Let Me Make Your Fantasies Come True

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Love Poem from the heart

Submitted: March 09, 2012

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Submitted: March 09, 2012





Softness of a kiss...ignites the spark of love

heat of two bodies pressed together

holding each other so close.....

skin against skin.....

embracing such passion....

absorbed in the desires of the soul 

as we make love......

under the innocence of the full moon

wanting to give you all I am

and make a fantasy

come true for you, my Lady.


Let me make your Fantasies come true.


Candles lit, champagne on ice,

and soft music playing ......

as we hold each other so close

moving to the rhythm of the music.

Gazing into your eyes

I find myself wanting

to drown in the beauty of them

as I whisper to you

all that my heart holds for you.

To say I adore you so much and you my Lady.......

is all I want and dreamed of.


Let me make your fantasies come true.


My Lady.....I want to give you

all that I am....all that I will be....

and share a life with you.....

for us to live a new life of true love.....

together walking hand in hand

down the path of love.....

the bond we create together

that makes us so strong

so we can face everything 

that life will come to us.


Let me make all your fantasies come true.


And you can make all my dreams come true

just by hearing that you love me

and will forever. 

© Copyright 2017 Michael68. All rights reserved.

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