I Love The Way...

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Something I wrote for the woman I love.

Submitted: October 13, 2008

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Submitted: October 13, 2008



I Love The Way...


I love the way....

you kiss me when we hold each other tight

the taste of your lips on mine

bringing about such desire in my heart

awakening such emotions in me

that I never felt like this before-

so intense, so true at it is with you.


I love the way....

you feel within my arms

feeling your body pressed against mine

the feel on your fingers

running through my hair

as my fingers run up and down your back

each touch, thilling me....filling me with such love

gazing into your heavenly green eyes

lost within the beauty of your love


I love the way....

you look at me with such compassion

your smile warms my heart so

as such words of love burns within it.

longing for those words to be spoken

but all my lips can utter is....I Love You

Yet, just from the look you give me

lets me know that you are aware

of what my heart feels for you


I love the way.....

you show your love to me,

not only in what you do

but the words you say to me as well

the way you comfort me....when I am hurt

the way you worry about me

the way you make me so happy....

and so much more than you could know.


I love the way....

you not only arouse my heart but my mind,

bringing about such inspiration

that I never felt before

just the thought of you

the words of love and passion come to me-

stronger than anything before

my heart screams out of my love for you

longing for your ears to hear it


I love so much about you...

more than the words I write can say

everything you do....

even those that you are unaware about

touches my heart so much

forever for me to remember

You are my Sparkling Diamond, My Angel, My Juliet....

but most of all....

my love so true.

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