In The Shadow of the Cave

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Jeremy thought he could never get in trouble for the mean things he did. Until fate came his way.

Submitted: April 30, 2012

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Submitted: April 30, 2012






Jeremy Stuart was a normal child when it came to his mother and the neighbors around him. So polite and kind, never the type of child that would do any harm to anyone or anything. Yet, they never really knew the dark side of him which he kept away from everyone, so that he would never get in trouble. How he would always throw rocks at the neighborhood cats when they would roam into his backyard. One time hitting one in the head that it died instantly. And he would just stand there laughing so wickedly at it. Burning bugs with a magnifying glass to the point where they would be close to dying and then leaving them to watch them walk in such agony. There was even one time he pulled the arms and legs off the doll of Sharron, the little girl two doors down, when she was not looking. And she would never know who had done it as he hide in the bushes laughing at her misery.


One time when his mother had a man visit her, one that had been interested in taking her out on a date. Jeremy made one of the burning candles that sat on the end table near him, fall down to his lap. Coming close to catch his pants on fire, as he stood up instantly screaming. When he mother came into the room, all that he saw his beloved Jeremy sitting in a chair across the room, with his hands clasped together and resting on his lap. His eyes giving her that same innocent look that he had always gave her. While the man looked at him with a rage burning in his eyes.


What is going on here?” she asked.


Laura, that son of yours is evil. He tried to burn me alive with a lit candle.” he said.


David, you have to be mistaken. Jeremy would never do anything like that. It must have been an accident.” she said as she looked over at Jeremy.


Mommy, don't listen to him. He hates me. He is lying.” Jeremy said in an innocent voice.


And because of that, his mother would always believe that he had done nothing wrong all the time. For in her eyes, Jeremy was her angel, her sweet and innocent boy. So, for a while that was the way it would always be with Jeremy. Always getting away with his evil ways, without his mother ever discovering the truth of what is happening. For why would his mother believe some stranger over her own son.


One day he was playing out by the edge of the clearing by the back of the house, when he had seen the strange cavern just on the other side of it. So many times his mother had told him never to go near there, for something evil had lived in there. Jeremy of course never believed that there was anything that was in there. It was nothing more than her making up the story to scare him into staying away from it. But there was something about it which made him want to go and investigate. He figured that he would just stand by the entrance of it. There was nothing bad that could happen to him if he stood there. Even though he had a couple m80's just in case something was in there. As he made his way across the clearing a warm spring breeze slapped his face and then he could smell a sudden rotten odor that was coming from in front of him. To the point where he could feel his stomach becoming sick from it. Yet, that was something that he was not going to let stop him. He had to find out what was so special about that cavern that would make his mother so afraid of it. Jeremy held his nose as he made it to the entrance of the cavern, and looked into the darkness of it. He wanted to call out to see if anything would answer. Yet, what if something did? What if something came out to get him and he was not fast enough to get away? He wanted to laugh, thinking about how ridiculous he was thinking. Monsters only exist in movies, they don't really exist. But before he could call out to the shadows of the cavern, something called out to him. The voice was low and maddening in a way.


What are you doing here?” the voice growled.


Who are you? Why are living int there?” he said.


Why don't you come in here, where we can play. I am a lot like you.” the voice said.


Jeremy thought about it for a moment, even though he knew that he shouldn't his got the best of him. Plus he had the m-80s if he got in trouble. So he made his way into the dark shadows of the cavern, ready to see what kind of fun they would have.


Officer Stanton had arrived at the Stuart place early in the morning, where a few other officers were already there, and had the cavern blocked off. He

had heard over the radio of what had happened but could not believe that something like this had happened. There were two female officers consoling Mrs. Stuart as she sat, crying hysterically. And he could not blame her for being that way, especially after what ha happened. When they had found Jeremy's body, his arms and legs had been ripped off, back had been singed and third degree burns in his crotch area. The boy's face was frozen in fear and almost seemed as if it had been drained of life. As they took the body away, Officer Stanton started to walk away, but stopped only once. For he could have sworn that he heard the sound of a wicked laughter coming from somewhere in the cavern. Yet, he knew too well that was something that just could not be. Then walked away, knowing that it was nothing more than his imagination making him believe he heard that.




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