Lying To Herself

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In the shadows of once what was, she lies to herself of the anguish and pain, driving herself deeper into the anguish of her soul.

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011




Do you hide your tears from the world

to never show the pain which haunts you inside

as the memories of a that which is now lost

absorbs you into the shadows of your mind?

Of a love that once was so strong and true

making you believe that the future would be so wonderful

and the dreams of Mr. Right now have come to you to stay,

only to have it taken away

by a drunken foolish act you regret ever doing.

Knowing the pain you have brought forth

as it rips your soul apart in a slow and silent torture.


Do you find yourself now within a sea of unfamiliar faces

surrounded within a society of false hopes and  deciet

where lustful eyes stare upon you now

not seeing the woman you truly are

only the outer surface which brings about such lustful thoughts

they long to make come true with you

because you are so naive and innocent?

Knowing you are an easy prey for them

a conquest which would be easily obtained

with just a few kind words and a false caring smile.

Never knowing the truth

for you always believe there is good in everyone

until you find out to late your belief is nothing but a delusion.


Can you feel yourself slipping into a madness

where sit alone and your mind wanders off so suddenly

no longer in control of your thoughts

wishing that true love would have stayed to protect you

but now you slip into a mental mist that blinds you

disconnecting with the world

even though you are not aware with it

your heart continues to throb in anguish

nothing can be done though...the past can not be changed

you feel the bi-polar gripping you now

making the world slip away

for that is the only way you can handle it

as you refuse to take medication to help you

and self subscribing treatments for you that you no nothing about

so you will never have to admit

that you are hurting inside and it is out of control

letting yourself live in a nightmare all your own

as you wear a mask to hide it all

believing in time it will all go away.


But you do not see that  you are fooling only yourself

as you exist in a world of your own lies you tell yourself

in a world of corruption and carnal wontonness

trying to show it does not bother you

when inside your mind and will slowly wears away

like the sand on a beach as the tide rolls in and then out.

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