New Year's Kiss

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Longing to find that special woman to share that first kiss for the new year and for the spark of romance.

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011




We sit there at the bar

our words we speak entice a temptation to the soul

as my eyes stay focused on her

not able to ignore the longing I feel for her.

Oh how this heart of mine yearns to love again

and this soul craves the touch of a woman

that would ignite the spark of such intense passion.

Could she be it ?

Be the one that would resurrect my heart

from the shadows of my sorrow and loneliness?

With each hour that passes

she stays there with me,

making it obvious that there is something there between us.

The look in her eyes intrigues me

more than any other woman ever has before,

and the longing within my soul grows stronger.

Around us the celebration continues

the countdown begins

as I move closer to her and she to me.

The crowd around us cheer out in drunken cheer

welcoming in a new year that begins,

as we hold each other close

our lips touch in a sweet and tender embrace

tasting her lips that intoxicates me more

than the drinks that we have consumed.

Our kiss becomes long and passionate

not knowing where this will lead,

but this one New Years Kiss

will forever last within my mind and heart forever.

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