Passion At Sunset

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Come to me my Lady at sunset and let us share something so special and new together.

Submitted: March 15, 2012

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Submitted: March 15, 2012





Such longing the soul does feel

as eyes stare at one another

heart pound wildly 

the attraction between us to strong to ignore.

Oh come to me my Lady

into my arms in this moment

where our bodies can hold each other so tight

to where you could smell the scent of my musk

and the fragrance of your perfume

entices the heart so much.


Let our fingers trace every curve of each other's frame

as lips meet lips so softly

tasting the sweetness of a kiss

and I can not longer hold back the yearning 

that this soul....this heart....this body...does hold for you.

Deny not this moment that is between us

or the yearning for the affections of the heart

that burns to be expressed.

Open yourself to me my Lady

let me into your heart and soul,

trust me enough to show you all that I am

giving it to you so freely. 


Tasting the sweetness of your skin

intoxicating me so much

feeling your body shiver in such bliss

as we succumb to these carnal desires

and  our bodies become as one

joined in perfect unity

moving to the serenade of our heartbeat

within the dimming light of the setting sun

creating something so special and new

that will last for an eternity and beyond. 


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