One Last Time Before We Go Away

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Falling Into My arms My Lady one last time before we go our separate way.

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011




Oh my Lady,

let yourself fall into my arms

and embrace the passion which I long to give.

Let me hold you you close

bodies pressed against each other

lips touching in such sweet caress

as we free the desire within our soul.


You ask me why it is you I long for

it is my lady because you are the one I trust

my emotions for you still burns within my heart

yearning so much to feel your touch your kiss

to make love to you like all the times before

and feel the closeness again which we had once shared.


Oh my Lady, do not turn away from me

I know our past was a rocky one

with events that hurt us both so much.

I can not help the was I still feel for you,

the way I long to share one last moment together

of such passion and desire together.


Let us give ourselves to each other

freeing the fire that burns within

as I lift you up within my arms

kissing you passionately and we free our passion once again

giving into it so freely

knowing that we can trust each other within this moment.


As our limbs entwine pulling us even closer to each other

and our bodies become as one

gyrating to the rhythm of our racing heartbeat

succumb to the urges we share together in this moment

letting our fantasies become real

sharing all the pleasures our bodies can give each other

not holding anything back

for this moment is all that matters

in the heat of this moment.


Give yourself unto me my Lady,

and let us relive a romantic memory of our past

while creating a new one together

remembering the passion which we once had.

And if this be the last moment that we shall be together

then let us release all the desire within our souls

creating a wild passion that will be etched in our hearts

that we will remember forever till the end of time.

So if we must go our separate ways

we will always have this moment to remember

along with all the others we shared before.


Come into my arms my Lady

and let us share one last moment together

of such passion

that we long to share with each other one last time.

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