Lady Killer - Part 1

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Part one of the story of a detective Jack Parker who has to hunt down a maniac killer who has been killing women at random.

Submitted: July 31, 2008

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Submitted: July 31, 2008



He saw her standing on the corner, the rain plastering her blond hair against her neck, as her drove toward her, smiling. She was twenty-one, wet strands of her hair falling in front of her face, while her body shivered in the cold. The way she stood there, the rain making her clothes cling tightly to her body, revealing the details of her flesh, was tempting beyond belief. A sudden flash of lightning illuminated her drench, pale face, and then the undeniable crash of thunder, which followed, awakening the silent night. When he started to move closer to her, he was able to see her in more detail. The innocent and scared expression on her face made it difficult for him to turn his attention away from her, or pass her by. The stranger gripped the steering wheel tightly, while he breathed in short rapid breaths. She looked around her for shelter, but yet all that she could see was the large empty lots around her as she started to panic. She had heard about the killer that was still out on the loose; whose victims were always young women like her. The only thing, which she could think about, was how she had to get off the street, before anything happened to her. The car pulled up to the corner where she stood, and then the passenger's window slowly came down. She leaned her body forward, her eyes squinting from the rain, as if she was having difficulty seeing. Yet, the stranger was able to see perfectly. See the soft flesh of her breasts from the top opening of her white soaked blouse. She had asked him if he would give her a ride, and how her car had broken down a few miles away. His hand motioned for her to get in, then there was a click from the door as it unlocked. She opened the door and got in. Putting her seatbelt on, she thanked him for the ride, saying that she would have caught her death of pneumonia if she had stayed out there much longer. Slowly, the car started to pull back onto the street, as his finger pushed a button on the dashboard. Instantly her seatbelt constricted tightly around her body, making it impossible for her to move. Her eyes widened in terror as she continued to look at him. His hand reached into the inside of his suit jacket and pulled out a large, razor sharp hunting knife. He held it up in front of her face, as a single tear ran down her cheek. She knew that there was no way that she was going to get away from this man. Now she was regretting taking this ride.1

"Please, don't hurt me. Just let me out of here. I don't even know you, so why are you doing this to me?" she said as she started to cry. 2

Yet the stranger said nothing in response, as he continued to drive down the darkened street of the city. She wanted to scream, her found herself unable to do so. Yet, it might be the only thing, which she could do that would draw attention to them, from someone they passed. The car suddenly raced off down the street as she let out a single loud scream, then it disappeared into the shadows of the night. The sound of the racing engine echoing through the air suddenly faded away, leaving only the sound of the hard rain hitting the black top pavement. She knew to late that accepting this ride would be the last thing that she would ever do again. 3


Jack Parker sat in the back of the courtroom as he watched Tony Chaperon stand before the judge waiting to hear the judge's verdict. It had been a month that Jack had spent hunting this man who kidnapped and killed the young women at a few of the local colleges in the downtown area of Chicago. Even though he didn't want to have to watch this guy stand before a judge, there was nothing that he could do. Mainly because Jack had four other detectives from the fifth precinct of Chicago with him when they had made the arrest. If he had done it alone, Tony wouldn't be standing there right now. Instead he would lie in the morgue where he belonged. Just from the way Tony stood there starting at the judge, then looking around the courtroom with such a confident expression on his face gave Jack a bad feeling. One, which he knew, was about to come true. And sure enough it did when he heard the judge's verdict. Saying that he had to throw the case out of court because of the lack of evidence. Jack could feel the rage flow through his veins so strong that he though that his body was going to explode from it. Even though this guy would get out of going to jail this time, he wouldn't be so lucky when Jack would find him again. And next time, there would be nothing stopping him from putting a bullet into his skull for all the people he had killed. Right at that moment, his pager vibrated against his side as he got up and walked out of the courtroom. For Jack knew that if he were to stay there, he would probably end up doing something, which he would regret. Let alone something that would put himself behind bars. 5

Once he got out into the hallway, he looked down at the analog screen of his pager to see a message starting to appear on it. Whoever it was that tried to contact him knew that he was in court at the time. The message read, another body found…. Same as the others…. Need your assistance on this case… come quickly… Johnson. Along with the message was an address, which Jack was able to know, was familiar to him, for it was close to where his office was. He knew right away what the message was about, for Jack had been following the recent wave of murders that had been going on. Five so far, not counting this latest one. Each victim had been a woman ranging from the ages of twenty-one to forty-two. He knew that there had to be something new that had been found which would make detective Johnson want to bring him in. The only thing Jack was going to make sure of was that he worked alone. That way he wouldn't let this killer get away because of some lack of evidence or any other trivial excuse the courts could find. No. The only justice, which the killer would find, would be that which came from his 38.6

"Well, time to get to work." Jack muttered as he made his way out to the parking lot. 7

As he made his way to his car, the only thing that he concentrated on was what it could be that he would find. In a way it really didn't matter at that moment, for Jack would have to keep his head clear to deal with whatever would be waiting for him.8

Later, Jack arrived on the campus of a small community college that was not to far away from his office, on the North side. One of those schools which the kids would go to for two years when they have no idea about their future or can't afford the regular Universities. He pulled his car up to where the police had the area roped off; the flashing lights from the squad cars made it easy to spot them through the dark. As he got out of the car, Johnson came up to him. 9

"I'm glad you made it, this one is a real mess." he said.10

"And why are you asking me to help you? I thought that you didn't want me to be around you after that incident with the Boleros case." Jack replied as he pulled his pack of cigarette out of his jacket pocket.11

"You know those things are going to kill you." he said.12

"Yeah, and so are the many crazies out there on the streets of Chicago, so what." Jack replied. "You didn’t answer my question."13

"None of my men can find out anything. I thought that you could be some help sine you have connections in the city." he said. 14

"I do… but this isn't exactly the area that I work in. How am I suppose to find out anything around here?" Jack said coldly.15

"Come on Jack, you are the only one I know that can pull this off. Half the guys I have wouldn't know where to look even if they had a road map. You know the streets, know how these type of people think. I'm sure that you will have no problem finding the killer." he said as he led Jack to the crime scene. 16

Jack wondered what he could be up to, for Johnson was being to relaxed around him. He knew to well that Johnson didn't care at all for him, so why the special treatment all of a sudden? Jack didn't try to figure it out, because he would have more important things to worry about. 17

"How bad is it?" Jack asked.18

"It's not a pretty sight, that much I can reassure you of. From what we know the victim was a twenty-one years old woman by the name of Nikki Stevens. A student of the college here and also a single mother, who had some car trouble a few hours ago. A security guard had seen her get into a car after she had been standing in the rain for a half-hour. They thought it might be one of her friends who picked her up." Johnson said.19

"Could you get a description of the car from this person?" Jack asked.20

"No. He said that it was raining to hard for him to make a positive ID in the car. The only thing that he could say was that it was red two door, he thinks." Johnson replied. 21

"Well, that's better than nothing. I would have your men check the security tapes. The cameras around here might have picked up something. It had to have caught the killer dumping the body by her car, before it raced off." Jack said in a serious tone. 22

"I have two men on that right now." 23

Jack reached the area where seven cops stood surrounding the sight where the crime had happened (or at least where they thought it happened). When he pushed through the crowd, he saw Nikki Stevens body laying on the cold blacktop naked. Her legs were eagle spread and head had been decapitated and placed in between her thighs. The look of the head was that of sheer terror frozen forever. He looked around and saw the other cops looking at the body with such regret and sorrow. That was except for a couple of rookies that acted as if they were staring at a picture in a Hustler magazine. The one thing, which Jack couldn't stand, was to have someone be disrespecting the dead. Slowly he made his way up to the two rookies, his eyes staying focused on then with a lifeless expression on his face. He knew that the rookies didn't know who he was, and that made it all the better for him. 24

"You find something funny, you two?" Jack said in a calm voice.25

" It's a shame that a woman that hot had to be killed. I mean look at her she had the type of body that any man would love to take to bed with them." The one rookie said. 26

"I know I would." the other rookie replied. "By the way, why should you care? Who are you anyway?" 27

"I'm Jack Parker, private detective. Detective Johnson has asked me to help in finding this killer that you guys can't seem to catch. And now I know why. I want both of you off this case. You are going to be no good at helping solve it." Jack said in an angered tone. 28

"You can't do that! You have no authority to say who is on this case and who isn't." the one rookie said. 29

"No, but I do. And I have to agree with Jack. Both of you with your immature attitudes are not going to be any good on this case. Maybe sitting behind a desk for a couple months will help you find the maturity and respect that is needed on a case like this." Johnson said, coming up behind him.30

"Yes sir, may we go now." both of them said in a somewhat fearful tone. 31

"Dismissed. Get out of my sight before I get sick." Johnson said.32

Jack noticed the scornful look the rookies gave him as they walked away. But that didn't matter to him, because they couldn't do anything to him anyway. Then Jack turned to Johnson, who appeared to be waiting to hear him say something about what could have happened.33

"Do you have any ideas?" Johnson asked.34

"Well… just from looking at the body I can tell that the woman was killed somewhere else then dumped here. But the killer had enough time to position her the way he wanted. That is what seems odd. I mean, the security around here should have seen the other car here and the killer placing the body on the ground. Why would someone take the chance on getting caught like that, after they not only killed a woman but decapitated her too. And also I wouldn't doubt if there were sign of rape found when you guys examine the body. He probably did it after she was dead. Most killers like this one would do that, because they wouldn't have to worry about the woman fighting back." Jack explained.35

"This guy must be a real sick bastard. Just what we need another on of them running loose on the streets." Johnson said.36

"What do you mean, there are a lot of them on the streets of Chicago. The only thing is they don't try to draw attention to themselves. This one on the other hand, seems to want to. That is why he took such time placing the body where it will be found. Instead of dumping it in a field or on the bank of a river." Jack said. 37

Jack knew that he was right about what he said, the only thing was, why did the killer go through so much trouble, just to dispose of the body? Even though he had seen many weird murders in the past; this one was on his top ten. He knew down by the body, hoping to find something that would give him a clue to what he was dealing with. Or at least where he would have to go to start figuring out why this was going on. In his mind so far, the only suspect, whom he could think of, would be the normal ones. Boyfriend/husband, lover maybe, friends, instructors, or anyone who would want to see this woman dead. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack right now. The one thing, which Jack hated the most.38

"What else do you know about this victim?" Jack asked. 39

"Nothing much more than that." Johnson said.40

"So how did you find out the information you have? Someone must have known her." 41

Johnson looked at him sort of oddly, as if he had just insulated him. Yet, he wasn't going to say anything about it, for it would only make matters worse. 42

"The witness told us. According to him, they were sort of close. She would always come and talk to him, sometimes bring him coffee or something out of kindness." Johnson said. 43

"I want to see the witness, I have a few questions of my own I would like to ask him." Jack said in a serious tone. 44

Johnson didn't say anything, just lead him over to where two detectives were interrogating the witness. But that didn't matter to Jack, for he was determined to find out all that this person knew. It seemed odd to him that if the witness had been close with the victim and talked to her all the time, he didn't know if there was a problem going on. Or even something simple as to where it was that she worked at. But he was sure that he could get it out of him, no matter what tactics he would have to use. The only thing which Jack wanted was to find out how close this guy really was to the victim and what it could be that he knew, which he was keeping from them. When he had made his way over to where two detectives where interrogating the witness, they looked at him with such contempt. As if they were ready to tell him that he didn't belong there. But that was something, which Jack wasn't going to let them do.45

"What in the hell are you doing here Jack? This doesn't have anything to do with you, so why don't you just get out of here." the one detective said as he turned to face him. 46

"Actually it does now. At least that is what your superior believes. So why don't you do me a favor and get off my back so that I can question this witness." Jack replied in a tough attitude.47

"I don't see why you should, it's obvious that he doesn't know anything about what happened. You are just wasting your time. You should just go back to trying to catch some spouse that is having an affair. I mean, isn't that what you are hired for most of the time." the second detective said. 48

"Oh…. You mean like what your wife is doing to you, Miller?" Jack replied in a cocky tone. 49

Jack knew that would hit a nerve with detective Miller, because it was the truth. But that wasn't the reason he was there and wasn't going to get into that subject with him right now. He could see Miller's face burn with anger as they walked away from him. Obviously to go talk to Johnson to find out why Jack was there. It didn't really seem to matter, for it would give Jack time to find out what he needed to know from the witness. He walked up to a security guard, a man who looked like he was in his late twenties, who stared at Jack with an expression of fear on his face. When Jack moved toward him, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette. As he lit it, his eyes stayed focused on him.50

"I was told that you knew the victim. Is that right?" Jack asked.51

"Yes. She would always come over and talk to me, we were real good friends." the guard replied coldly.52

"And yet, you have no idea where she worked or even if she had a boyfriend that she was having hard times with?" Jack asked.53

The guard just stood there for a moment, staring at him. It was as if he was trying to make sure that he wouldn't say anything that would make him look suspicious. Of course, the way he was acting already did that. Jack could tell right away that the guard had nothing to do with the woman's death. Mainly because it would have taken a man who was a lot stronger than this guy to do such a thing, and the guard looked like he couldn't even hold a woman down if he had to. Still, there was something, which made Jack wonder what it could be that he was hiding from him. 54

" No, she never did. When it can to her relationships she really didn't want to talk about it. Even with where she worked, she believed in keeping those things private from everyone." he said.55

"So…. She never told you where she worked?" Jack said.56

"Well… yeah she did… but she didn't want me to let anyone know about it. Nikki thought it was kind of embarrassing and really didn't need anyone giving her a hard time because of it." he said. 57

Jack just looked at him, knowing that this was going to be more difficult that he first thought. Still, that wasn't going to stop him from doing his job. His eyes glanced at his employee nametag that hung on the breast pocket of his jacket, making sure that he remembered his name. So that if he would have to talk to him again, he would know whom to ask for. 58

"Listen Ron, I'm just trying to find the psycho who did this to her. Because if I don't, some other woman is going to end up just like your friend. And I don't think you can handle the guilt of knowing that is going to happen, when you can help me end this nightmare. So why don't you tell me what you know." Jack said in a calm tone. 59

Trying was exactly the words, which he thought he would never use when it came to questioning a possible suspect. Normally he would just be tough with the person and get the results that he was looking for. But with all the cops hanging around, his old way wasn't an option. 60

"How did you know my name? I don't think I told you it." he said in an uneasy voice.61

"I saw your work ID on your jacket. Now, are you going to tell me what I need to know?" Jack asked. 62

Ron took a deep breath as he gave Jack a look that made it seem he knew there was nothing else he could do. 63

"Nikki worked at a strip club as a dancer, a place called Utopia. She said that she made good money there because she would do more than a lap dance ….. if you know what I mean." Ron said with a tone that made it seem as if he was disgusted by it. 64

Jack knew exactly what he meant, for he knew the owner of the place, along with a couple of the dancers that worked there. It had been because of a case, which he had worked on a while back and needed information, which only they would know about. Ron was right about one thing, a few of the dancers would do more that a lap dance, and if the price was right. That was where he was going to have to start. There had to be something about her life that would make someone want to kill her. Or maybe it was something that he couldn't even start to imagine. It was obvious why she didn't want to reveal it, for she would have been persecuted as a slut, which the woman probably wouldn't be able to handle. If the other detectives asked him about it, he wouldn't say a thing about it. The last thing he needed was for the police to be interfering with his job. 65

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. But can I ask you one last question?" Jack said. 66

Ron hesitated for a moment, then said. " I guess so." 67

"Were you involved with her in a sexual relationship?" 68

"Yes… for a while. Then she told me that she had to break up with me. Nikki never gave me a reason why though." Ron said honestly. 69

"How long was this relationship going on?" Jack asked, as he took a drag from his cigarette.70

"About a year." Ron said bluntly.71

"So within that time you two were together, you started to feel something stronger for her." Jack said.72

"Yes, I loved her. But I guess she didn't feel the same way for me." Ron said then hesitated again. " I guess I'll never know that now." 73

"So when she broke if off with you, you felt angry. Maybe even jealous?" Jack said. 74

"Well …. of course I did. We had been together for a year. How could anyone not feel a little angry because of that. That and the fact of what she was doing at the club, but I didn't kill her. There is no way I would ever do anything like that to her, no matter how I felt about her." Ron replied as he had an expression of sudden anger on his face. 75

Jack knew that he had to stop the interrogation for now. But had a feeling that he would had to go to him again for more information. Jack told him that he was done with him for now and would be in contact with him again. Then walked away from him, as Jack felt the eyes of the two detectives on him, watching him closely as he left the crime scene. 76

"Look all you want guys…. I know you hate me being here. But I have the lead that I need to get one step closer to finding this psycho than you do. " Jack thought as he made his way back to his car, taking the last drag from his cigarette, then throwing it on the sidewalk.


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