Our Game Of Seduction To Each Other

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Two ways of seduction that we share with each other in a moment of sweet romance.

Submitted: March 28, 2012

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Submitted: March 28, 2012





Oh my Lady

seduce me with your womanly ways,

and I shall entice you with my poetic words

to touch your heart and soul.

Make me want you my seductress

more than I could ever want any other woman

and I shall unlock your heart

while I cherish the woman that you are inside.


Arouse me with your promises of passion

making all my fantasies come true

and promise me

that you will give yourself to me

and only to me.

While I shall vow with all my heart

of the tenderness of my devotion....

cherishing you with all my soul

for the way your beauty enchants me

and all that you are

makes me want to love you with all I am.


Let me feel your lips caress mine

the feel skin against skin

in an amorous moment between us,

when our bodies shall join as one

and my words....my affections....shall caress your heart

showing how special you are to me

make you melt from the words of my heart

and the soft kiss of my lips upon yours

as we play a game of playful seduction

showing the love we feel for each other

in our own special way.

As I let you know

that you are my one and only woman

I desire and love for all eternity.


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