Her Own Regret

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When Lily is home alone because her parents are on vacation, it ends up being a nightmare she could never survive.

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012





Lily Jordan sat back on the couch, her arms stretching over her head as she let out a slight sigh. It was nothing more than a quiet Friday night for her, with nothing to do but to relax and enjoy a night where she could do whatever she wanted. Normally, she would be going out with Jake Thompson, her boyfriend, but she broke up with him after he had discovered about her adultery with a man who was old enough to be her grandfather. But that did not seem to matter to her anymore, because it happened a few weeks ago and the mourning was over and she was starting to move on with her life. AS she sat there in the living room, she never thought she could ever hear the house being so silent as it was right now. Normally, there would be something happening in the house, someone making enough noise that she would be yelling for them to be quiet. Especially with her five year old twin brothers always getting into some sort of trouble. But now, she would not have to worry about that, because her parents took them with them to Michigan to her aunt's cabin for the weekend. Leaving her there alone to have the whole place for herself when she would come home from the bakery that she worked at. Lily loved the silence, because it gave her a chance to get her mind to concentrate on things which she wanted to focus on. Before, she would want to think about the latest artwork that she would want to create, but lately she realized that art was nothing more than a joke. And if she continued to try and be the artist that she wanted to be, she would end up broke and living an unfulfilled life. Now she had nothing to really take her away from the reality which consumed her with the problems that she had to face. Not even the moments of sexual fantasies that she would let herself go into would help her. Even though she did get creative with it, placing cough drops in her sex to bring about a sexual pleasure which she could not feel with an man. But tonight, even that urge was not a hint in her mind.

She reached over to the coffee table, where her laptop sat, picked it up and then placed it on her lap. Lily started scanning through the internet for something which would catch her interest. When she does, she notices a message that there was someone who wanted to chat with her. The name she saw was Jake237, who was someone that she knew. His real name was Spencer, who she had met on a chat room a year ago. She had started a friendship with him even though deep down there was something more that she felt for him. He was an older man, around 48 and everything which he talked about seemed to be the same things that she was interested in as well. They even video chatted a few times and was surprised how handsome he was, with his short black hair, medium build and dark eyes. If she had not been involved with Jake, she surely would have let the conversations they had become for private and intimate. Even though he had given her many hints about it so many times before in the past. Lily clicked onto the message, and then greeted him, figuring there would be no harm in chatting with him. It would be better than her just sitting there with nothing better to do.

How is your night going Spencer?” she said as she typed.

Fine...Was hoping to get a hold of you....Worried about you...since you told me of your break up with your boyfriend..” appeared on the screen.

I am fine. It is nice that you are concerned but you don't need to. After all you have your wife to concentrate on.” she said answering him.

For a moment nothing happened in response, the cursor continued to blink as she felt he was thinking of something to say in response. Lily hoped she did not say anything to offend him, even though she knew too well that she did not.

She is not who I want to focus on....only you....You are so special and I want to meet you. Can we?”

Lily was shocked when she saw those words appear on the screen. They had joked around before about them meeting, having a secret rendezvous where no one would discover them. But this time she had a feeling that he was serious about it. And she had to decline, after all he was married.

No...we can't. That is impossible for us to do.” she said.

It is not impossible...no one will know. It will be our secret and no one will get hurt.”

Spencer...you are married and you will never leave your wife. So there is no reason for us to even talk about this. In fact, I should not be talking to you. What if your wife finds out you are talking to me again?” she said.

Lily remembered the first time his wife found out, with a surprising phone call to her parents, telling them what was going on. How angered they were of knowing their twenty-one year old daughter was having an affair with a forty-eight year old married man. She had even told his wife that she would never talk to him again, which of course made her not only a slut but a liar as well.

I know where you live....I can come over tonight and be with you.”

She could feel a chill of terror run down her spine, regretting that she had told him where she lived. But he had seemed like someone that she was going to get into a serious relationship with. That was probably why she had even told him about the bakery she worked at as well as information about her family. Of course she was naive believing there was good in everyone. But now she was starting to question the way she believed.

What are you wearing?”

A question which she expected any man online would ask to start a sexual conversation with. Without thinking she told him she was wearing a short black nightgown and nothing underneath it. In a way she liked talking that way, knowing that she could excite some man that she did not even know. After all, it was safe, he was in another state and there was nothing he could do to her right now. At least that was what she believed. The next thing he responded with was something which she became scared even more.

I want to call you.”

Before she could respond to that, her cell phone rang, making her jump slightly. When she answered it, she could hear Spencer's voice on the other end. She knew his voice from the couple other times that she talked to him on the phone. One time when he tried to play a mind game by saying he was going to kill himself if she did not agree to stay with him. Lily only hoped that this would not be the same as before.

Lily... are you there?” he said.

I am here Spencer, what do you want?” she said, trying to sound tough.

You know what I want. I want you...I want to see you.” he said in an almost desperate voice.

Spencer...you know that is impossible. You are married and there is no way I am going to be the other woman. No matter how I feel for you.” she said and then not believing that she was actually telling him that.

So...you do feel something for me. You do...”he started to say and then hesitated for a second. “You really love me.”

Lily sighed as she ran her free hand through her long amber hair, trying to think of something to say to change the subject. Just hearing him say that word...love, terrified her more than that which she ever thought it would. It was the one thing she really did not want to deal with, let alone think about. The only thing she could do was to tell him the truth, so he would get the hint that there was nothing there between them.

I don't love you Spencer. I had feelings for you before, but when I found out you are married those feelings left me.” she said. It was something she knew she could not admit to him, for it would only bring about the wrong idea to him.

I don't believe you. If that was true you would not have started a chat with me.” he said.

It is true and I only chatted with you to be friendly.” she admitted.

Fine.” he said and then was silent for a moment. She could hear the sound of him sighing in disbelief or maybe in pain, she was not sure. “Just do me a favor before you hang up.”

Lily felt an uneasy feeling fester in her soul suddenly as she remained silent. She had no idea why she should, after all he was in Michigan and she was in Illinois. So there was nothing she really needed to worry about. Lily figured that he would want one last time of them fooling around on the phone. Let him hear how much she wanted him...hearing her moan seductively and how she would be naked climaxing like crazy.

What? What do you want from me?” she said in a discouraged voice.

Answer your front door.” he said and then the line went dead.

Lily was not sure what he could mean by that and was just about ready to just ignore it, when the doorbell rang. Echoing through the empty house as she sat there, her hand letting the cell phone fall to the floor. She knew that it could not be him, nothing more than coincidence. Still, she sat there for a second in fear as the doorbell rang two more times before she got up to answer it. Walking to the front door, not aware that she was just in the skimpy short nightie. Her heart pounding so hard that she thought it would explode right through her chest. In a way she wished it would and kill her right there, just so she could be over with the anguish of the stress she was going through.

When she reached the front door, she stood there for a moment in hesitation. Lily kept trying to convince herself that she was being ridiculous in being afraid, because it could not be who she feared it would be. There was still that doubt that she could be wrong, which was something she dealt with all her life. Slowly, her hand reached over for the doorknob, as she took a deep breath and tried to get the courage to open it.

Come on Lily, it is not him. It is probably Jake who wants you back. Or even to just start some shit with you because of what had happened.” she thought.

She hoped that it would be that, even if it did upset her, it would be better than the other thought. When she opened it, her eyes widened as she saw Spencer standing there in a black suit, smiling so wickedly at her. Not a word came from her lips as she stood there staring at him in disbelief.

I am glad to see you Lily. Are you going to invite me in?” he asked.

I...uh,...no. NO, you have to leave. If my parents find you here my father will kill you.” she said suddenly.

Now Lily, we both know your parents are not home. They left this morning with your sisters. And if they were here, you would not be dressed as you are. So, let's not tell lies to each other.” he said as he forced himself inside the house.

Lily knew that he was right about the way she was dressed, his parents would have had a heart attack if she were to walk around the house like this. But how did he know they had left this morning? And what else could it be that he know about her family as well. She had never told him anything about her being alone this weekend. Or had she? There had been times that she would talk to someone and not even realize what she would say until it was too late.

Why are you here? What do you want?” she asked as she closed the door.

The one action which she knew she would regret, for now he could do anything and no one passing would even see anything from the closed door.

I came for you. To give you what we had always talked about online and on the phone. Now I am going to give it to you in person.” he said as he stepped closer to her.

No...we can't. You're married and I don't get involved with men like you. You are going to have to leave.” she said in a scared voice.

And what if I don't?” he asked in a calm voice.

I'll call the police and have you arrested.” she said instantly.

Lily hoped that he would believe the threat which she gave him. For she knew that if she were to call the police, it would take them close to a half hour for them to get to her house. And by that time, he could have done anything to her and still had time to get away without anyone seeing him. The only thing she wondered was if he knew about that as well? If in their conversations she had mentioned about that because of her living in an unincorporated town. It seemed like Spencer really did not seem worried about the treat which she gave him. His hand reached up and traced the curve of her overly generously sized breasts lightly with his finger. Feeling her body shivering in fear and in a bizarre way aroused as well.

Please don't do that.” she begged.

I will do whatever I want with you. You are mine and I am going to make you see that I can have you any time I want.” he said in a maddening voice.

Lily knew she could not fight him off, but still she had to push him away and get him out of her house somehow.

I don't love you...I never did.” she said.

Then I will just get what I came here for and then be on my way.” he said as her grabbed her and pulled her closer to him.

No...please no..” she begged.

Her begging fell upon deaf ears as his hands ripped the straps of her nightie , making it fall off her body. She stood there naked, as his hands explored every inch of her body, while she could feel the disgust building inside of her. Knowing there was nothing she could do to stop him. She tried to push away and in anger he punched her in the eye, making her fall to the floor and weep in terror.

Now, you are going to learn that you will be mine forever. I always get what I want. My wife learned that to and fell upon the same fate you are going to get now.” he said in a voice of rage.

Lily realized how wrong she was for tempting him, thinking that nothing would ever happen to her. He knelt down and pressed his body on top of hers, as he took her with all the rage and lust that burned within his veins. She was defenseless, forced to give into whatever he decided to do to her.

That morning Mrs. Faulkner, the next door neighbor walked up to the front door of Lily's house. She had made a promise to Lily's mother to check in on her a few times to make sure that everything was alright. And also that Lily would not have any men over while she was alone. When she reached the front door, she noticed that it was open slightly. Her body stiffened slightly as her hand reached up to push it open. Standing in the doorway, she stared into the house, her body shivering and eyes widened in terror at the sight before her. For lying on the wooden floor was Lily's naked body, her wrists cut and her right eye bruised. Her legs were eagle spread in a disgusting display, while an expression of terror and misery frozen on her young face. On the floor close to her body, written in her own blood was the words HOME ALONE.




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