Lady Killer - Part 3

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Jack Parker continues on the case, finding out everything is not what it seems.

Submitted: August 02, 2008

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Submitted: August 02, 2008




A couple hours later, Jack was in the 5th precinct, sitting in Captain Johnson’s office. He knew that he had a lot to explain about, but wasn’t sure if he should. Mainly because all he had was a nickname the killer was calling himself along with a description. And for all he knew the man could probably had been wearing a disguise. So he was as much in the dark as the rest of the force was. And as far as the dead bodies were concerned, Jack could only be responsible for the guard in the hallway. If it were one of the other detectives that were taking his deposition, they would probably pin the murders on him. Jack had many enemies in the and also in the 5th precinct too. The detectives never really like the way that he always was one step ahead of them, making him look bad. But this was his job and the one thing, which he was good at. Still, he started to wonder why Johnson would want to see him in his office. He knew that Jack had nothing to do with the murder of Vega and Sasha Breton. So what could it be that he wanted from him? He figured he was going to find out soon enough. Right at that moment the office door opened up and Captain Johnson walked inside. Jack could tell by the way the door slammed shut that he was furious about how the case was going. Jack just sat there, not showing any emotion, as he waited for him to start questioning him about what went on. Even though Jack had already told him everything at the crime scene. For a moment, Johnson stood behind him, as Jack felt his stare burning through him. That type of look might have worked with one of the suspects they picked up off the street, but not with him. Jack knew all his tricks, mainly because they had gone to the academy together. 2

“Feels kind of weird being back here after all these years, doesn’t it Jack?” Johnson said in a calm voice.3

“I guess so, I never really thought about it. Probably because I never missed this place. Why don’t you sit down and tell me why you brought me down here.” Jack said.4

“Did you tell me everything that happened over at Vega’s place. You didn’t leave anything out, so you would have a head start in finding this psycho.” Johnson said as he walked around to his desk.5

“No, I told you everything that I know. By the way, I would appreciate it if I could have my tape recorder back. I mean you did get the evidence you needed to put Frank away for a long time.” Jack said, giving him a cock smile.6

“For now anyway. I don’t know what is going to happen when we take him to court.” He replied, and then hesitated for a moment. “You know Jack, you are really a piece of work. No matter where you go, there is always someone getting killed or shot up. What kind of interrogation would you call it that you did to your buddy Frank? You really messed him up, along with that bouncer of his.”7

“Aggressive. That is the only one that works for me. Anyway, what happened to him is minor wounds. He’ll be back to his crooked dealing in no time.” Jack said. “Do you mind if I have a smoke? It’s been a hard day.”8

Johnson just looked at him as he pushed the ashtray to the front of the desk. It was almost filled with cigarette butts, making Jack aware that the pressure was getting to Johnson too. Jack pulled a cigarette out of his jacket, and then lit it. As he took a drag he thought about Frank’s club and the blond that seemed to have showed him such attention when she was on stage. More than the usual dancers would do with a customer. It was only a hunch that he had, but most of the time they seemed to pay off for him. The only thing was, he had to be sure about it. Which meant that he couldn’t tell Johnson about it. The last thing that he needed was to have a bunch of cops hanging around when he would try and have this woman talk to him.9

“You know that we have your buddy Capetto in lock up. You were right about his injuries, but the thing is, he doesn’t want to talk to us about what he knows. According to him he doesn’t know Vega, never met him before in his life. And had no idea of who could be responsible for Nikki Stevens death.” Johnson said.10

“And you believe him? You have it all on tape. He confessed to making a deal with Vega to move arms to terrorists. And said how Nikki Stevens had overheard the deal and Vega was going to take care of her. What else do you need, him to write it out in blood?” Jack said sarcastically.11

“Well, the judge might think differently. Saying that the confession was forced and that there is no proof that he was telling the truth. I mean, anyone will say anything when they have a loaded gun in their face. But if we could get him to confess right now, we could nail him.” He said.12

“What about the killer that is still out there?” Jack asked.13

“You mean the one that you let get away?” he replied.14

“Get away? He had a cable running from on building to other. And once got to the other building, he cut the cable so I couldn’t follow him. What, did you want me to just start shooting and pray that one of my bullets doesn’t hit some innocent person that happens to be around there?” Jack said as anger came into his voice.15

“I know Jack, but the description you gave us of him and his code name seems sort of far fetched. I mean… Moon Dragon. What, are we dealing with some guy obsessed with role playing that no became a serial killer.” He said.16

“I don’t know what we are dealing with yet. All I know is that is what Vega had told me before he was killed. Because of the fact that this psycho’s first victim happened to be Vega’s wife.” Jack said.17

Johnson didn’t say anything about it, for he already had known about it. So there was no sense in dealing with the past. Jack found himself wanting to get out of his office and back on the street. He had to find out everything that he could about this killer from his informants. He knew that this guy would be trying to hide until the heat was off of him. There was no way he would be walking around after putting a bullet in Randy Vega’s skull. 18

“What do you think Jack? What is our next move? Because I have all these detectives who have no idea where to look for this guy.” He said.19

“Not sure yet. All I know is that he isn’t going to stop now. I saw the look on his face when he blew Vega away. He enjoyed it, enjoyed killing him. We are dealing with a real sick bastard here.” Jack said, and then took a drag from his cigarette.20

“Great, more good new.” He replied.21

Jack knew that was the one thing that Johnson didn’t want to hear, but he figured that he should know, so that way he would know what he was in for if he found him first. The only thing was, Jack knew he had to find him before they did. For with the way the courts were most of the time, the killer would probably be back out on the streets, due to lack of evidence. The only answer would be for Jack to dispense his own brand of justice. The kind that this guy would not be able to get away from due to lack of evidence or any other technicality. That was the one thing that he didn’t need to tell Johnson about, for he knew to well how he was. He sat there waiting to see what Johnson would tell him next. But Johnson didn’t say anything at all, just sat there looking at him with such a concerned look. Jack knew there was something that he wanted to say, but what could that be. The one thing that he knew about Johnson was that he couldn’t lie to him. For Jack was always able to know when he did matter to him right now. He had more important things to do, like finding that psycho. And that was the one thing he was determined to do. 22


The next day, Jack made his way back to Utopia hoping that he would run into that blond dancer again, to find out what she could possibly know. There was something in the air, which made him feel that something had happened to her. That old feeling that he normally got when something was going to happen. Most of the time he was always right, but this time he hoped that he wasn’t. Once he entered the place, he stood inside the front entrance of the main room, seeing a young woman on the main stage with short black hair, dancing half naked. She wasn’t the woman he was looking for, but Jack knew that she had to be here. From the way she looked at him last night, he knew that she would be here waiting to talk to him . Now all that e had to do was to find her or more or less wait for her to make herself known to her. Then he would find out what she knew about Nikki and also this madman than called himself “Moon Dragon”. It was then a woman with brown hair and wearing a elegant black short dress walked up to him, showing him such a warm and welcoming smile. But Jack really didn’t care about her or what she would probably have to offer him. Still, he would let her do what she had to do so he could find out that the blond woman from last night was. 24

“Well, hello there handsome, how can I help you? Are you looking for something special? Or maybe just looking to find someone that will satisfy your interest.” She said in a seductive tone.25

“Actually, I am looking for a blond woman that was dancing here last night. She was very interesting and I would like talk to her if I could.” Jack said,26

“Sure thing. That was Kayla. I know this because I was here last night when you showed up. You were the one who put the bouncer and Capetto, shot them up pretty good from what I had seen.” She said as she led him to an empty table.27

“Yeah, but that is something between me and Capetto. I don’t like to bring anyone else into my business.” Jack said.28

“So, what sort of business do you have with Kayla then?” the woman asked.29

“Purely pleasure. Depending on the price that she is offering.” Jack said as he sat down at the table.30

Jack knew that if he started to tell the truth about why he needed to see her, the woman wouldn’t get her. He knew how places like this ran and what these women responded to. As he sat there, his eyes watched her as she stood there staring at him. Then she turned around and made her way to the far corner where a door was near the stage. The place only had a few customers, maybe three or four old men that had nothing better to do than hang around this club, bet drunk and get a few thrills. Jack watched as the woman made her way through the doorway and disappeared from his sight. The music that had been playing suddenly stopped, and there was nothing but the soft whispering that could be heard for the moment, from a couple of the old men. It was then that he heard a woman scream. The type of scream that Jack had heard one time to many in the past, and always meant there was trouble. He instantly got out of his seat and raced toward the door that the woman had went in. A few of the dancers came running out, a couple of them barely dressed. Whatever it was had to be bad, in order for a woman to come out in public that way. Jack drew his 38 from its holster, his hand gripping the handle tightly as he held it by his side. He went through the door, passed the stage and down a narrow hallway. He could see the woman with amber hair that he had been talking to, standing by an opened doorway. Her face had the expression of sheer terror as her body remained frozen where it stood there. Whatever it could be, Jack knew that she had found Kayla and it wasn’t going to be a pretty sign. 31

When he reached the woman, he peered into the doorway, which was the women’s bathroom. There stood Kayla, her arms tied to the walls of the entrance of an opened stall, there was a large gash right below her stomach and what looked like part of a spear shove up between her leg and coming out of the incision. Her blood covered the floor around her as her head tilted to the side, her dead eyes staring at them and her mouth had been covered with duct tape. Jack knew too well who had done this, but wasn’t going to say anything yet about it. From the corner of his eye h had noticed something that was written on the wall in Kayla’s blood. It was only two words, but Jack knew that it was a sign that gave him a clue. “BACK OFF”. It was obvious to Jack that his friend was getting a little nervous about him and that Jack was getting close. The only thing that he wasn’t sure of was where this guy would strike next. And out of all the women that worked here, why had he picked her to murder. Did he know that she possibly knew something to and made sure that she wouldn’t talk? Or maybe it was something else. Something that he had not yet figured out. He looked at the woman, then reached over and touched her shoulder with his free hand. He guided her away from the doorway, knowing that he couldn’t leave her standing there. For she would surely lose her mind if she stared at Kayla’s mutilated body. He had to try and see if this woman knew anything about what was going on. Maybe Kayla had said something to her before she had been murdered. At least that was what he hoped he would find out. They walked a couple feet away from the bathroom door, so that Jack could talk to her. He knew that someone already called the police, for he had seen one of the dancer on a cell phone, eyes wide and filled with panic. So he didn’t have that much time before they would show up and take control of the situation.32

“How well did you know Kayla?” he asked her.33

“She was a close friend of mine. We talked about everything.” The woman said in a shocked voice.34

“Did she ever mention a woman named Nikki Stevens?” Jack asked.35

“Yes. She mentioned something to me about how she had overheard some sort of deal that Frank Capetto. And also how there was someone who was after her she thought. Kayla told her that it was 3probably her own imagination and that she shouldn’t worry about it. But I believed that Nikki was telling the truth. Because there were other women here that had went through the same thing, then disappeared.” She said, in a terrified voice.36

“Really? What about Kayla? Do you know anyone that would want to do something like this to her? Someone who was an enemy?” Jack asked.37

“There is her ex-boyfriend. He is a real weirdo. Kayla would always say how he had hated that she worked her and was very jealous about that. That was why she broke up with him. But he always seemed to show up here all the time, that was until the owner kicked him out for good.” She said. 38

“You mean Mr. Capetto.” Jack said in a serious tone. 39

“No, Frank Capetto was like a manager here. The real owner is Mr. Vega.” She said.40

Now things where starting to fall into place. No wonder why Frank was so willing to make a deal with Vega, because he was working for him. Still, it didn’t answer why this maniac was had killed Kayla and Nikki. 41

“Did you ever see Kayla’s boyfriend? I need to know what he looks like so I could question him.” Jack asked.42

“About your height, short blond hair, skinny, pale complexion, wears wired rim glasses…” she started to say.43

“Yeah, and I bet that he doesn’t talk and has a psychotic look on his face all the time.” Jack commented.44

The woman just stood there looking at him with a shocked expression on her face, as if he had just told her something that she couldn’t believe. In a way he already had. Just from the look on her face, made him realize the truth. This woman Kayla had been involved with that psycho. But why would she? The answer to that had died with her. There was no way for him to know that was until he found the bastard.45

“How did you know that? Did you know him?” the woman asked.46

“Lucky guess that’s all.” Jack replied, not wanting to reveal that this man was the one who killed Nikki and so many other people. 47

“Look, I have to get out of here. The police are on there way by now, I want to you to talk to a Captain Johnson and tell him everything that you told me and anything else that you might remember. The only thing is don’t mention that you talked to me. The detectives and I don’t get along to well. But Captain Johnson will help you out.” Jack said.48

The woman hugged him, feeling like she wasn’t going to let him go from the grip that she had on him. H knew there was no time for this, because he could hear the officers coming into the club already. If Jack wanted to avoid the multitude of questions they would have, he would have to leave now. Slowly, he took her arms off of her and told her again what to do when the police questioned her. Then he made ducted out the backdoor, a minute before the officers came into the back. Jack made his way up the alley, so that way he could avoid being seen by anyone. Luckily he had left his car a block away from the place, just in case of an emergency like this. He always had to be careful, never knowing what was going to happen, even if it seemed innocent enough. After he got to his car and drove off, what the woman had told him stayed trapped I his mind. Trying to figure out why the killer was doing this. The one thing was for sure; he was getting better at it. Taking his time in killing the woman, just from the way that she had been found. He probably paid her for some erotic sexual act in the bathroom, and then made his move. If this was Kayla’s ex who did this, who would be the next person to fall prey to his sick demented behavior. Jack knew that he was getting close, for why would the killer leave a massage on the wall with her blood telling him to back off? Now all that he had to do was find out where this sicko was, so he could bring him in. The only way he could do that was by getting in hold of some of his contacts and seeing what they could dig up on this guy. Someone had to know something about him and be willing to talk. In a way, maybe Captain Johnson would be able to find out who the killer’s name was. It was a long shot, but he was willing to take it. 49

TO BE CONTINUED...................

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