Lady Killer - Part 2

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Jack goes to find out that he is in more that he bargained for with this case.

Submitted: July 31, 2008

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Submitted: July 31, 2008




Utopia was the type on place where the cops always seemed to ignore, for they were always paid off good to turn the other cheek. On the neon sign above the door it read Gentlemen's Club, but it was just another strip joint just like all the rest. This was where the rich and successful men of the city came to escape into a fantasy of sexual desires and lustful images of these women's naked flesh. At least that was what the sign outside promised. Jack knew it was nothing more than a sales pitch to get some poor sucker into the bar. Of course he wasn't there to find some sort of fantasy to come true …. he was there to find a killer. He only hoped that some how he would find something that would help him out. The only thing he could do was to wait and see what would come about. 79

He walked into the club, expecting it to be something out of the ordinary, like most of these private clubs usually was. But of course it was just like any other strip joint that someone would find anywhere in the city. The stage was against the far wall from where he stood and a catwalk that reached out to the center of the room. Tables sat around it and in front of the stage, where men sat with lustful, drunken eyes staring at the half naked woman. Jack made his way to an empty table, waiting for tone of the dancers to come to him, to start their routine business. He sat down and reached into his jacket pocket for his cigarette and also to make sure his 38. ,was still in its holster. He knew that he was being watched, not only from a few of the people in the room, but also by the many security cameras all around. It was because of the owner, Frank Capetto, a two timing drug dealer and pimp that now ran this club. Trying to make it seem that he was running a legitimate business if the police ever where to come in, even though Jack knew different. People like Frank never gave up on anything that would give them a chance to make a fortune so easily. He could see Frank now, looking at the security screens, wondering what Jack was doing there. People like him never likes a person like Jack, because Jack was always trouble for them, waiting to happen. He didn't care, for someone in this place knew about Nikki and possibly the person responsible for her death. His eyes glanced over at the catwalk where a sultry brunette danced to the song Hey Big Spender. The way she moved it was obvious that she was in control. Probably believing that she was every man's dream. Knowing they were watching her, lusting after her, which was an aphrodisiac to her. That and all the money, which the men would be willing to shower her with. No wonder some of the girls here went the extra mile with the customers. It was right then a young woman wearing skimpy lingerie came up to the table. Jack could tell that she was nervous by the way her fingers tapped the side of the tray, which she held against her chest. His eyes glance at her, waiting to see what she would say. 80

"What can I get you, sweetie?" she said smiling.81

"How about a beer and Frank Capetto. I have something to talk over with him." Jack replied.82

"Who should I say is asking' for him?" she said. 83

"Tell him that it Jack Parker. He'll know who I am." Jack said, then turned away from her. 84

He could feel that the waitress was still standing there, unsure if she should do what he said. But the think was, she had no choice. If she didn't, she would have to deal with Jack, and he would make sure that he was a bigger threat than Frank ever could be. He waited for a moment, to see what she was going to do as he watched a new dancer come on stage. Some cute Mexican woman with short black hair. Jack was never prejudice to anyone, because he knew that no matter who or what someone was, they all had a killer instinct in them. She looked young, about twenty-one, probably working her way through college. He knew that she would be another person that he would talk to about Nikki. The waitress finally walked away, right when Jack started to turn back around. He watched her as she made her way over to the bar. 85

"That's it sweetie, go and let the bartender know about me. That way Frank will know that I'm here." Jack said under his breath. 86

Jack sat there as his attention back to the brunette that was still dancing on the stage. Noticing the way she looked right at him, as if there was something that she knew about what was going on. But now wasn’t the time to find out what she knew. He was focused on finding out what Frank knew. Frank was the type of person who tried to act tough, but would crack under the pressure, which he would bring to him. The only thing that he had to worry about was that the bouncer would get involved. But he didn’t have to worry about that because he had his 38 under his jacket to take care of problems like that. So all that he had to do was to wait, for he knew that one of Frank’s men would be coming to take him to his office. Even though he knew that there were security cameras all around the place, that would make Frank aware of him being, Jack always liked to let himself be known. The brunette on stage, who was now just about completely naked, except for a skimpy black g-string, finished her performance and walked off stage. Then a blond cam out, wearing a white teddy, with her hair done up in a ponytail. As Jack watched her, had a strange feeling that he knew this woman from somewhere. In a way he probably had seen her before, with all the cases he had dealt with in the past. But to his one face is just like any other, so what was the difference if he were to forget who they were. The one thing, which Jack found interesting, was that she had started to focus her attention on him, more than the brunette did. Maybe she was thinking that Jack was a man with money to blow on a good-looking woman. Of course, Jack wasn’t interested in that, for he knew that someone was going to be coming along to take him to see Frank. And that was where his mind had to be set on, ready for whatever would come around. His eyes stayed focused on the blond, watching the nervous way she was looking at him. As if she knew that he was trouble, or maybe she thought he was a cop, waiting to bust her. Whatever it was, Jack could tell that she knew something that was going on. For why would a stripper be nervous about being on stage? That was the one place where they had control over the men in the audience. Or at least that was what they would probably believe. Jack reaching into the inside pocket of his jacket and pulled out his cigarettes and black Zippo lighter. After he lit one, he noticed a terrified look appear on the blonde’s face. Jack figured that there was someone coming up behind him, someone that was big and threatening to make the stripper stop her performance and quickly walk off the stage. It was then he heard the sound of the bouncer’s voice coming from behind him, low and menacing. 87

“Mr. Capetto wants to have a word with you sir.” He said.88

“Yeah, well why doesn’t Mr. Capetto come out here to talk to me?” Jack said in a cocky tone.89

“That is not he prefers to do his business. Now are you going to come quietly? Or am I going to have to rough you up?” the bouncer said in a tough voice.90

Normally Jack wouldn’t have let someone like him talk to him that way. But there were to many people around that could get hurt if guns started being fired. No, he would agree to go with him, for he knew that the bouncer would run into Jack again and next time he won’t be so lucky. Jack took a drag from his cigarette, as he stood up, then tuned around to face the bouncer. The Bouncer was a large black man who could have passed for a heavy weight boxer, wearing a black tuxedo. Hell, for all Jack knew this guy could have been a heavyweight at one time. And now was stuck breaking up fights from drunks and pulling perverts off of the dancers on stage. But what else did he do, especially for Frank Capetto. What dirty work did he make this guy do that Frank was too much of a coward to do for himself? Jack knew that he would soon find out that and everything else that he needed to know. For he knew that Frank would try not telling him anything about Nikki or of anyone suspicious that hung around the place. For he wouldn’t want the cops hanging around the place. It would be bad for business, especially the kind that he probably was dealing with on the side. But Jack always had a way of convincing people to tell him everything that he wanted to know. And if he had to, he would that to get his way. He followed the bouncer to the back of the room, through a doorway and then down a narrow hallway. As Jack moved he could feel his 38 in its holster, lightly slapping against his ribs, underneath his coat. Obviously this guy wasn’t that great of a bouncer, because anyone else would have frisked him for weapons before heading him over to see the boss. Jack knew this was one advantage that he had and he wasn’t going to ignore it. The bouncer had stopped by the end of the hallways where a large wooden door stood in front of him. On it were the words manager’s office engraved on a brass plague. The bouncer turned around and looked at Jack, giving him an expression of such resentment on his face.91

“Alright Parker, no funny stuff. If you try anything the cops will find you in a garbage bin with every bone in your body broken.” He said in a tough voice.92

Jack wasn’t threatened by what he was saying, for he had been threatened far worse than what this guy was telling him. But he wasn’t going to start anything, at least not yet. The only thing that he wanted to find out was what Frank Capetto knew about Vikki. That was the only reason he came there and wasn’t going to leave until he got some answers. But first he would have to try and handle King Kong here. Jack agreed, as a slight smirk appeared on his lips. It was obvious that this guy didn’t know anything about him. And if everything went the way he was hoping it would, the bouncer never would. Yet he doubted that. The bouncer opened the door and motioned for him to go inside. As he did, he could feel the bouncer’s eyes glaring at him, burning through him. Yet, Jack did nothing to show any sort of response to it. His eyes stayed focused in front of him, as he got himself ready for whatever Frank was going to tell him. Once he got inside the office the door behind him slammed shut. Sitting behind a large oak desk was a skinny man with short black hair that was greased back. He was taking a drag from his cigarette as his eyes looked at Jack nervously. Jack knew that Frank was afraid of him, ever since he busted him with that rug smuggling charge. And who wouldn’t be scared, when he had broke his arm, put a bullet in his leg and threatened to put a bullet in his head if he didn’t admit to the crime. Of course the courts had seen it in a different view. Saying that Jack had used excessive force. But what did they know anyway? 93

“Nice to see you again Jack, It had been a long time.” Frank said, smiling.94

“Yes it has. How the leg? You able to walk around on it alright or do you need a cane to help you?” Jack replied in a cocky tone. 95

“Very funny. But I have forgotten all about that. It’s in the past and that is where it should stay. So what can I do for you my friend? What brings you down here to my happy little club? Looking for a woman to satisfy your lustful needs?” Frank said as he sat back in his leather chair. 96

“I was never your friend Capetto. But there is something that you can tell me. What do you know about Vikki Stevens? From what I understand she worked here for you.” Jack said in a serious tone. 97

“Oh yeah Nikki, she was a hell of a gal. I was so shocked when I found out what happened to her. You don’t think I did her in, do you?” Frank said in a sarcastic tone. 98

Jack hated hearing him use that sort of tone, for it ways meant that there was trouble that was going to happen. But with Frank it also meant that he was hiding something. A dead give away for him. Jack just looked at him coldly, waiting to see what would be the next thing that he would tell him. But he didn’t have the time to play games with him. The more time that he wasted, the further this psycho would get away from him. 99

“Frank, I know that you know something about the murder of Nikki Stevens. So why don’t you just be a nice guy and tell me what I want to know.” Jack said in a harsh tone, and then took a drag from his cigarette.100

“I have no idea what you are talking about. The girls around here have a lot of customers and I can’t keep track of what goes on with all of them. For all I know it could have been a customer that was infatuated with her and was hurt when she turned him down.” Frank said. 101

Even though that did make sense to Jack, he knew that there was something about his story that made it seem that he was trying to cover something up. But what? That was the one thing that he wanted to find out. Frank might have been a pretty good businessman, but was a terrible liar. He knew that he would have to try something more drastic in order to get the truth out of him. 102

“Now Frank, I know that you are using this place for your shady deals that you do on the side. Prostitution, drugs, gun running, money laundering and who knows what else. So why don’t you just tell me what I want to know.” Jack said.103

“And what if I don’t?” Frank said.104

“If you don’t then I’ll have to have the cops come in here and close the place down. If they do that, then they will go through this place with a fine toothcomb. And you will end up in jail for the things that you have been doing. So you might as well just fess up to me.” Jack said.105

“ I have nothing to say to you Jack. You can’t make me talk.” Frank said, trying to act tough. 106

Jack knew that he was going to say that, so now he would have to convince him a little more harshly. The way that he was so good at. His hand reached inside his jacket and unfastened the leather strap that held his 38 in its holster. Then gripped the handle of his gun, ready for whatever Frank would do next. His eyes glared at him, as he slowly pulled the gun out of its holster. Then pulled it out of his jacket and pointed it at Frank. The look on Frank’s face was that of sheer terror, as he slowly got up from his leather chair. Jack told his to stay where he was, so he didn’t do anything foolish. 107

“Tell me what I want to know Frank. Don’t make me do something that I am going to regret.” Jack said as he cocked the hammer back.108

“Ok. Ok, she overheard a deal that I was agreeing to with a person that I can’t tell you. No one was suppose to know about it. But when we found out that she had heard about it, this silent partner said that he could take care of it. To make sure that she would not say anything about it.” Frank said in a nervous tone.109

“So this partner of yours put a hit out on her.” Jack said.110

“No, he said that he was just going to scare her into keeping quiet.” Frank said.111

“Who is your partner? I want to talk to him.” Jack demanded.112

“I can’t tell you that. If he were to know I told you about him he will kill me.” Frank said in a panicked tone.113

Jack tightened the grip on his pistol in his hand, as he raised it up at him. His eyes glared with such rage, hating the fact that he was hiding something from him. Something that could possibly bring him closer to finding this psycho killer. He fired a shot, the bullet hitting the top of the chair a half a foot away from Frank’s head. Watching as Frank sat there paralyzed in such terror. 114

“I missed. I never missed before. Now are you going to tell me what I want to know, or am I going to have to make sure that the next bullet gets you.” Jack said.115

Before Frank could answer, the office door opened and the bouncer came charging in. Jack turned to face him, the gun pointing in front of him. He warned him not to try anything, but knew that his warning would be ignored. The bouncer started to move toward him, his fist raised up, ready to make the first blow. Jack couldn’t believe that this guy was being such a fool to still charge at him. Especially when he had his gun drawn, ready to fire. He fired a shot, the bullet piercing into his leg, making him fall to the floor. Then Jack turned back to Frank, who sat there terrified of what Jack was going to do. 116

“Tell me what I want to know Frank or you are going to end up in a worst fate than that of your bouncer.” Jack said as he moved toward him.117

“Well…alright, alright I’ll tell you. This guy is really high up there in the crime syndicate. Powerful. Even if I do tell you, there is no way that you are going to get to him.” Frank said.118

“So tell me then. Let me deal with it on my own.” Jack said. 119

“His name is Randy Vega. He is the one man anyone would go to if they needed something. He has his hands involved with just about everything illegal that is happening in this city. Even if you were to get to him, you will never get out alive.” Frank said. 120

“Now Frank, you should know me by now. When it comes to me finding out the truth, I don’t let anything stop me. Look how easily I go you to talk. So why don’t you just tell me where I can find Mr. Vega.” Jack said.121

“If I tell you, then he is going to come after me. He’ll kill me.” Frank said.122

“Well, if you don’t then I will kill you. So what are your options? I want to know where I can find him and what sort of deal you have with him that Vikki had to die because of.” Jack said in a more demanding tone.123

Frank just sat there in silence for a moment. Jack could tell that he was thinking it over, as the fear was building up inside of him. Even thought he was a tough businessman, when he was threatened he was nothing more than a coward. Even if he were trying to pull a scam of Jack, sooner or later, Jack would find out and then come back to settle the score. But he wanted to give Frank the benefit of the doubt and see what he would tell him. His eyes stayed on Jack as his hand shook uncontrollably. The expression on his face was that of sheer horror, as if he was facing something so horrid that he didn’t know how to handle. In a way, Jack had hoped that would happen, so it would work in his advantage. Jack’s hand gripped the handle of his revolver as he waited to hear what Frank would say. The bouncer lay on the floor a couple feet from them, gripping his knee as his blood continued to flow onto the wooden floor. The only thing that Jack could hear from him was his moans of pain, as the sweat ran down his face. Jack knew that the bouncer was not going to be a problem now for him, but wasn’t going to take any chances. He turned to the injured bouncer just in time to see him pull a revolver out of his tuxedo jacket and point it at him. 124

“Don’t do it.” Jack replied pointing his 38 at him.125

The revolver shook wildly in his hand as he tried to aim at Jack. There was no way that he would hit him, unless he got lucky. Of course that was something that Jack was not going to chance. Before the bouncer could do anything, Jack fired sending a bullet into his shoulder. Instantly the bouncer screamed as he dropped the revolver and then fell onto his back. His screams became louder as Jack walked up to him and then kicked the revolver to the far wall. Normally he would have taken it, but figured the cops were on there way already and they would need evidence to arrest him. Then turned back to Frank who was now rifling through the drawers of his desk, franticly searching for something. Jack made his way over to him, as Frank’s attention went back to him, stopping what he was doing. 126

“What do you think you are doing?” Jack asked.127

“I was looking for the address of where Vega lives. That is what you asked for.” Frank said as he gave a nervous laugh.128

Jack just stood there for a moment in silence, his eyes never leaving Frank. He knew that he was not telling the truth, just from the tone in his voice. Now, Jack was getting tired of the way that he was trying to stall Jack from knowing everything. And because of it, he was getting angry.129

“Frank, just tell me what I want to know and I will get out of here. Hell, you might never see me again. So, do us both a favor and just give me the information that I am looking for.” Jack said in a calm voice. 130

“And what if I don’t?” Frank asked foolishly.131

“We both know what will happen then. I will kill you. Considering that the mafia already has a bounty on your life because of what you did, they definitely won’t be coming after me. Hell, they might thank me for it.” Jack said.132

Jack was just playing with his mind; there was no bounty on him, even though the mafia was keeping a close eye on him. And as for the where about of Vega, everyone knew that. He lived in a penthouse apartment over ear the North Side of Chicago across from lake Michigan. The only thing that he really wanted Frank to tell him was what sort of deal he was involved with. So that was he would know what Nikki had got herself wrapped up in. 133

“Alright, if you don’t want to tell me where he is, then just tell me about the deal you to were working on.” Jack said.134

“Fine. Vega is planning on shipping in a shit loud of illegal guns and drugs into the city. The drugs are supposed to be quality stuff from what he told me.” Frank said.135

“What about the guns?” Jack asked.136

“Automatics. The kind that you would use if you were going to war, and also C-4.” Frank said.137

“Why would Vega be shipping all those explosives and weapons into the city?” Jack asked.138

“Selling them to the local terrorists. He figured that he was able to make a profit off of all the bombing that these guys are doing.” Jack said.139

Jack turned and slowly started to walk to the door, no believing that Vega would chose Frank to go into a partnership with something this big. Not with a small time punk like him, unless Vega intended on having Frank take the fall when the cops busted them. Before he was able to turn around he could hear Frank starting to laugh, a weird laugh almost like the sound of a hyena would make. Obviously, he thought he had the drop on him, but if he did, he would have already shot him. That was the one thing about Frank that made him stupid, he always hesitated. Jack turned around to see Frank holding a 45 in his hand as he gave him a wicked grin. His eyes flaring up with excitement, as he extended his arm in front of him.140

“I can’t believe it, I actually got the drop on the famous Jack Parker. And now I will be known as the man who killed you.” Frank said.141

“I don’t think so.” Jack replied.142

Instantly, Jack moved to the side when Frank fired, Jack fired back sending a bullet into his right leg, then another into his left. Frank fell back into his leather chair, screaming in pain as he still held onto the 45. Jack fired one more time, this time the bullet went into the shoulder blade of the arm that held the 45. Frank screamed in agony, as Jack knew there was nothing that he could do now. Jack didn’t have much time, he knew that the cops would be swarming around this place any minute now. He made his way over to the desk, reached into his inside pocket of his jacket and pulled out a mini tape recorder that had been connected to a microphone on his jacket. Turning it off, he placed it on the desk as he looked at Frank one last time. 143

“What is that?” Frank asked.144

“Just a recording of our little conversation we had. I think the police will find it very interesting to listen to. This should keep you out of my way for a while, till I can find out who has been doing all these killings.” Jack said, as a smile appeared on his face.145

Jack knew that Frank was in too much pain to try and grab the recorder, for the bullets went into the joints of his arm and legs, making it impossible for him to move. So he had no worries about what he would do now, Jack made his way out of the office, knowing that the police had to be getting ready to surround the building, before they stormed in. That gave him just enough time to make his getaway. The only thing that Jack had on his mind was Vega and finding out what it could be that he knew about Nikki’s death. That was if he knew anything at all. 146


Randy Vega was a self-made millionaire, his money coming from supplying the criminals and low lives of this city of what they want. From favors which would get someone out of jail or make a politician agree to pass something that will give them certain freedom, right down to drugs, shelter or even the company of someone’s pleasure for the evening. The people in the city feared him, knowing that in some way he was above the law. Able to buy off almost any police officer or politician he wanted. Even the mafia looked the other way when he would be involved with something. Other times they would come to him for his assistance. But to Jack he was nothing more than a criminal that has not yet been caught. For he hadn’t made a wrong move for anyone to catch. That was until now, trusting in a coward like Frank Capetto in such a deal like that. Now Jack had a few questions of his own to ask him. If he didn’t want to answer him, Jack would have to convince him, but a lot more forceful than he had done with Frank. For he knew that Vega was not that easily scared as Frank was. In a way, that was the challenge, which he was willing to take on. So many people would turn away from Vega, afraid of what him of his men would do to them. But Jack knew he had nothing to fear from this man, at least not yet. 148

Randy Vega sat in the living room of his lavish penthouse, the sound of classical music softly being played from a radio across the room. On the coffee table in front of him was the Chicago Tribune with the picture of Nikki Stevens on the front of it, the headline read, “ANOTHER VICTIM FOUND IN HORRID SLAYING”. Vega just sat there, staring at the picture of the young blond, his face showing no expression at all. He reached over and picked up the smoldering cigarette in the ashtray, then took a drag from it. In his mind he knew that things had gone to far, much further than he had expected it too. But now it was too late for him to do anything about it. He just sat back, as the smoke floated out of his parted lips. It was then that he heard the sound of a gunshot coming from outside the penthouse front door. Then the sound of a body falling to the ground. In a way, he figured that the guard that he had posted outside the door had taken whomever it was down. Of course Vega had not gotten to where he was by trusting in others when it came to his safety. His hand reached under the pillow and pulled out the automatic 45 and placed it on the side of him. Even though he was sure that the guard had taken care of the unexpected visitor. But just in case, he would be ready for anything that would come to him. His eyes stayed focused on the door as his hand rested on the automatic. It was then that he saw the door slowly open, as Vega’s body stiffened slightly. It was then he aw Jack walk into penthouse, his eye as cold as ice as he placed his 38 back into the holster, inside his jacket. 149

“I know you. Jack Parker. You are well known on the streets by many people.” Vega said, in a sarcastic tone.150

“It’s nice to know that I am so popular. But you are the one that this whole city knows. The one man that people can go to, when they need something.” Jack replied.151

“That is why you are here, you need something from me,” he said calmly.152

“And I do believe you know what it is. I think you know more than you would be willing to tell me. Or am I mistaken.” Jack said as he picked up the newspaper, looked at it and then showed it to him.153

Vega just looked at the picture once again, trying not to show any reaction to it. But it was obvious that Jack knew about it already and was jus waiting for him to admit to it.154

“Recognize the face. You should, you were the one who had her killed.” Jack said as he threw the paper back on the coffee table. 155

“What was not supposed to happen. She was only supposed to be warned not to say anything about what she had heard. That was all. But the man that I hired to warn her had gone overboard. It wasn’t until after I found out about the girl’s murder that I discovered that he was the one responsible for the murder of the other women.” Vega said.156

“And why should I believe you? In fact why are you telling me all this so willingly? I figured that you would try to keep it a secret.” Jack said.157

Vega took a drag from his cigarette as Jack could tell that he was thinking it over, if he should tell him the truth. Jack knew that there was no way that he was going to walk out of here, without him telling him everything that he knew. Jack’s eyes stayed focused on him, noticing the automatic sitting by his side. That was when Jack pulled his gun out of its holster again, just in case Vega would try something. And he could tell that Vega had seen him do it. 158

“There is need for that Mr. Parker. Put your gun away.” Vega said.159

“We’re playing by my rules Mr. Vega. Now you are going to tell me everything. Starting with why you are so eager to tell me what you did.” Jack said. 160

“Here, let me show you.” Vega said as he reached over and picked up a photo in a golden frame. 161

He handed it to Jack, his hand shaking, as Jack could tell there was something there about the picture that was bringing about a painful memory to him. When Jack took it, he looked at it in shock. It was a picture of a woman with long black hair, seeming so familiar to him. For a second he couldn’t remember why, but then the memory of it came back to him. This was the picture of the killer’s first victim. The one that had been found on the pier by the lake. Her name he couldn’t remember, hell no one really ever remembers the name of the first victim, only the latest one. The only thing that he could figure out was that this was that this woman was close to him. 162

“Victim number one. She was found on the pier of Lake Michigan.” Jack said. 163

“Yes. She was my wife. The thing was the man that I hired was the same one that killed my wife. I never knew about it. I had hired him through an outside source; I don’t even know his real name. Just a name he goes by.” Vega said. 164

“And what is that?” Jack asked.165

“A real weird name… Moon dragon.” Vega said. 166

Jack thought that a name like that would have been with some obsessive person who was living their whole life playing some fantasy board game. Lost within the illusions of the world they created and not wanting to face the true reality around them. Or some ex-hippy whose mind was so messed up from all the drugs that they had done in the sixties, that they no longer could grasp even a single thought that would be considered logical. But not the name of some vicious killer. Of course the world was changing and a new type of scum was walking the streets now. Right when Vega had said that the bedroom door opened. Jack instantly turned, the barrel of his 38 pointed at it, as he waited to see who would be coming out. The bedroom was dark, from what Jack could see and no one was coming out for a moment. He could hear the sound of a woman crying softly inside, but wondered why she wasn’t coming out. Just the way this was playing out gave him a bad feeling in his soul. His hand gripped the handle of his pistol tightly, ready for whatever would be coming out. But Jack wasn’t going to wait. 167

“Alright, the party is over. Whoever is in there, come on out. I am in no mood for games.” Jack yelled. 168

Even though it wasn’t the smartest move he could have made, it was the only thing he could think of at the moment. The sound of the woman crying had stopped for a brief moment, and then she screamed as a shot rang out. Jack was just about ready to rush inside when a thin man with short blond hair and rimmed glasses walked out. In his right hand he gripped the handle of a gun, the barrel still smoking from being fired. He looked at Jack giving him a wicked, almost crazed sort of smile on his lips. It was as if he was pleased because he shot that woman, as if in some sick way he got pleasure from it. Jack had seen those type of sickos before, and he always stopped them. The blond man then looked over at Vega, his eyes glaring with a fiery rage through the rimmed glasses, yet he didn’t speak a word. He just stood there, staring at him, as if he was waiting for something to happen. 169

“Who are you? What business do you have here?” Jack asked in a forceful voice. 170

The man said nothing, just continued to stare at Vega with the same rage in his eyes. Jack knew that he had to find out who he was. But something deep in his gut told him that he already knew. That he was looking at the person whom he was searching for. Jack raised his 38 to the man, as he told him to drop his gun. But the man didn’t listen. 171

“Vega, who is your friend?” Jack asked in an angered tone. 172

“He is the man that you have been looking for. The one that killed Nikki Stevens, my wife and all the other women. Now he has murdered my lover, Sasha Breton.” Vega said in a lifeless tone.173

Jack knew who Sasha was, a high-class call girl that worked for Vega and was also his main lover since the death of his wife. From the tone in Vega’s voice, he seemed to know that he was going to die. Even though his automatic was next to him, he still wouldn’t be fast enough to kill the blond man. Jack started to move closer to the stranger, but suddenly stopped when the stranger suddenly turned pointing the gun at him. This man, whoever he was, knew how to keep his guard up. Jack was going to tell him to lower the gun so that they could talk. But before he could even utter a single word, the stranger turned and shot Vega in the back of his head. Vega’s body fell forward as his blood splatter everywhere in front of him. Jack turned back to the stranger, but he had already ran out the front door. It seemed impossible that e could move so fast, but he did. Jack raced after him, running down the hallway not more than a foot away from him. He should have just shot the bastard and be done with it. But he had to make sure that this was the guy that he was after. The man raced off ahead; as Jack wondered where it could be he was headed. The only thing at the end of the hallway was a window with no fire escape to be found. So what was this guy thinking of, jumping? They were forty stories up and there was nothing out there that could save him. When the stranger reached the window, he opened it and then jumped out. Jack stopped for a second figuring that the stranger was dead. No one could survive a drop like that. When he got to the window he looked down, the stranger’s body was not splattered on the ground. In fact there was nothing there at all. Then he looked across the way at the rooftop of a building where the stranger stood looking up at him. Jack figured that he had rigged some sort of cable to both buildings in case he would need a fast getaway. Of course now the cable had been cut, so Jack couldn’t follow. By the time he had got to the ground floor the stranger would be long gone. 174

“Go ahead a smile you psycho. But I will find you. And when I do, you won’t be so lucky.” Jack muttered under his breath as he stood there, his eyes glaring with an uncontrolled anger.175


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