I Miss You So

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Something I wrote for the woman I love.

Submitted: January 18, 2009

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Submitted: January 18, 2009



The hours seem long upon each day,
trying to get through these silent moment in life.
These feelings within my heart I can not betray,
while alone here I endure the loneliness and strife.

Oh the beauty of you does fill my mind,
as I write these words which my heart yearns to speak.
Longing so much for our bodies to be entwined,
as we are enveloped within love's mystique.

I miss the taste of your lips as we kiss,
and the vows of love you whisper in my ear.
The world around us melts away within our bliss,
and a paradise that our hearts do creates does appear.

Oh my darling, how I miss the way you smile at me,
as we speak of what we hope the future does hold.
My faithful love to you I do decree,
together, hand in hand, we let our fate unfold.

I miss you my darling with all my heart,
yearning to be by your side once more.
For I feel only half a person when we are apart,
while these feelings deep within I can not ignore.

I lay here within this cold bed all alone,
my body aching to feel the warmth of yours next to mine.
Such happiness my heart would feel to hear your voice on the phone,
to embrace words with you of a love so divine.

Sleep slowly comes to me as the loneliness stays within my heart,
and I shall dream of us together within each others arms.
Soon shall we be together and never shall we depart,
and feeling the affections of love's true charms.

Till then I shall keep you within my heart and mind,
as these words of undying passion I do write.
For I know the desire we share is unconfined,
and such flames of love together have we did ignite.

I miss you more than words can truly speak,
as my heart screams out for you so much.
For my lady you are all that my heart does long to seek,
and these words I speak for only your heart they long to touch.

This love I feel for you is so strong and true,
oh my darling, my love....how I miss you.

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