Romantic Night With You

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Let me show you a romantic night of passion and love, to share with you and always let you see how much I love and adore you.

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012




Come to me and let us share this special night
within the soft glow of the candle light
romantic music set the mood as we hold each other tight
everything is set to touch your heart and make you feel so right
shut the door and leave the problems of this world outside
as I satisfy all your needs you have been denied
together we shall move down the path to a paradise made for two
embracing a love so strong and true.

Let our lips meet in a soft and tender kiss
filling our hearts and soul with love's eternal bliss
Absorbed within the moment of love's true affections
letting it be our intimate reflections
shedding away our clothes and laying you on this silken bed
skin against skin...our passionate hunger slowly fed
each motion we do so gentle and slow
letting the desires within us begin to grow
embracing everything that we feel within our heart
as we let this romance between us start.

In the soft glow of this shimmers of the candle light
we share our love's true delight
bodies join as one, limbs and hearts entwine
within this moment tonight that is so divine
two lost soul now become as one share a paradise all our own
all the emotions in our hearts are shown
whispering words of love's true devotion
the friction between us intensifying the pleasure with each motion
loving each other so slow and gentle enchanted within the pleasure
knowing that the memory of this moment we shall always treasure
for now words no longer can express our true emotions
the pleasures our bodies give each other...shows our hearts devotion
saying I Love You without speaking a word from our lips
but shown within the intense passion which our hearts now grips
Stay with me tonight my Lady and also forever more...
for my is you and only you my soul does adore.

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