My Heart Does Speak

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A love poem for the woman I love who I call my Juliet.

Submitted: November 23, 2008

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Submitted: November 23, 2008



Let me hold you as my lips kiss your lips,
as the love we feel our hearts grips.
Feeling your body so close to mine,
as our limbs we now entwine.
Lying you here on these silk sheets,
ours hearts racing with such rapid beats.
The soft glow from the candle lite sets the mood,
in the privacy of this room we love with nothing to protrude.
I whisper such verses of love in your ear,
letting you know that my words and heart is sincere.
I love you smile that warms my heart,
forever in my mind to see when we are apart.
I love the softness of your kiss,
bringing about such passion I can't resist.
I love the feel of your body next to mine,
a feeling so passionate and divine.
Oh my darling everything about you I love so much,
for no other woman's love my heart does touch.
I long to cuddle with you all night long,
as we embrace such affection that is so strong.
You are the only woman I long to be with forever,
with a love so strong nothing could sever.
Let my lips meet yours in a soft, tender embrace,
as my fingers over your frame they do trace.
I love you more than words can say,
I love you even more that I did yesterday.
For our love stronger each day that goes by,
such emotions I feel for you I would never deny.
Let me love you body, heart and soul,
to the point and beyond where our desire loses control.
Bringing about such wondrous bliss,
that all shall start with just your one sultry....kiss.

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