said in a playful tone.
“How about outside, by the woods?” he suggested.
“You mean over by Hell Hollow? Don’t you remember what had happened there a couple months ago?” she said in a surprised voice.
Randy did remember, along with everyone one else in Lincoln, but he didn’t really believe it. About how a couple decided to take a short cut through the hollow to get to the main road, except after they went in there, they were never heard from again. When the police went looking for them, they found what was left of their bodies just a few feet from the path that they had been taking. No one ever knew what could have happened to them. The old timer had blamed it on Hell Hollow and how there was something in there that had taken them. For so long before that, no one had ever heard anything about that place, or maybe it was that no one really talked about it. But when this couple had met their grizzly fate that was when the killings had became more frequent. And no one knew really why or what could be doing it. But Randy didn’t believe it, for there had to be some logical reason that the police hadn’t found yet. Probably some traveling hobo that mugged the couple and went a little too far. But from what he had heard their bodies had been torn apart, as if they had been attacked by some wild animal. Randy didn’t think anything about it, for he knew that there had to be something else that had done it. Something that the police had not caught up with yet.
“You actually believe that those stories? Come one, there is nothing out there that could have done what people had said. It is just a hollow, nothing more than that. You would have more of a chance of being in danger in here with these drunken customers than out there. So what are you afraid of?” Randy said.
He knew that she was the type of woman who would always prove someone wrong when they would try to judge them. Of course, she would probably add her own wager in on this, just to benefit her. Randy was ready for it though, for he knew that he could prove her wrong.
“I’m not afraid of anything and I’ll prove it. And when I do, you are going to owe me a hundred bucks.” she said as she crossed her arms over her chest.
“And what if I am right? What will I get?” he said in a cocky tone.
“You’ll get me. I will do whatever you want. I will be yours for the night and you can do whatever you want to me.” she said.
Randy knew that she would keep her word for she was the type of woman who always try to get her way, no matter what she would have to do. He looked at her, standing there wearing the skimpy red lingerie, that showed off the sultry curves of her body. For a moment, he found himself wanting to ask her if she was going to change into different clothes. But for some reason he didn’t ay anything to her, mainly because he liked looking at her when she was dressed like that.
“So, shall we go?” he said as he stood up.
“Lead the way Randy boy. This is going to be the easiest hundred that I have ever made.” she said as they walked to the front door.
He led her out the front door and across the blacktop parking lot toward the hollow. The air summer night air pressed against their flesh as they continued to walk. Larissa stayed by his side, her arms draped over his back, as she kept saying things to arouse him. To make him forget about what he wanted to tell her. Just so that she could take control of the situation to make it work out for her benefit.. But for some reason, the closer that they got to the hollow, the more he suddenly started to feel that there was something watching them. Something that came from the shadows, closely watching each move that they made. Randy thought that it was from the effect of the alcohol that he had consumed, which brought about this strange feeling within him. Of course he wasn’t going to let her see that he was feeling this way, for then she would probably use it against him. And that was the one thing that he wasn’t going to let happen.
They made their way into the shadows of the hollow, the large trees towering over them as they walked down the grass-splotched path. Larissa reached over and held his hand tightly. He could feel her body shivering as they walked. They stopped and he turned to her, knowing that this was as far as he needed to go with her. She tried to show a calm expression on her face, yet her eyes showed the fear that burned within her soul.
“See, I told you that I’m not afraid. So why did you bring me out here for?” she said as she looked at him.
“I wanted to be alone with you. There are some things that we need to talk about.” he said in a serious tone.
She gave him a smile that made it seem that she knew what he was going to say next. The fingers of her one hand an across the fabric of her lingerie that covered her breasts, in such a seductive way. He knew that she was probably thinking that he brought her out here so he could have his way with her. But that was the last thing that he had on his mind, even though she was making it hard for him to ignore her seduction. They stood there in the shadows of the towering trees and the thick shadows of the night. Larissa moved closer to him, until she was in his arms. Her head resting on his shoulder as her fingers ran and down his back, nails scratching his flesh through the fabric of his shirt. It was obvious that she was making it difficult for him to say what he had too. The one thing that he knew abut her , was that she always knew how to get what she wanted from a man. No matter how far she would have to go.
“Tell me the truth, what is the real reason you brought me out here?” she said, whispering softly in his ear.
“I want to tell you that it’s over. I’m tired of all the games that you are playing with me.” he said in a stern voice.
“I haven’t done that to you . I really do like you Randy.” she said.
“You like me, or my money?” he replied.
For a moment she just stood there in silence, the only thing that he could hear her gentle sigh. He knew that she wouldn’t answer that honestly, for why would she? Then again, he knew her as a cold hearted woman, who would probably wouldn’t think twice of cutting him down for her own enjoyment. Randy stood there waiting for her to answer him. Waiting to hear what he truly knew that she would say, but probably would hide it with her own lies.
“Randy, you know that I like you. If I didn’t then I wouldn’t be out here with you. You are the only one who has treated me nice, not like all those other guys that come up to me.” she said as she took a step back.
“Then why are you always playing these mind games with me? Why is it that you laugh at me when I tell you how I feel for you.” he said, staring coldly at her.
“I thought that you were just telling me some line, like all the other guys in there.” she said, then hesitated for a moment. “Anyway, if my boss were to find out that I was involved with a customer he would fire me.”
Randy wanted to believe her, but he had heard to many lies from her over the months that he had seen her. He didn’t know what to truly believe. Right before he was able to say something to her, they heard the sound of something moving within the bushes a couple feet from him. Just from hearing it, sounded to him like some sort of wild animal coming closer to them.
“What was that?” he said suddenly as he turned in the direction of where the sound came from.
“It probably was just a deer, you know we get a lot of them around here.” she replied.
“I don’t think so. If it was a deer it would have ran off when it heard us.” he said.
Randy was right for they still could hear that rustling sound and along with it came the sound, which neither of them had ever heard before. The sound, which was almost, like some ungodly beast that was watching them. Waiting for the right moment to strike. Randy started to think that he had made a mistake on bringing her out here and that the legends of the hollow must be true. Of course now was not the time for him to regret about it.
“I think we should get back to the club.” Randy said.
“Will you relax. There is nothing out here, except for us. The only thing you should be concentrating on is me.” she said as her hand slowly pushed the strap from her lingerie off of her shoulder.
“Come on Larissa, this is not the time or place for this. We should et out of here. There is something in this hollow and it seems to be getting closer.” he said.
“No there isn’t, it’s just some animal. Anyway aren’t you going to let me make up for all the terrible things that I had done to you. Even though I could get fired for this, it would be worth it.” she said in a seductive tone.
“Well, I …… I guess that I should.” he said without thinking.
“That’s right. I want to show you how much I care about …….”
But before she could finish what she was saying something within the shadows lurched forward. A large creature’s hand with razor sharp claws grabbed her ankle and yanked her into the darkness. He body fell forward onto the damp ground as she started screaming out in agonizing pain. Randy reached for one of her arms and then started to try and pull her free from the things grasp. But no matter how hard he did, the thing’s strength was too much for him to fight. His hands slipped free from her arms, sending him falling backwards to the ground. Feeling the pain surging down his spine and making him unable to move for a moment. He could still hear her screaming along with the things wild grunting and snarling. And then her screams were silenced. The only thing that he was able to hear was the brief sound of something snapping, like it was bones breaking. Then something hurtled toward him through the darkness, landing next to him. When he looked, the expression of sheer horror appeared on his face. For sitting on the ground near him was Larissa’s decapitated head. Her mouth opened as if she were trying to scream with the look of terror on her face. The expression frozen on her face forever. Randy lay there for a moment, unsure what he was supposed to do. The terror flowed through him so strong that the drunkenness he had suddenly had vanished and he was now sober. Then he looked up and saw someone wearing a dark cloak with the hood over the person’s head. The stranger’s arm was raised over his head holding something, which he really could make out, but that didn’t matter to him. No matter what it was, he knew that he was in trouble. And there was no way that he was going to be able to get away from this, that he knew for sure. Before Randy could utter a word, the stranger’s arms came down with such force, as he felt something sharp cutting into his chest. The cold steel of whatever this weapon was, was the one thing that he felt. Then it came out of his chest and then in again, this time even with more force. Over and over again, till finally he lay there dead, his lifeless eyes staring up at the cloaked figure of his killer.
Jack Reed made his way through the business district of town, his eyes staying focused in front of him as he moved. For some reason he felt that there was something different about the way the people around him were acting. If he was the type of person who was insecure about himself, he would think that they all were talking about him. Either that, or they knew something, which he had not yet discovered. But he wasn’t that way and he really didn’t care about what anyone would be talking about. Especially about himself. Of course that was something, which he had to be careful about, considering that he had four novels published and were on the best sellers list. And because of it, he was starting to get his own fan base. He just figured that it was just his imagination and ignored it. Life in a small town was something that he hadn’t got accustomed too. Mainly because he was from Chicago, where there was always something going on around him. Here in Lincoln it seemed like people kept everything as dull and ordinary. Like some sort of retirement town that people moved there knowing that nothing exciting would ever happen. But of course this town was just like any other. Having their drug addicts, drug dealers and other type of illegal actions that could be found anywhere else. The only thing that was keeping him there was the fact that his ex-wife had disappeared and the police wanted him to stay around till they found her. To Jack, she probably left town with one of her multiple lovers that she had, which she tried to hide from everyone’s eyes. Of course, in a small town, there were no secrets that everyone didn’t know about. In a way, he didn’t care that he had to stay for while. He was working on his latest book, which took, up most of his time, so he really didn’t have to worry about anything. It was just when the police would come around and ask him the same questions over and over again, that he was somehow involved with his ex-wife’s disappearance. He didn’t care, because he had a solid alibi and he knew that he didn’t so anything to cause it.
“Good morning Mr. Reed. How are you this morning?” a young woman said as she walked out of the local flouriest.
“Just fine, Miss Walters. How are you?” Jack replied.
“Fine, I guess. I am so sorry to hear about Emily. Have the police found y leads to her where bouts?” she asked.
“Unfortunately not. But we will just have to be patient and wait to see what will come up.” Jack said and then said good-bye and walked on.
Jack knew that even if there had been some news about Emily, he wouldn’t have to tell Miss Walters. For she had been known around town as the local nosey-body. Making sure that the gossip vine had new and juicy for those people who wanted to hear it from them. She was always spreading gossip about anyone that she could get information on. When Jack filed for divorce, she had gotten wind of it and it was all around town before Terri even knew about it. In a way, that was what he wanted to happen. Now though all that he wanted was to go about his business and forget about his past. That was if there really was a way for him to do that.
He arrived at a small café, across the street from the courthouse, which stood in the middle of the business district. The courthouse was nothing special, just like any other courthouse, with its golden dome on top of it, and the statue of an Indian maiden holding her baby was along the side lawn from the front doors. Jack had always been going to this small café every chance that he could, when he needed to get away from the pressures of his writing, or just away from the pressures that Terri had brought to him in the past or something else. Jack stood in front of the Lincoln Café, the warm summer sun beating down on him as he watched two squad cars speeding pass with their sirens wailing like some sort of banshee. He had no idea what was going on, but knew that it couldn’t be serious. Not like the things, which he remembered what would happen in Chicago. In a way he really didn’t care, for he had other things that were on his mind. And yet they didn’t seem too urgent to him. Once the squad cars turned the corner at the end of the block, Jack turned around and made his way to the end of the block, Jack turned around and made his way to the front door of the café. As he walked toward it, he noticed that antique store to the left of it. The one place that Terri had loved to go too, so she could satisfy her obsession with collecting ceramic dolls and of course Barbie dolls too. To his recollection, she had over three hundred dolls too, even though they never had any children. That was the one thing that upset him every time. Even though she would complain about the fact that he would always be buying a new horror novel or a DVD movie that had just came out. But there was a difference about it though, which she never saw. For then she wouldn’t have had anything to complain about. She would be always saying how that some day they would be something so much more to collectors. The only thing was, she had never kept the boxes they came in, which meant they were not worth anything. But he remembered how when he would wake up in the middle of the night, seeing the light from the street streaming into the bedroom, shining onto the faces of the dolls. Making it seem as he woke up to the world of the dolls. For some reason, Jack started to wonder what had happened to her. For some reason, Jack started to wonder what had happened to her. For normally she would not have gone off somewhere, without saying something to someone. Especially to her family. The reason he knew her family didn’t know anything about where she went was because they came to him, asking where she had gone. It came to his mind that, what if they had been in on it? If they were hiding her or knew where she really was but just kept in a secret. He wouldn’t put it passed them, or they had their own strange idea of sense of humor. But that didn’t seem to make any sense to him though. Especially when the police had gotten involved when her aunt had called them about it. When they asked him about it, all he could tell them was that he didn’t know anything about it.
He made his way into the café and over to an empty table in front of one of the large storefront windows. The place was like any other type of café you would find in any small town. Where the locals came from a hot meal and to talk to each other about whatever was happening around town. That day, they all seemed to be talking about Hell’s Hollow. Jack couldn’t be sure if that was what they were talking about, for all the conversation were nothing more than a low whispers. As if each person that spoke to the ones that was with them at their tables, were the only ones who had the information they spoke of and didn’t want anyone else to know about it. Jack had only heard the name being said from someone as he had passed, making his way to the empty table. Hell’s Hollow was an area of undeveloped land that was next to the Greenwood Cemetery and the railroads tracks that the freight trains had always used it. According to the legend there was something within the shadows of the tall trees of it, that waited for anyone to decide to walk down the only dirt pat that ran through it. But to Jack, it was nothing more than a story that everyone said, somehow believing that they were true. In a way he had wished that his stories had that kind of popularity hat he needed to make a decent life for himself. The more he thought about Hell’s Hollow and the stories that had came out of there, the more he thought about Emily. Did she happen to be around there and decide to take that path so that she could have a short cut to get to where ever it was that she had to get to? And if she did, could something had found her and took her away? It seemed like a silly idea to be thinking about, but sometimes the silliest one are the ones that ended up being true.
Jack tried not to think about it, as he pulled a cigarette out of his shirt pocket. He lit one and then sat back in his chair. The only thing that he wanted to concentrate on was the book that he was working on. Yet, he found himself unable to think about what the next scene would be. He always hated it when he would get writer’s block, for it would feel like it would last forever. At least that was what he had always believed within his mind. Yet, it would never be that way for to long though, there would always be something that would spark his imagination again. The only thing that he could do was to wait patiently for it to happen.
It was then a woman with long brown hair that was pulled back to a ponytail, came up to him, smiling slightly. She held a small pad in her one hand and a pen in the other. If he hadn’t known that she was the waitress, he would have thought that she was trying to interview him for some local newspaper or maybe for the college paper. There was a college near the edge of town, Lincoln Christian College, which most of the student came into town for one reason or another. But Jack did know her, her name was Jenny and she had went through a divorce his, a couple months before his. She knew him, because he would always come to the café about three times a week, just to get away from the small one bedroom apartment, that seemed like a tomb to me, once in a while.
“How are you doing Jenny?” he said.
“Surviving. That seemed to be the only thing that I can do, I guess. You want your usual?” she said.
“Sure, that would be great.” Jack replied as he smiled at her.
She scribbled something on the pad that she held and then walked away from him. Jack sat there, taking a drag from his cigarette. His eyes looking out the window, back at the antique store across from the café. It was then that he started to remember the time when Terri dragged him in there because she wanted to look around. Jack wasn’t really into collecting antiques that was the one thing that Terri had always had a passion for it. That day she had found a ceramic doll that stood about three feet in height, wearing a white wedding dress. Just from the look that Terri had when she had seen it, Jack knew that she was going to get it. And of course, she did. It had been priced for a hundred and fifty dollars, which Jack thought that they could have used the money to pay off a bill, or buy a weeks worth of groceries at the supermarket. But Jack knew there was no way that she would listen to him. When it came to money, Terri was always spending it on silly things that she really didn’t need. But she bought that doll. Then a month after she bought it, our cat had rubbed against it, making it fall to the floor. The ceramic face shattered beyond repair. And of course she had blamed him for it, saying that he always hated her buying it. But Jack had never said anything about that. Even though it was the truth, he figured that it would never do any good to say anything about it. Now though he thought about Terri lying on the ground somewhere in Hell’s Hollow, her face shattered like that of the ceramic doll that the cat broke. But why was he picturing her like that? He didn’t have that kind of anger for her, for he wouldn’t want to see that happen to her. If so, then why didn’t the police find the body? It all seemed like some sort of horrid dream that wouldn’t fade away in his mind. Jack had only dazed off for a minute or so, while he stared out the window. That was until he heard Jenny’s voice that had snapped him out of it. He looked a her as if he wasn’t even aware of his own surroundings. But what had he envisioned in his daydream had stayed fresh in his mind. For what reason, he was not sure of.
“Are you alright?” Jenny asked in a uneasy tone.
“Fine.” he said as he turned to her smiling. “Just remembering some ghosts from the past, that’s all.”
“You know, I am going to be getting off in a little while. If you need someone to talk to, I don’t have anything to do after work.” she said smiling.
That was all that she needed to see to convince him. Jack had a feeling that she liked him, but ever said anything about it. Even now, he wasn’t sure if this was an act of kindness or something else. But he couldn’t refuse the offer, for he could use someone to talk to.
“You know that  sounds great, I could use a friend to talk to right now.” he replied.
“Alright, give me a couple minutes and I’ll be back.” she said as she placed his coffee in front of him.
Then she walked away from his table, back to the counter where another waitress was standing. Jack didn’t know if anything was going to happen between then, in a way though, he really didn’t care. The only thing that mattered to him was that he wasn’t going to be alone for a while. But there seemed to be something else that was started to bother him. Something that he was not aware of yet. And that was the one thing that he could do, was to forget about it for a while. For what good would it be, to worry about something that hasn’t happened yet? Or something that wasn’t going to happen at all. It was then his thoughts went back to Terri and her strange disappearance. The more he thought about her, the more he started to wonder what really happened to her. He knew that she was the type who always did things on the spur of the moment. That was the on thing that he had found interesting about her, even exciting at times. But now, it seemed to be the one thing that made him worry about her even more. It was funny in a way, for she had disappeared two weeks ago and only now was he starting to worry about her. He had no idea why the thought of her had now appeared in his mind, especially the way it did. Jack felt that there had to be a reason for it, but really didn’t want to think about it. All that he wanted to do was to find a way to forget about everything for a moment or two. That was if there really was a way for him to do that. The more he sat there thinking about her, the more confused he became.
He crushed the cigarette out in the ashtray in front of him, and then took a drink of his coffee. For some reason he could feel someone’s stare upon him. Normally he wouldn’t let it bother him, but for some reason this time it did. Casually he looked around the room, hoping to get a glance of who the person was that was keeping their eye on him. In a way he figured that it probably was one of the cops in the town who had stopped for lunch and happened to see him. Thinking that he was somehow connected to Emily’s disappearance, even though they had stopped looking him as a suspect. But that didn’t mean that one of them wouldn’t still think that way. When he did look around, he noticed an older man, heavy set with salt and pepper hair that was already balding. The man’s eyes stared at him with a silent rage. When he looked at him, Jack knew right away who he was, because he was a man that Terri had worked with at one of the nursing homes in town. But not only that, he had been one of the men that Terri had been having an affair with when they were married. The only way that Jack knew about it was because he caught them in bed I their apartment. After that, he had gone to the courthouse and filed for divorce, making sure that she wouldn’t get anything. Jack had his lawyer, who had been a friend of his, who had helped him with the divorce. Right at that moment, he really didn’t want to deal with whatever accusation that this man would probably have against him. Yet, if he were to come up to him and start with him, Jack would have information about his life that he wouldn’t want anyone to know. Especially when the people in this town believed he was one of the few who held themselves as a true Christian. Just like the way that Terri had thought herself of, even though she was sleeping around with other men (even married men), and also doing tarot card reading for her friends in private. Just so that the other church people would never know about it. Jack was ready for whatever this guy would do to him, even though most of the church going people were afraid of him because of the stories that he wrote and made a name for himself with. But that didn’t bother him, for no matter how much they would talk about him, it would just make people curious to read his work. The type of publicity that always worked the best for any writer most of the time.
Jack turned his attention away from the man and over to Jenny who was walking back to him with her coat on and a cup of coffee for herself. She smiled as she approached him, as if he had promised something wonderful to her. But Jack just figured that it was because she was friendly and wanted to spend some time with him.
“I hope that I didn’t take too long, Jack.” she said as she sat at his table across from him.
“Of course you didn’t. Even if you did, it would be worth waiting for you.” he said smiling.
Jenny just looked at him for a moment, giving an expression as if she knew that there was something bothering him. Or it could be because Jack could never hide what he was feeling from anyone, especially from a woman.
“What’s bothering you Jack? Is it about Emily?” she asked as she leaned towards him.
“I was thinking about her, but there is something else that is bothering me right now. That guy sitting across the room from us keeps staring at me. He looks like he wants to come over here and start with me.” Jack replied.
Jenny looked and then drew his attention back to Jack.
“You mean John? He couldn’t hurt a fly. Why in the world would he want to start with you?” she asked.
“Probably because I caught him in bed with my wife. He was the reason I divorced her in the first place and made it public when it came out in the papers.” Jack said.
“No way, John and Emily? I can’t believe that she would lower herself in going out with someone like him.” Jenny said in a shocked tone.
“I couldn’t either. But it is the truth.” Jack replied.
“No wonder why he had been asking me about Terri a couple days ago.” she said and then suddenly stopped.
Jack knew without looking that John had made his way over to their table and was now standing near them. He didn’t acted surprised, for he knew that it would only be time before he would have come up to them.
“I want to talk to you.” John said with a slight Southern accent.
“So… go ahead and talk. I have nothing to hide.” Jack replied as he turned to him.
“What have you done with Emily? I know that you had something to do with her disappearance.” he said , trying to sound tough.
“I already told the police everything. The day that she had disappeared I was in Springfield seeing my agent about the new book that I am writing. They already found out that I have a solid alibi. But what about you? I mean you are her lover. Who is to say that you didn’t do something to her, because she was going to leave you.” Jack said in a cocky tone.
“I would never do anything to her if she left me. I am a good Christian and could never do anything like that to her.” he replied in a shocked tone.
“Just like you didn’t do anything to your ex-wife when you found her in bed with some black guy, right?” Jack replied.
For a moment John just stood there in shock as the people around us looked at him. it was obvious that he had kept that a secret from everyone around him. He tried to say something in his defense, but for a second all he could do was stutter.
“How did you find out about that? No one in this town knew anything about that.” John finally said.
“Terri told me all about it. And how your ex-wife had disappeared a few days later, along with the man that she was sleeping with. I believe they never found either of their bodies. Is that the truth?” Jack said as he sat back in the chair.
“You are an evil man, everyone in town knows it. Those God-awful books that you write, making people scared of you.” John said.
“That’s why my books have done so well. In fact my latest one made it on the best sellers list a week ago and is still there.” Jack said.
John knew that he couldn’t say anything that would make Jack look bad, because he had been through this situation too many time before. He just looked at him with a disgusted expression on his face, as he took a deep breath. It was obvious to Jack that he had hit a nerve with him and now he had no other choice but to back down.
“You have anything else to say to me?” Jack said.
“If you didn’t do it, then what happened to her?” John asked in a more humbled tone.
“I don’t know. For all I know Hell’s Hollow could have claimed her as a victim.” Jack replied, even though he really didn’t believe it.
But when he said that, it seemed like everyone around them had stopped what they were doing and looked at them. Jack knew that Hell’s Hollow was something that not everyone liked people talking about out loud. As if something would hear and then come looking for them, to wreak it’s menacing havoc upon the town. Of course Jack didn’t believe in such things, even though he wrote stories that were similar to this.
“Why don’t you just go back to your table and leave us alone. You are just making an ass out of yourself.” Jenny said in a forceful voice.
In the whole time that he had known Jenny, he had never heard her talk like that. When Terri was with him, he had heard her raise her voice many times when they would get into an argument. Most o the time the arguments she had started were caused by what her church going friends had influenced her into. That was the one weakness that Terri had, listening to others without thinking about if it was right. But that was something that he didn’t have to worry anymore. Not because she had disappeared, but because they were divorced. So he had his freedom now and free of taking responsibility of what actions she would do. Especially when she had done something that was embarrassing or wrong. He wanted to tell Jenny that they should go somewhere else. But before he could even start to say anything, an elderly man came racing in. His gray hair was messed; the shirt and jeans that he wore had been splattered with something on it. Something that later Jack had found out was someone’s blood. His eyes were wide and wild, as he looked around the room, as if he was looking for someone. He breathed heavily as he wiped his sleeve over his sweat-covered face. It was then he screamed out in between the heavy panting.
“It’s happened again! They have killed three people and one of them was my beloved Eleanor. I told her that we shouldn’t go in there, but she didn’t listen to me. They came out of the shadows and killed her right in front of me. I ran away as fast as I could, hearing that horrid sound of growling that followed me for a moment. But once I got out and to the main street it was gone.” the man said.
No one asked him what he could be talking about, for they all knew what he was talking about. They all knew where it was that he had been, as they all looked at him in horror. But no one said a word to him to try and comfort him or even try to call the police on their cell phones. No they all just looked at him, not knowing what to say or do. Jack figured that maybe that was why he had seen the two-squad cars pass by so fast with their sirens blaring. Yet, they would have gotten there too late and the only witness to it was now here in the café, standing there shaking and crying in both fear and sorrow. Jack knew that someone had to call the police that there was a witness that had survive whatever it was that had attacked his wife. For a couple seconds the elderly man just stood there by the door and then mad his way over to a chair by the counter and then sat down. The look on his face was empty, emotionless, as he continued to look at the crowd in the café looking at him.
“There was so much blood, so much blood. All that I could do was to stand there, watching that beast attack her. And that cloaked figure close by laughing, as if it found it so funny. Oh God, why is this happening again. Why did I let her take us into Hell’s Hollow.” he said in a weak voice
“You said there was three people you said that were killed. Who were the other two? Can you tell us who they were? That is if you were able to tell who they were?” a woman sitting in a booth near him asked.
“Randy Williams from the bowling alley and Larissa White the stripper over at the Ecstasy club. Her head had been cut off and the rest of her looked like it had been eaten by one of those things. Randy had been sliced up. My God, what in the world is happening? Why is this happening again?” the old man said.
Before anyone could say anything to him, two police officers walked into the café. Someone who he had passed must have called them, saying where it was that he was going. It seemed like the most logical thing that anyone would do. Who wouldn’t call the police if the saw a man running down the main street like a madman, covered in the blood of what used to be his wife. Jack wanted to feel pity for him, but what he had said didn’t make any sense to him. Was there really something in there, in that patch of land by Greenwood Cemetery that did that? Or maybe, just maybe he had murdered his wife. Then blamed it on that legend that so many people believed in, letting it scare them to the point where they wouldn’t believe anything else. For some reason he started to feel like he was in one of his stories that he had written. But that was ridiculous, for that was nothing more than fiction. His own idea of hell and what scared him that was why he always wrote them down.
“Come on Jack, you know that was impossible what the old man said. He is in shock and is unable to except the truth of what happened to his wife.” he thought.
He had done research from it from a friend who worked in the psych. department of the Lincoln Hospital. Jack had found out that there are times when someone could be facing something so horrible; they would make up some s

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