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Such affections we share, bringing us to the point where bliss can be found and our love shared so sweetly.

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012




Oh to feel your skin against mine
So warm……so soft…
As I come behind you……holding you so close
My hands cupping your breasts
As lips caress the side of your neck
Your body shivers……breathing soft and deep
Telling me without words……how much you want me
How in this moment I awaken within you
Such a passion……such a desire within your heart and soul
You do not turn around
Your head tilts back resting on my shoulder
Eyes closed as you are absorbed in the desire between us.
Oh yes, my darling……
Let me be your secret lover in the early hours of the night
Giving to you all my heart and soul can give
As your body opens to me……so willingly……
Wanting me to feed the lustful hunger within your soul
The hunger for my passion which is only for you
As each action we do is so slow and gentle
Taking our time……for we have all the time in the world
Sharing the affections of our love……
Letting it consume us like a cloud
My hands gently touching your bosom again
Fingers moving lightly over your nipples
Making you shiver and wanting to melt within my arms
As you turn your head to me
And our lips meet in a soft and tender kiss
Our naked skin pressed against each other
While we share this moment of slow and tender affections
Engaged within the passionate affections
Of our foreplay……hearts racing……body shivering……
As our hearts………souls……and bodies open to each other
Wanting to make this last forever………
For we know that this love we share together
Will last for all eternity and beyond.

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