Perfect Unity

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Such unity found with you my Lady....that ignites the passion between us.

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012





With you in my life
my eyes are finally opened to the beauty of this world
the touch of your fingers on my skin
as we open ourselves up to one another
ready to embrace all that our desirers yearn to share
dancing among the flames of such passion
shedding away all that the world sees us as
revealing the true innocence of each other
as lips meet lips so soft and gentle
our hearts sing out within such joy
a sweet serenade of the soul.
Let my lips caress and explore
every inch of your sultry frame
awakening within you
such desires you keep locked away
as I feel you shiver under my gentle lips.
The taste of your skin intoxicates me so much,
as I am sweetly absorbed within the pleasures of your femininity
as your soft moans floats within the air
like whispers so gentle and light.
Succumb to this passion between us
skin against skin
your breasts crushed against my chest
as our bodies become as one
one spirit....where two hearts entwine
and together we find perfect unity....
such closeness never felt before
as we ride the waves of our desire
limbs entwined
never wanting to let go
and together we find a strength and love so wonderful
while we discover.......
forever is more than just a word
but a vow....a promise of the heart....
devoutly to be kept.

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