I See In You

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To the woman I love. I see in her so much that she might not even see. Something I wrote for her to tel her just that.

Submitted: April 25, 2010

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Submitted: April 25, 2010



I See In You.......
A delicate rosebud yearning to bloom
To open its petals to the warm sun
And show its true enchanting beauty.
So delicate and yet such elegance
Perfect within its own way
That it will be noticed for what it is
And touch the hearts for so many.
I See In You.......
The laughter of a child at play
Filled with such wonderful joy
As the world becomes their playground
Embracing all that life had to offer
For in the end
That is all that truly matters.
I See In You.....
A passion that burns like an inferno
Longing to embrace all that you can
Feeling such affection in your heart
With a paint brush, a pencil,
Or within your kind actions
And in a kiss
You bring out your true self.
I See In You......
Such beauty that my eyes never have seen before
Like a delicate and rare flower
That blooms in the spring dawn
Spreading its petals
Revealing its beauty
To all that are lucky it see it
Able to touch a man's heart
And I am so blessed
That it is my heart that you have touched.
I See In You.......
A love so true and pure within your heart
That you give me so freely
With such trust and devotion
As I give you everything that I am
For it is all that I have to give
In return to a love so beautiful that is before me.

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