Images of Passion

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A love poem I thought up which to me it seems sort of different than what I normally write. I hope you enjoy it and tell me what you think.

Submitted: October 01, 2008

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Submitted: October 01, 2008




Passion to passion

such rough, kindering form of love,

always yearned for -

but never truly understood how to obtain.

Always seeing the visions of a maiden fair,

for one glance from her eye does such temptation manifest in the mind.

When a man does look upon a maiden like she,

so many different forms of longing does arise.

Her youth shining as bright

as the first star upon a moonless night,

as such innocence is shown upon that angelic face.

The older men long for her

foolishly believing that their youth shall be regained -

if they have her in their embrace.

Her beauty that which to the eye would concieve as perfect,

while men are longing to be by her side -

so such attention it would bring to themselves.

Always to make them look so regal

and well to do.

Even though there is the obvious urges

which Nature has given us upon creation,

the foolish mind does bring forth false illusions to man.

Even though I am guilty of it too,

now I have won the heart of such a maiden.

Longing to hold her in my arms,

feel her kiss and speak the words of love

which overwhelms the heart.

To gaze into her eyes,

I find myself lost forever within their beauty

as the world around us melts away

leaving us in our own paradise to stay.

Let our bodies join as one,

enveloped within the physical enrapturment of the moment

as our flesh expresses that

which screams from our hearts.

Kissing her so tenderly,

while we thrust our passion into a fiery inferno

never to be extinguished.

Whispering in her ear

the only three words I can think of

to express my own passion for her.


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