Loved By AN Angel

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You never realize the wonderful thing you have until it is gone.

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011









The memories of her comes back to me

 each and every time

 remembering everything about her.

The beauty of her green eyes,

 the way wind would ruffle her amber hair,

the way I would feel such warmth in my soul

when she would smile at me so tenderly.

In my eyes she was my angel

 lifting me up from the depths of my darkness

and showing me a paradise

 that is beyond that of what I ever thought

I could ever find.

Oh the way it felt to hold her in my arms

 the warmth of her body against mine,

and the playful way

her lips would hover centimeters from mine

making me want her kiss so much.

Then our lips meet is a soft and gentle kiss,

awakening my heart to all she is.

And even the way we would talk for hours

of our dreams and hopes all the time

and opening up to each other

of everything that we truly are.

Now my angel has left me

and I sit here alone

my heart crying out in such longing

reaching for nothing but a dream

for her affections for me are gone

even though she is still my friend

the memory of our love will stay with me

to remind me of a time

when I was truly loved my an angel.

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