Her Mind Games Did This

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Her mind games she played did more damage then she knew. It is all her fault. (This is nothing more than fiction...there is no truth in this writing at all)

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012




They say that the madness which he now stricken with is my own doing, yet Jake knew too well it was caused by one woman. Her own malicious mind games taunted him to the point of madness and rage, that which he had never felt before. The woman's name is someone whose name he wished never to utter again, as the painful thoughts of what she did still lingered within his mind. You see she was his ex girlfriend who wanted them to be friends months after their breakup. At first he did not see the harm, of course his ignorance had been his own undoing. She had boasted to him about her sex life with her boyfriend, the places which they had sex, and even her boyfriends slight impotency problem when they would begin intercourse. At first it was nothing that great for him to worry about, even though the monster of jealousy festered in his soul. The only times she would call him was when she had problems with a married man stalking her, who she had been involved with in the past, or the fact her brother had become a drug addict and sister abandoned her children. These were things that Jake really felt was none of his business, yet she kept bringing it up. Seeing him as some sort of gay friend who she could confide such sexual information to. The more an more it went on, the strong his hate for her grew as well as the madness of his own soul. And then there were the times when she would call when she was drunk as well, saying how tempted she had been to meet him in the town he lived in. All so they could have some secret liaisons, which of course he always refused because of the relationship she was in.

It had even gotten to the point where she would have told him about such sexual things she would do alone. Things which she had mentioned when they were together years ago. How she would take Halls cough drops as an insert to her sex for stimulation and went into such detail of how it made her feel. Jake could feel himself going mad because of it. For she knew there was still a part of him that still adored her..But as her mind games continued...that which was a infatuation...became a flame of rage.

He grew sick of her, wanting nothing more to do away with the games she played and the anger which brewed within his soul. Of course, she was so naive that she had no idea how all this was effecting her. Jake had tried coming on to her, so she would keep her distance from him. Then even saying how the provocative clothes she wore was the reason she was getting strange men hitting on her all the time. None of this seemed to register with her. And he felt like there was nothing more he could do to stop it.

Of course time and inspiration has a way of working the problems out. For she had disappeared from sight, no phone calls, text messages, nothing but sweet utter bliss. Even though by this time she had pushed him into a madness which hospitalized him for a while. He got out a new man, knowing there was no way she would ever cross his path again. Still, he dealt with the memories of her and the torment which she had put him through. Wondering how he could have been such a fool to have let her do something like that?

Now a year later he was in a relationship with a wonderful woman, who loved and adored him for who he was. Life had renewed itself for Jake and it seemed he had not a care in the world. From time to time he would find himself thinking about the woman from his past. How it felt to hold his hands around her neck as she tried to breath long enough to beg him to stop...and the way those green eyes bulged and the last sparkle of life was extinguished forever. But that was the past and there was nothing he could do to change it now. Anyway he had the life which he longed for, the happiness which he wished for so long. And nothing was going to take that away from him....he would make sure off it.


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