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Something that I thought up when I was sitting in a cafe in downtown Chicago dealing with my writer's block.

Submitted: December 19, 2009

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Submitted: December 19, 2009








Words within my soul yearning to be set free,

Bombarding the mind like bomb upon Pearl Harbor

With nothing that I can really do to make it end.

Wanting to reveal a world never imagined before,

With emotions that burn deep within the flames of white fire.

Painting images in the mind

Something that touches the heart and soul

As it opens the mind to new realms of imagery.

Finding myself locked away

Behind the translucent bars of words

Longing to be said....but something never is.

To be heard above the screaming voices of society,

To let someone....anyone know that I am here,

That there is more to me than what you see.

But the words stay within me,

Fighting me to be freed or maybe to be kept within

Fear that no one would understand the pursuit of my words, my thoughts,

Just continuing to torture me

To the point where I can't take it any longer.

I Need To Write.


The woman that I love

I long to show her all that is in my heart,

To arouse her heart

With the intensity of my passionate and honest words.

To let her know

When I look at her I see her so much more

Than a woman who I long to share

A moment of carnal passion with.

To show her how with just one simple smile,

She makes me feel as strong as Hercules able to take on the world,

With one kiss I feel my heart soaring

Beyond the heavens and the Universe.

Wanting to touch her in a place

No other man could ever touch her

And give her something so special

That will stay with her forever.

Letting her know that she is my Venus,

My angel, my Juliet,

Even when she does nothing,

Even when she wears sweat shirts and jeans

Saying that she feels she isn't beautiful

I still see her as a vision of such beauty.

To show her how much I love her,

To make love to her with my words,

Give her a verbal penetration in her mind,

Giving her a climax within her brain

That makes her body shutter and so weak

That she collapses within such metal bliss.

Giving her a world that made from our love,

Sculpting from my words just for her.

Giving her my heart....my soul...my life....forever.

I Need To Write.


I Need To Write.

I Need To Write

To know that which is within me

Can and will come true.

That I can shine above the closed eyes of society,

To let all that is know within my mind and heart be known.

I Need To Write.....

To know that I am truly alive.




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