I Mustt Let Her Go

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Separated and now I know I must let her go so she can find her happiness and so can I.

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011




Sitting here alone within the shadows

my cries a sea of tears

as the memory of my Lady haunts my soul

of all the times we shared together

the way we laughed, the way we joked around,

dreamed of what the future held for each other,

and yes....even the way we loved.


The passion which we shared

kisses so deep and tender

that entranced our hearts and melted our inhibitions,

while each touch....each kiss...done so slow and gentle

letting the romance guide us through the sensual actions

and the words words of love we whispered

that were so true...coming from our heart.

As our bodies joined in perfect unity

feeling the closeness we share together

filling us with the hunger for more

to never let that moment go.


But now she is gone

words said that should never been spoken

actions done that should never been done

and now misery and regret fills my heart so much.

While I wonder where she is right now

and if she is thinking about me tonight

feeling the anguish of our loss.

I know that we separated

and promised we would always be friends

but my heart still longs for her love,

these arms yearn to hold her close to me

and these lips want so much to kiss hers again.


I know there is no chance for her to return to me

or that chance is slim and out of reach

all that I can hope

is that the next man that comes into her life

will love her like I have and even more

for even though knowing she is with someone else

would kill me with such jealousy and sorrow

her happiness is all that I truly love for.

And if it means that I must lose her forever

without a chance of her coming back

so she could be happy,

I will let it be.

Just walk away and let her be happy

as I search this world for that one woman

who will come into my life.

Even though there will always be

a place in my heart that will never forget her.

My Lady....who showed me true love

and made me know what it was to really be loved.

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