Nightmare's Confession

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A nightmare that I had a couple nights ago that I had to put on paper. I hope that you enjoy it.

Submitted: April 25, 2008

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Submitted: April 25, 2008



As she re-read the note again for the hundredth time she still could not understand why. Even now so many years later she wishes that she could have changed her words. She wishes that she could have changed her words. She wishes that she could have saved him, saved him from that bridge, saved him that night. She wishes that she could have saved him from himself. But there was nothing that she could have done, for a most of the time he had never made any sense of things he had told her. Talking about something that had been coming for him. Something in the shadows, yet he never revealed what it could be. That was the one thing that had worried her the most. Especially the way he looked when he talked about it. Not only was he totally terrified by it, but also that he really believed that this thing did exist. (That was, whatever it could be that scared him). His note made no matter times she would read it. It her mind, she still believed that it was her fault for his falling into madness and his death. For the way she had broken his heart weeks before, when she had cheated on him. There was nothing she could do now about it, for the past can’t be changed and the dead cannot come back.

Jennifer sat back in the booth of the small coffee shop, as her eyes gazed out the window. Her thoughts were still on him, on her beloved Mathew. So many questions filled her mind, ones, which she knew the answer would never be able to forget about him. Or even the fate, which came to him. Her hand reached over and picked up the smoldering cigarette that sat in the red plastic ashtray. She took a drag from it as she listened to the melody of a love song being played. But even that reminded her of him. There seemed to be no way that she could ever really forget him.

“Come on Jennifer, you have to forget about him. It had been years now since that happened, and there is nothing that you can do about it.” She thought.

Her hand ran through her long amber hair as she tried to get herself to calm down. To try and forget about the memory of him, which was haunting her mind. The sunlight shined through the large storefront window and onto her, feeling so wonderful, feeling the warmth on her. It was then she heard the voice of the waitress talking to her.

“You alright hone? You look like something is bothering you.” the blonde waitress said with a slight Southern accent.

“You can say that, there are things in the past that seem to never fade away.” she said in a calm tone.

“I know what you mean, there isn’t a day that goes by, when I don’t  think about something from my past.” the waitress said.

It  really wasn’t what Jennifer meant, but she figured that she wouldn’t try to explain herself. For she found herself unable to find the words to say.  In a way she was grateful for that, because she didn’t want to talk about it. The waitress refilled her coffee and then walked away. Jennifer stared at the two empty booths and few scattered tables in front of her. Staring coldly at nothing but then, she noticed something that hadn’t been there a second ago. In fact she wasn’t sure that she was really seeing it. For standing a couple feet from her was the image of a eerie and dark, shadowy figure. The light of the room around it seemed to fade, as this figure seemed to look directly at her. And because of that, she felt a sudden chill run down her spine, as the fear suddenly paralyzed her. It raised its right arm up in front of it, its bony, long bloody finger pointed at her.  She suddenly felt the urge to stand up and walk to it. Jennifer had no idea why, only that she no longer had control over her body. Feeling it’s icy touch on her flesh, as she started to get ready to get out of the booth. Not knowing what this thing would want from her. Or even what it would do to her. But before she could even get out of the booth, there was a large crash that came from the kitchen of dishes falling to the floor, which broke her free from the trance that she was in. Instantly,  she looked around her, because of shock and also to make sure that no one was watching her. She could feel her heart racing wildly as sweat ran down the back of  her neck.

“What the hell is happening to me?” she whispered.

That was the one thing that she found herself unable to really answer. When she looked in the direction of where the figure had been standing, she noticed that the figure had vanished. She started to question if what she had seen was nothing more than just a daydream. Something brought about from the guilt she felt because of Mathew and her over-active imagination. Whatever it was, the thing was gone now.  Or was it? The only thing that she could do now was to forget about it. That was if there was a way that she could. Her eyes glanced at the clock on the wall and noticed that it was only one in the afternoon, even though to her it feels much later. She has no idea why that is, but doesn’t bother to think about it for too much longer. Her mind stays on that shadowy figure that she had just seen. Wondering what it could be? And why would it want her? Once again she found herself asking questions that she knew there were no answers too. At least not at that moment. The more that she thought about it, the more the terror began to build in her soul. After what felt like a couple minutes to her, she found herself unable to sit there anymore. She crushed out her cigarette in the ashtray, got up and made her way to the front door of the café. The only thing that she could think of was finding a way to forget about what she had just witnessed.

Later, she arrived at her small one bedroom apartment. Even though she had been living alone since Mathew’s death, the place seemed different to her. The light gray shadows of the room seemed darker to her, more menacing. Even though it was a ridiculous thing to think of, the feeling was still there. She slowly walked around the living room, her eyes looking as if she had lost something. But the was that she hadn’t. The only thing that was out of place was the fact that Mathew was no longer there. Jennifer didn’t know why she was acting this way, as she sat down on the couch. For a moment she just sat there staring at the screen of the television that was off. In her mind she couldn’t get that shadowy figure out of her thoughts. There had to be a reason that she had seen it. Had to be some reason why she was suddenly feeling that she was out of place. But what was it? That was the one thing that she couldn’t figure out.

“Face it Jen, you are losing it. You have finally pushed yourself to the point where you can no longer take it.” a voice echoed in her head.

“That can’t be true. How could I have done that? I have not been pushing myself that hard. So how could this all be happening because of stress.” she said to herself.

She had said it out loud, as if she expected o hear some voice answer her from somewhere in the shadows.  But of course there wasn’t one. Just the silence of the room, which surrounded her. She reached into her purse and pulled out her pack of cigarettes. After she lit one, she sat back, trying to calm herself down.  Her mind was filled with the multitude of thoughts that seemed to race through her brain. Not giving her the chance to even come up with one rational thought.

“What was that thing that I saw at the café? What in the world could it be?” she said under her breath.

But again there seemed to be no answers that she could find. After she finished her cigarette, she stood up and went into her bedroom. She figured that she needed to lie down and maybe things would seem to make sense later. At least that was what she hoped. As she lay there on her bed, her eyes stared up at the shadows that loomed over her. For some reason she felt that she wasn’t alone. That there was something watching her, waiting for the right moment to emerge from its hiding place. Of course, she knew that this was silly to think, for she knew that she was alone. The doors and windows ere locked, so no one could possibly just walk in. Whatever it was, made her feel the terror deep n her soul. She continued to stare up at the ceiling, watching the shadows become darker as day slowly turned to night. Until finally the bedroom was enveloped within the blackness of the night. It was then that she heard a noise coming from the other side of her bedroom door. The noise that sounded like something scratching at it, trying to get inside. Whatever it was intensified the terror that she was already feeling. Her curiosity started to grow, wanting to know what was outside her door. Jennifer slowly turned her head and looked over at the closed door. There was a glimmer of light that was coming through the window, from a nearby street light, making her able to see her bedroom door somewhat. But when she looked, the door wasn’t the only thing that she was able to see. For standing there, in front of the door, was the shadowy figure, its bloody finger once again pointing at her. And once again she could feel herself losing all control over the actions of her body. Her legs slide over the edge of the bed, feet touching the cold floor, as her body gradually became erect. For some reason her legs felt like there was no strength in them as she slightly fell toward the nightstand. Somehow, she had been able to stop herself by grabbing onto the nightstand. As her body started to straighten up, she forced her hand to pick up the crucifix that sat on top of the nightstand. She figured that it might be her only hope to drive this thing away from her. She held it in front of her, like it was a shield. Her hands shaking so much that she thought that she was going to drop it. Luckily she didn’t, as she felt herself being forced closer and closer to it. It was then she watched as the crucifix slowly started to bend, till it touched bottom to top and then it fell to the floor. The thing let out a wicked laugh, as she suddenly felt herself becoming light-headed and then passing out.

The next thing that she knew, she found herself in a strange room. The walls were solid black with nothing on them, except for some old brass candleholders that hung on the wall. The soft glow from the candles was the only light that she had as the rank odor of something rotting filled the air. When she looked around her, she could feel her heart pounding madly as her eyes were wide with fear. Before her were three doors, painted white with numbers written on them with fresh, dripping blood. She turned to run away, but saw the figure standing next to her. It was then the figure pointed, making it obvious that it wanted her to make a choice. Jennifer made her was to the door marked with the number one on it. For a moment, she just stood there unsure of what she would find on the other side. Yet, there was something deep inside her that made her believe that she had to see what waited for her. Her hand reached over and pushed it open, as she took a deep breath. She looked inside and saw an elegant bedroom, with dark paneled walls and furniture, while lying on the queen sized bed was Mathew, who looked even better than she had ever seen him before. Just seeing him there brought back the guilt and sorrow to her heart. Golden rays of sunlight shined through the half opened window, as a gentle breeze ruffled a few strands of his short brown hair. She turned away for a second, to wipe away the tears and compose herself. When she looked back, a shocked expression appeared on her face. For now his body was nothing more than a rotted corpse, lying on a bed of dusty cobwebs. The gentle breeze that she had felt a moment ago now had become stronger, slowly sending his ashes scattering all around the room. Jennifer couldn’t take it anymore; she had to find a way to escape from this horrid place. To get back to the reality that she knew, so that she would not be here a moment longer. But where was she to go? And if she were to run, what would this thing do to stop her? She had no idea what it was that she was suppose to do. Jennifer slowly backed out of the room, ready to run away from this place. But before she could, the thing grabbed her, so that she would not be able to move. The door slammed shut by itself, as she found herself unable to believe what she had just seen. A few tears fell down her cheeks, as she tried to calm herself down.

The figure guided her to the door with the bloody number two on it. After what she had seen with Mathew’s body, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to handle anything else that this thing had waiting for her. But there was nothing that she could do about it. Even if she wanted to break free from the figure’s grip, it still had control over her body. She could hear the demon laughing so wickedly and because of it, she screamed out, not being able to take it any more. Finally she broke free from the thing’s grip and ran away. She kept running, not really sure of where it was that she was going. All around her there was nothing more than the thick blackness. She felt like she had been running for miles and wasn’t getting anywhere. Finally she stopped; her body feeling exhausted and out of breathes. When she looked around, she was praying to see something, anything that would tell her where she was. But there was nothing.  It was then she heard the sound of a match being struck. Then a soft glow of a flame glowed softly in the distance. It started to grow even brighter and then showing the figure standing in front of her again, laughing so wickedly. It took her hand and led her through the next doorway. Behind it she was able to see an old house, which seemed so familiar to her. Yet she couldn’t remember where, for the horror that she was feeling made it difficult for her to comprehend anything.  Around her, she could hear the sound of voices, as she made her way closer to the house. At first she couldn’t make out what was being said, but after a brief moment the voices started to become more clear and louder. It was the voices of four different people, begging for her to help them. But how was she suppose to help them? That was the one thing that she was not sure of. Those begs had then turned to screams of dread and agony. The screaming grew louder as she moved even closer to the house. Then the house caught on fire and the people inside came crashing through the windows, trying to escape the fire. A young girl of the age of seventeen with long blond hair came limping up to her. 

“Help me, for God sakes, help me.. please.” she screamed.

The blood streamed down the girl’s body like it was coming from a faucet. She watched as this family slowly died right before her eyes. Her body became weak all of a sudden and then fell to the ground. She looked around her at the family who was covered. It was then that she realized that she was bleeding too. Her head was spinning wildly as a stinging sensation ran up her legs. At first, she had no idea what she was feeling or what was happening to her. When she looked down at her legs, she saw blood pouring out of it as more and more of her skin started decaying and then vanishing completely. The stinging sensation continued up through her body and passed her chest. Right before it reached her head, there was a flash of light and she found herself lying in a hospital bed. Her arms were restrained to the frame of it, as her eyes looked franticly around her. Her face covered in sweat as she breathed in a wildly rapid.

She saw a young nurse with short black hair standing at the foot of the bed, smiling at her. For a brief moment she just stood there staring at her, not saying a word.

“You’re awake. And how are we feeling?” the nurse asked pleasantly.

“I killed them. I killed them. Mathew and his family. I killed them all.” Jennifer said in a frantic tone.

“It was just nightmare, that was all it was.” the nurse replied.

“No, it wasn’t. I killed them. I burned Mathew’s family in their house and pushed Mathew off the bridge.” she said in a crazy tone.

Just then a police officer walked into the room, his eyes staring coldly at her. She knew that he had heard everything that she said. But that didn’t matter to her. The only reason she had said that was because it was the truth and had to be revealed. For his family was trying to let it be known that Mathew wasn’t the father of their baby. And now that she had, she would have to face whatever consequences would come to her. But she figured it couldn’t be any worse that the nightmare which constantly haunted her since she murdered Mathew. Or could it? That was something that she would have to wait and find out.








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