I Was Born To Love You

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I was born to love you my lady, with all my heart and soul. To give you all that I am and share everything I am with you forever and ever more.

Submitted: April 21, 2012

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Submitted: April 21, 2012




I was born to love you my Lady,

to cherish all that you are

awakening your heart with my words....my passion....

and all that my heart does hold for you.

Can't you see it iin my eyes

how my soul screams out for you

wanting to embrace all the woman that you truly are

while I fill you with the passion that I hold for you.

Oh my Lady don't hold back

or ignore that which you truly feel

let me show you the paradise within my heart

that you hold the key to my darling.


Open yourself to me

and let us share that which our desire yearn to embrace

shed away all that the world sees us as

and we shall stand before each other

with only our innocence that we show each other

lips met lips in soft and tender kisses

feeling the warmth of your skin against mine

as finger explore each others frame

so slowly as if this was our first time

discovering each others bodies with such fascination

tasting your skin

letting it intoxicate me so much

that my hunger for you intensifies so much

giving you all that this body....this soul....this heart....

has to offer you my Lady

and succumb to such wondrous ecstasy

that our hearts and souls can bring forth

within the expression of our affections.


Oh yes my Lady,

I was born to love you

and you can see it in my eyes

the tenderness of my heart

and the passion which I speak within my words

as I vow to you and only you

that my words and feelings are so true and strong

and that with you

I shall stay by your side forever more.

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