Madness Of Being Niave

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Within her madness she can only blame herself for the life that she had lived and the way she let others use her the way they did.

Submitted: October 18, 2011

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Submitted: October 18, 2011





She climbs into her padded room in her mind,
clutching her mental instability like a cloak
the shadows of expending doom
no light around her....her only friend is her gloom.
Forever lost within the nightmares of her past
of the men who violated her
using her as nothing more than a mere whore
and even the people that she thought
were her true friend
only wanted her for their own lustful desires.
To perform such things she would never do
putting her in situations where she could never get out of.
Even men who look upon her
as nothing more than some sexual object
because of her overgernerous breasts
and her niave ways.
Then when true love had come to her
she let herself betray love
by being in the arms of a fifty years old man
in a dark parking lot in Maine.
Losing true love.....losing herself....
becoming the one thing that
everyone thought her to be....
which drove her to a madness
she could never escape from.

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