Payment for Sin

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Amanda had always been one who loved to be in control and seduce any man that she wanted. That was until she came across a man who came for her to pay for the sins she had done.

Submitted: September 16, 2009

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Submitted: September 16, 2009



No matter who you are, everyone longs for the feeling of control over someone else. Knowing that they would have the ability to have someone to do whatever they wished. The feeling of knowing that was like an aphrodisiac that drives the soul wild. Till the person who is feeling this, craves it more than anything ever before in their lives. Amber Lorenz knew what it had felt like so many times before when she had found a man who was willing to do something like that with her. Even though most of the time, it would end up with the man being in control, there was still that excitement about it that burned through her veins. Yet, for some reason, each time she felt that there was something missing. Something that she wanted to experience but was not sure what that could be.

When she was looking for a man, she knew that she would always draw the attention of every man in the room, wherever she would be. Even when she didn’t intend for it to happen, she still found them drawn to her. Knowing how much they would lust after her, wanting to have her alone for a moment or two. And she would always be willing to please them; that was if the price was right. In her mind, she figured that why should she give something away that they wanted from her, when she could make a profit off of it. She knew that she could use the money, ever since her father had been laid off from the company that he had worked at for thirty-seven years. The economy was at such a terrible rate and she knew that her family was going through rough times right now. So in a way, she thought of this as a daughter’s duty to help out her family. Even though it would be with good intentions of what she was doing, her family wouldn’t see it as an insult to their strict Catholic beliefs. And in anger would call her a whore, the one word she never wanted to hear them say. And on top of it, she would find herself kicked out of the house and her family would never speak to her again. But how could they do that to her, when she would be bringing home such money that they could use to pay off their bills and survive. It wasn’t like she was doing it every night, for she knew too well that would have brought about such suspicions on her that she could not have.

Amber stood in front of her bedroom mirror, looking herself over, making sure that she had the right appearance that she was hoping for. The short denim mini skirt, that was so short that if she were to bend down, everyone could see the underwear that she was wearing. Even though tonight she would be daring and not war any, that was when she got into the car she would take them off. She didn’t want her mother to catch wind of what she was doing, or else she would not be able to let her go out. Even though she was twenty-one, she was still living in her parent’s house. (Their house, their rules). She wore a red blouse that parted open in front so that she could reveal the sultry curves of her ample breasts, which all the men loved to stare at. It was her favorite blouse, because she could open it up and flash someone, just to watch them turn red with embarrassment, or to turn them on enough to want to take a chance with her. Like people always say, it is always good to advertise. And tonight she knew that she would do just that, so she could make the money that she needed to help her family. There was no way that she was going to see her parents and her two five-year old brothers be thrown out on the street because they could not make their mortgage payments.

She had fixed her long blond hair, letting it fall over her shoulders to make herself look even more alluring. She knew that the men at the party that she was going to, would be going crazy over her and that was where she would get what she needed. Even though she felt odd about doing this, each time she would leave her house, or risk it that her parents would find out, she still went through with it. In her mind, it was something that she had to do, in order to make her contribution to her family. But deep down, she it was also to satisfy the craving to be in control again with a man that she had never met before. That excitement of dominating a stranger, knowing that there was nothing that they could do about it, but let her take advantage of them. There was a strange feeling though that something was going to start tonight that she was going to regret. As if she knew that the events that would happen tonight would change her life forever. Something that would make the whole town know what she had been up to for the last few months, even though she had been so careful to keep it a secret. But, she didn’t think anything about it, for it probably was nothing more than her own mind playing tricks on her.

After she had put her brothers to bed and said good-bye to her mother, she made her way put to her parent’s mini van that they let her borrow. She had only driven two blocks away from the house, when she pulled over to the side of the road and took off the black lacy g-string that she wore underneath her skirt. Even though she knew that some men would have found that as a real turn on to see her wearing it, she decided to be more daring than that. And anyway, she had always been the type of woman who would try and do something that would make herself stand out. Plus the fact that she sort of liked the way a sudden breeze would blow up her skirt and aroused her sex, making her body shiver slightly with goose bumps.

“Now for some real fun.” She said to herself as she pulled the mini van back onto the road.

As she drove, she started to think about the men that she had already met and that she had pleased in one way or another. Even though each one did give her an experience that she knew that she would remember forever, it all seemed so empty to her, even though it aroused her just to think about it. The way that they all would let her take control, sometimes even let her tie them up and never question it. But there was one man that she could never forget, no matter how hard she would try. And every time that she thought about him, she could feel the pain come back of her broken heart. His name was Mark Yates, a man who was much older than her, but whose romantic ways touched her heart so much. More than any other man had ever done, and probably never will again. She really had been in love with him, but when he found out what she had been doing, he left her. Saying that there was no way that he could be in a relationship with someone who was selling herself for any man’s pleasure. And she could understand that, even though she cried with honest tears when she handed him back the engagement ring that he had given her. At that moment, at the LaSalle train station in downtown Chicago, he had left her there broken hearted. And she knew that she would never be able to find another man that would be able to find another man that would be like him. The break up had been over a month ago, but the pain within her never seemed to go away. There were times when she thought she could still feel his engagement ring on her finger, lightly pressing against the flesh of her finger. But every time that she would look down at her hand, the hard truth would be there, making her feel the pain all over again. The only way that she had been able to ease the pain of it was within the men who would approach her for whatever sexual act they would want from her. Even though it didn’t really help, it numbed her heart for a moment. But deep down she knew that she knew that she could never really get over losing Mark.

She had arrived at her friend Lynda’s house about twenty minutes later. An older woman who loved to party with her husband Jack. Always throwing these swinger parties, just so they could put a spark back into their marriage. To Amber, that really didn’t matter to her, for it was her chance to find men who would want to pay for what she could give them. Until she had pulled into their driveway, her thoughts stayed on the lose of Mark. Remembering how when he had been working on his novels, he would always talk about the tortured souls of his characters. But he would also say how there were people out there in this world who were tortured souls. Condemned to live within the sins of their own lives, never to escape the pains of their past and lost in the darkness that they do bring about. The one thing about it, was that she was starting to wonder was if she had become one of those tortured souls? Had she let herself become lost within the pleasures of the flesh, so that she could hide the heartache of losing the man who had really loved her? Even though she knew that was the truth, she still didn’t want to accept it. Even now, as she sat behind the wheel of her mother’s mini van, she could still feel the engagement ring on her finger. Feeling the surface of the metal on her flesh, almost as if it was burning against her finger. She wanted to look down at her left hand, hoping to see that gold and diamond ring on her finger. But she didn’t look, because she knew she would feel the pain of her constant heartache she had been holding for him. Even though she didn’t look, the pain still surged within her heart. Starting to wish that she had never made the foolish decision to do what she was doing. Her hands gripped the steering wheel tightly, as a tear ran down her cheek. She knew that she should have gotten over the break up, but there was something that was keeping her from doing it. As if she had some sort of thought that he would come back to her, and forgive her for what she was doing. But why would Mark want to love a woman who was doing something as horrible as she was right now? Amber knew Lynda was waiting for her to show up, for she had called her an hour ago saying that there were a few men that she had to meet. Even though she really didn’t want to meet anyone right at the moment, she knew that it would be better than her being home and crying herself to sleep. At least, she could be able to feel a man’s body next to hers, even though it would be only for a moment.

“Come one Amber, get it together. You can’t let them see you this way.” She whispered to herself.

She wanted to forget about the pain which she was feeling, to forget about Mark and how wrong she had been to let this come between them, but couldn’t. She remembered how it felt when she was in his arms, holding her so close and tight as if he never wanted to let her go. Just the thought of that brought about such a feeling that was too strong for her to ignore. She found herself so aroused as the yearning to be pleased filled her. Imagining that he was with her, kissing her, touching her ever so gently, when they used to make love. How she wished that he was with her now to satisfy that burning desire within her right now. Feeling him inside her, thrusting harder and harder as the sensation of the moment would overwhelm them. The whole time that she was lost within the fantasy, her hand pulled her skirt up and started massaging the lips of her sex. Her legs spread even wider as her fingers thrusted inside of her. The whole time she imagined that it was Mark that was inside her, making love to her. She could feel the waves of pleasure flowing through her, as she found herself out of control. The only thing that she could think about was how she longed to continue with the pleasure that she was making herself feel. It had been so long since she had done something like this in public, and wasn’t even sure why she was. Even though the darkness around her would have hidden what she was doing in the van and there wasn’t anyone around, the thrill of being caught made her even more excited. The orgasm flooded through her as she moaned out with such pleasure, droplets of sweat running down her forehead as she breathed so heavily. When the ebb of the moment subsided, she found herself sitting there, her skirt hiked up to her waist, her legs spread wide as her fingers continued to stroke the damp lips of her sex. Somehow, her blouse was now open and her bra had been removed and lay on the passenger’s seat next to her.

“My goodness, what happened to me?” she whispered as she started to straighten herself up.

Amber remembered having fantasies before in the past, about Mark or even of other men as well, but never anything that was this powerful. Never anything that would make her lose control as she had just done. In her mind she figured that it was nothing more than a moment of lustful yearning that she had. Something that she never thought that she would do.

It took her a couple minutes to calm down to the point where she could handle it. Or at least, to the point where she would be able to hide it from everyone. She took a deep breath as she tried to get her mind focused on what would happen when she got in the party. Still, she found herself thinking about Mark, about how he made her feel so special and so loved the whole time that they had been together. It was then that she heard the sound of her own voice echoing in her head.

“Come on…he is gone and you have to move on. You know you have something that you want to do. So, just do it. You know you want it.” The voice said.

She knew in a way the voice was right, even though part of her really didn’t want to believe it. After a couple seconds, her hand reached over and opened the driver’s door. She had no idea what it would be that she would find when she got into Lynda’s party and in a way she really didn’t care. All that she wanted was to escape from that which haunted her. Just to forget about the pain from her past and find a way to move on. But even that seemed like something that was impossible for her to do. As she made her way to the front door of the house, she couldn’t escape the feeling that there was something that there was something that was no right, something that she really couldn’t understand at the moment. She could hear the sound of muffled music coming from inside.  Just from the sound of it, she could tell that it was going to be one of Lynda’s famous parties again. Which would mean that there was a good chance of her finding someone. She could feel her heart starting to race slightly as the excitement started to build within her. But this was a different excitement than that which she had just felt a moment ago in the van. It was something that she had been used to feeling when she was about to be at a party. Something that she always was able to ignore, because she always knew what to expect. When the front door opened, Lynda, a woman with medium length black hair, stood in the doorway, wearing a short black strapless dress.

“Amber, I was wondering when you were going to show up. There have been some men who have been asking about you.” Lynda said in a friendly tone.

“Well, I can’t let them wait any longer Let the games begin.’ Amber replied as she walked through the doorway, smiling.

The hours that had went by while she was there; Amber had already had three different men flirt with her. Each one wanting a fantasy of theirs to come true with her. But out of the three, only two of them had been willing to give her the price that she wanted.  Lynda let her use the guest bedroom for whatever they wanted to do; it was in the back part of the house, where they would have privacy from the party. One of the two had been a man with sandy blond hair who was about the same age as her. When she had talked about how she wanted to dominate him, he smiled and agreed to it, saying that was something he always wanted to have done. And Amber didn’t disappoint him either, even though afterwards she couldn’t remember his name. The other man was older in his late thirties, who wanted to see her naked and sit at the foot of the bed watching as she manipulated herself. Even though it wasn’t really what she had in mind, she did it anyway. Moaning and taunting him, telling him how much she wanted to feel him inside her. Even though it might not have been what he probably had in mind, she could tell that she had excited him all the same. Even though it was wonderful what she had shared with both of them, and they both had begged her to go home with them, it was nothing that she really would leave with them for. Mainly because, her heart still longed for something that had been like what she had with Mark. But deep down, she knew too well that she would never find something like that again. Both times during the party, when she was meeting the men that she had, she noticed one man that watched her all the time, from across the room. Amber never knew what any of the men looked like, for they all had been wearing masks to hide their identity. (Something that had been Lynda’s idea for an erotic party.) For some reason, this stranger’s stare started to haunt her, making her wish that she had left with one of the men she was with before. She started to wonder why it was bothering her so much. This man had never approached her to start a conversation with her, to let her know that he was interested in her. But the night was young and there was still time for her to meet him. Many of the other men at the party were just in masks, but this stranger was dressed in a long hooded jet-black cloak and his mask was ghost white with a sad expression on it. It sort of reminded her of one of the two masks that she always saw at the theaters, when she would go to a play. Just from looking at him, she would instantly think of the grim reaper, which scared her in a way. But even though his appearance did seem threatening, it also aroused her in a way. Wondering what would he want to do to her? What fantasy he could want for her to create for him? And most of all, what he looked like behind the mask. With the other men, it didn’t matter what their faces were behind their masks while she had sex with them. But for some reason, she found herself consumed by the thought of who this stranger could be.

Amber made her way over to the table that the people around the party were using as a bar. Lynda stood there behind it, being the gracious hostess that she was. When she looked at Amber, she could tell right away that there was something bothering her.

“What’s wrong Amber, can’t find the man of your dreams?” Lynda asked.

“Not yet. But there is one who has been watching me ever since I got here. He just hasn’t tried to come up and talk to me.” she said.

“Give him time, I am sure he will. Who knows, he might be the one that you have been searching for all your life.” Lynda said in a joking tone.

But Amber knew that the only one that she had been looking for, had left her a month ago. And there was no one who could ever replace him. Lynda excused herself and then walked away, leaving her standing there alone.  She kept her back facing the stranger, for she wasn’t sure if she would be able to handle it if she caught him staring at her.  Even though she could still feel his stare upon her, making her want to know who he was even more.

Before she even decided to turn around and approach him, she could feel hands lightly gripping her arms and a soft voice whispering over her shoulder.

“Don’t turn around. I have been watching you from across the room and I can tell that you enjoy playing games with men. Well, I have one that I would like to play with you. That is if you are willing enough to do it. And I will make sure that you are well compensated for your time.” The voice whispered. 

“What do you have in mind?” she asked as she suddenly felt her sex throbbing with such excitement.

“First, I want you to lean forward with your hands on the table. Don’t ask me why, just do it.” He said.

Even though she knew that she shouldn’t have, she did it anyway. In her mind she thought that he was going to take her right there in front of everyone in the room. When she did, she knew that he had a clear view of the smooth curves of her ass and excited sex. It was then that she felt his hand moving over her sex and then slid something inside of her. Just from this foreign things penetration, made her gasp suddenly. She wanted to ask him what he was doing to her, but then remembered that she promised no questions. Then he told her to stand erect again. For a moment she thought that whatever he had put inside her would have fallen out, but her sex was gripping it tightly within her.

“Have you ever been in love before? Something so strong that you would be willing to do anything to prove it to that person?” he asked again in a soft whisper.

“Look, I am not looking to fall in love, alright. Let’s get that straight.” She said suddenly, trying to sound tough.

It was then that she felt something vibrating within her sex, so strong that it almost made her want to collapse. The pleasure of whatever it was that was inside her, overwhelmed her so much. Her mind swimming with such lustful thoughts, that she had never felt before. And just as sudden as it came, it had disappeared.

“You didn’t answer my question. Have you ever been in love like that before?” he whispered in her ear.

“Yes. Yes, I have.” She said honestly.

“And what happened to this man that you were in love with?” he asked.

“None of your business.” She said harshly.

Once again the vibrations inside of her came, this time even more stronger than before, making her legs grow weaker and her moaning even louder than before. She could feel herself falling backwards as the orgasm flooded through her, weakening her more than any other one ever had. She could feel him holding her from underneath her armpits, keeping her up as the dampness ran down her inner thigh. Right at that moment, she wanted him inside her, even if it meant that they would do it right there in the middle of the entire party.

“That’s not what I wanted to hear.” He whispered.

“He left me because of what I do. He didn’t like the fact that I pleased men for money. Oh please, stop. I can’t take it much more.” She said in a weak tone.

“Maybe we should continue this somewhere that is more private. “ he whispered. “After you.”

The vibrations stopped as she stayed in his arms for a moment, trying to regain her strength once again. She could feel her sex throbbing mercilessly, as he slowly lifted her to her feet. Her mind was a blaze with such thoughts of passion, more than she had ever thought that she could ever feel. Even though she was doing what he suggested, she found herself lost within a cloud within her mind. As if she was in a dream state, not knowing exactly what she was doing. Without thinking, she led him to the guest room in the back of the house. Feeling his hands on her hips as he followed behind her. When they reached the guest room, he sat her down on the edge of the bed and then blink folded her with a black cloth. In the state that she was in, she was helpless to whatever it was that this man would do to her. He whispered in her ear to remain still as he started to take off her clothes. She could feel his hands touching her breasts, making her flesh quiver under his touch. She could feel him pulling her mini skirt down off of her legs, and then he pulled her body up onto the middle of the bed.

“What would you have done if you had the chance to keep him with you?” he whispered.

“What difference does that make? He’s gone and probably would never want to give me a second chance. All because of what I am.” She said as she felt a tear running down her cheek.

“I told you, no questions.” He said.

The thing within her vibrated again, even stronger now, making her moans so loud as her legs spread unconsciously. She begged him to take her, how she wanted to feel him inside her so badly. This time he let it continue for a few minutes more, as she felt his lips biting her nipple slightly. She continued to moan as her back arched and she could feel the dampness in between her legs flowing even stronger. Never had she thought that she could find a man who could please her the way this stranger was. She heard him ask her what was she, what she believed she was, but the pleasure she was feeling was so strong that she could get herself to answer. Now her whole body was shivering as he let the thing inside of her continue to vibrate within her sex.

“Answer me. What are you?” he said.

“A….A….A prostitute…” she moaned while she breathed heavily.

“And what would you do to win back the man you loved?” he asked.

“Whatever he would want. Whatever he would want….Oh God….Please don’t torture me any more. Give me what I want….Please….do me…” she begged as more tears flowed down her cheeks.

The orgasms flooded through her, one after another, growing stronger with each one that passed. Her body now coated within sweat as she continued to beg him to take her now. Never before had she thought that she would be this way with any man, always wanting to be the one in control and have them beg for her to please them. But not this time, and she found herself unable to contain the longing for him to complete her. Even though she could feel his lips and fingers continuing to caress her flesh, he didn’t seem to answer her. All he did was to continue to torture her as if he was getting some sort of thrill out of it. Amber knew that she was from this lurid game, which they were playing. With each orgasm that he forced her to have, her body grew weaker and weaker, until finally she passed out from the exhaustion. Leaving her defenseless, to whatever this stranger wanted to do to her. Even though she was in between the realm of consciousness and unconsciousness, she could still feel his hands touching her so gently, and his lips caressing her flesh, as the intensity of the pleasure continued to consume her. She had no idea why this man was prolonging the final outcome, which they both knew would happen. Was this some sort of torture? Did he want her to beg him and really mean it? Even though she could feel herself wanting to collapse into unconsciousness from what he was doing to her, he was making sure that she didn’t. By gently slapping her face, pinching her thighs or her breasts, just so the pain was wake her. She wanted to ask why he was doing this to her, but knew that would only lead to him doing something to her. For he had told her, no questions and if she were to ask, she had no idea what degree of punishment he would do to her next.  She never felt such a yearning desire so intense as this stranger was making her feel. She never thought that she could feel such pleasure, as she was right at this moment. There was something about this man that made it impossible for her to resist him. As if he had some sort of control over her, a control that she had never felt before and probably never will again. Amber let herself be so helpless, something that she had never done with any other man. She started to wonder if Lynda’s fiancé Michael had put someone up to this. For she knew that he had been after her for a while now, always trying to make her show him her breasts and convincing her into having a threesome with him and Lynda. Even though she would have men pay her money for sex, she never let herself hurt a friend that way. Because, she knew that Lynda never really liked the idea of Michael fondling Amber in front of her, trying to get her clothes off just to satisfy his own perverted pleasures.

“You wish to say something, don’t you? You want to ask me something?” the stranger’s voice whispered in her ear.

His voice was almost so soft that she couldn’t hear it and yet it sounded like some sort of creature hissing at her. Just hearing that made her body stiffen in fear, as she tried to get the words in her mind that she wanted to say.

“Yes.” Amber whispered in a weak voice, trying to regain her strength.

“Speak. I shall grant you that right, before I give you the one thing that you truly deserve.” His voice hissed in her ear.

“Two things I want to ask. If that is alright with you.” She said trying not to show such fear.

“Oh, well then ask them now before I change my mind.” The man said in a somewhat wicked tone.

“Why are you doing this to me? And what are you going to do with me now?” she asked.

“I am doing this because I am paying you to have my way with you. That is what you are here for. This is the life that you want to live and the thrill that you always search for in men. So, I am giving it to you. Giving you a taste of what it is like to have someone control you my darling Amber. And as far as what I am going to do next to you, I guess that there is no better time than the present to show you.” The stranger said his voice so soft and cold, like death itself.

“Just do it. Just fuck me and get it over with. So that way I can get out of here and leave this party and forget about this whole night.”  She thought.

It was then she heard his voice inside her head, answer her thought, as if she had said it out loud. But that was impossible, for she knew that she didn’t say what she was thinking. Even in the exhausted state that she was in, she knew that she hadn’t said it. Or had she?

“Oh what I have in store for you is something so much more than that my sweetie. So much more, than the greatest pleasure that you have ever felt before with any other man.”  His voice echoed in her mind.

Before she could even think of what was happening to her, let alone speak out, she could feel a sudden rush of pain surging through her body. His teeth ripping through the flesh of her neck, making her want to scream but those teeth cutting into her vocal cords to make it impossible. Her body convulsed, jerking about in spasms, trying to break free, but knew that her attempt was useless. She was his prisoner and there was nothing that she could do now. Nothing that she could do, only except the fate that was now before her. How wrong she had been to trust this stranger. And even worse, how wrong she was to have broken Mark’s trust. For if she hadn’t, she would not be here now. But that was the past and now there was nothing that she could do but except the fate that fell before her. She could feel the strength draining from her as tried to scream at least once, but all that she could hear herself doing was an almost gabbled sound as her throat was drowning in her own blood.

Lynda made her way to the back room, wondering where Amber could be. It had been a few hours since she had seen her and was starting to get worried. When she reached the door to the room, she noticed it was slightly ajar and a strange rank odor was coming from inside. Fear stiffened her body for a moment as she stood there, unsure if she should go in or not. But knew that she had to make sure that Amber was alright. When she pushed the door open and looked into the room, her face showed an expression of such terror and her body shook uncontrollably. For Amber’s naked an mutilated body lay on the bed, the bed sheets covered in her blood, her legs spread wide open for all the world to see her sex. On the wall above the bed, written in her blood was one word. One word which the police would see and report back with. One word that the whole town would be uttering in whispers and that Amber’s parents would be ashamed and haunted by for the rest of her life. “WHORE”.




The End.


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