Passion On A Spring Night

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In the light of the full Spring moon, by the bonfire, Let us open ourselves up and share something so wonderful.

Submitted: March 18, 2012

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Submitted: March 18, 2012




Let us dance within the light of the moonlight
around the blazing bonfire
celebrating this moment of the birth of spring
when the air becomes warm 
caressing out skin
and together we find a love with each other
from the magic of the season.

Shedding away the identity society sees us as
till there is nothing more than our innocenceleft
letting the feel of Nature take us where it may
freeing the desires in our soul 
within the glow of the flames 
and express everything our heart hold.

Within this night alone
we share our bodies in the sight of the God and Goddess
embracing the pleasures of each other
and becoming absorbed in our passion and in Nature
making this place....this night our own paradise
where the real world no longer exists. 

Upon the cool grass 
our bodies join as one
as the silvery orb stares down on us
smiling at our passionate unity
our expression of such affections
within this perfect spring night.

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