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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

When an abused wife and mother of two decides to have a night out for herself. Her husband has other intentions for her.(The characters and situations in this story are fiction and have no relation to anyone living or dead.)

Sable knew what she was getting into when she walked out of the house in rage. She was tired of arguing with her husband and letting him beat her to the point where she was near death. The way he would say that he was the man and she had to respect him. But how could he be a real man when he didn't have a job, got drunk and high all the time and would let out his rage on her with his fists? No, this time she was not going to let him do it again. She didn't have to worry about her two young daughters, for they were being watched by her mother-in-law, giving her the chance to go out for the night. Not saying to anyone where it would be that they would be going. For in a way, she didn't even know and didn't care anymore. All that she wanted was to get away from the madhouse that she was stuck in.

Connor, a friend of her that her husband did not know about picked her up on the corner and they drove down the darkened side streets of the small town that they lived in. As she sat there in the passenger's seat of his Trans Am, her eyes stayed stared out the passenger's window. Her fingers running through the side of her short strawberry blond hair, feeling disgusted that she had let her husband force her to cut her long hair so short. Making her look like a boy, because he figured no man would ever find her attractive because of it. Of course that was not the case, she still had her choice of secret lovers that he never knew about. And Connor was one of them.

An hour later they arrived at a house where she thought that a party was going on. To Sable, the only thing that mattered was if there was alcohol there so she could get drunk and forget about her problems for the night.  For a moment they sat in the car, the engine humming softly as Connor looked at her with a concerned expression on his face.

"Is everything alright, Sable?" he asked as his hand reached over and gently touched her shoulder.

She jumped slightly in shock, for her mind had drifted away to her husband Dalton and the last thing that he had told her as she walked out of the house. How if she cheated on him, he would take a lead pipe to the guys head till he was dead and then come after her. She wondered why she had not listened to her parents long ago and not married him when she did. But now it was too late for her to think about that.

Sable looked at him with a slightly shocked expression on her face, which faded within seconds. Then gave him a playful smirk, as she let out a sigh.

"I am fine. I just have a lot on my mind." she said.

"Well, that is why I brought you here, to help you forget about everything and actually have a good time." he said as a seductive smile appeared on his lips.

Sable was not sure what he could mean about what he said, but there was a part of her that really did not care anymore about what he had planned for her. There was something about Connor that she found herself unable to resist, something not really emotional, but lustful that she longed to share with him. Just from the way that he looked at her with those dark eyes, made it impossible for her to ignore him. She never told him that because she really didn't want him to think that she wanted to be with him for only one thing. And yet, she felt that he already knew it. Just from the way he smiled at her and the way that he would always be there to try and help her out with everything.

"Well, I guess we should go inside. Everyone will be wondering where we are." he said as he tan his fingers through his short blond hair.

"Whatever you say. Tonight I am all yours to show me what a good time can be." she said smiling playfully.

Sable knew that no matter what would happen when they got inside, Connor would watch out for her. To make sure that no one did anything that she did not want them to do. For the first time in her life she actually felt safe with a man that she was with.

A few hours later Sable found herself already becoming drunk and letting herself be flirtatious with the other male friends that were there at the party. The smell of marijuana loomed in the air, which made her inhibitions wear away even more. She stood at the far end of the room, talking to Trey, Dalton's best friend. Sable had always found him attractive in a way, and in the condition that she was in, she really did not care anymore about hiding it.

"So Sable, what are you doing here without Dalton? I always thought that he would not let you out of his sight." Trey said curiously and then took a hit from his joint.

"Let's just say that Dalton is the one thing that I really don't want to talk about. We got into a fight and I just got tired of him controlling me." she said as she stepped closer to him.

Her hand reached up and gently touched his chest, as her eyes burned with such a fiery desire. Trey looked at her not sure what it could be that she was up too, even though he felt tempted to let her continue with what she was doing.

"What are you up to?" he asked laughing slightly.

"Why don't I show you, rather than tell you." she said as she pressed her body against his.

Her lips met met his as his arms wrapped around her instantly, pulling her even closer to him. Her fingers ran through his short black hair as the taste of alcohol and marijuana on his breath was so evident. Yet, she did not let that stop the lustful desire that she had for him. Sable knew that this was wrong, that she shouldn't be doing this with Dalton's best friend. But she could not control herself anymore. The whole night she had felt the eyes of a few of the men on her, staring at her lustfully. Wanting her in a way that she had longed to wanted, that she had not had with Dalton for so many years. All that she wanted was to dive into the lustful desires that she was starting to feel from the attention that these men were giving her.

It was then that she felt a hand touch her shoulder, making her break away from the caress that she had been in with Trey. When she turned around, she saw Connor standing next to her, with a shocked expression on his face.

"I can see that you are having fun, Sable. But I thought that you came with me?" Connor said.

"Well, there is enough of me to share with both of you. That is if you think you could get into something like that." she said giggling drunkenly.

"You can't be serious." Trey said in a shocked voice.

"Maybe I am. It has been a long time since I had the attention of two handsome men. And what do we have to worry about, Dalton is at home, probably passed out from drinking." she said.

"I don't...." Connor started to say.

It was then that they heard the sound of Dalton's voice screaming at them from across the room. Right when Connor turned around, he saw Dalton charging toward them holding a large lead pipe over his shoulder. Dalton's eyes burned with a fiery rage of insanity. When he got closer to them, he swung the lead pipe, striking Connor to the side of the head. Making a loud thud sound, like a fist hitting a melon. Connor fell to the floor as his blood splattered  everywhere. Dalton continued swinging, the lead pipe breaking his bones as he screamed out in terror and agony. With each swing, Dalton screamed out angered obscenities as his rage grew stronger and stronger. Till finally Connor life there lifeless in a pool of his own blood.

It was then Dalton turned to Trey who shielded Sable with his body. His eyes wide with terror over what Dalton would do to him. Sable begged Dalton to stop, that nothing happened and he was making a mistake. But the crazed look in his eyes made it obvious that he did not listen to what she was saying, or that he just didn't care any more.

"Trey, get away from my wife. Unless you want some of the same as this sorry son of a bitch got." Dalton screamed.

"No Dalton, I am not going to let you kill her. I know that it what you want to do, And I am not going to let you do it." Trey said as he stood his ground.

"Sable is  my wife and this has nothing to do with you! It is none of your business! So step away, or so help me I will....." Dalton said.

"Just leave me alone. I am so sick of you not letting me do anything and always making me feel like I am worthless." Sable screamed as the tears started to fall down her cheeks.

"That is because most of the time you are. You are nothing but a flirt with any man that passes you bye. I know about all of your lovers you slept with behind my back. And now I am going to make sure that you never do that again to me." Dalton screamed as he raised the blood stained pipe over his shoulder.

"No!!!! Dalton don't!!!" she screamed.

The pipe swung out striking Trey to the side of the head, making a loud cracking sound as it fractured Trey's skull, sending him falling down to the side. His body convulsed wildly and all the only sound that he could make was a gurgling sound, like a drowning man. Then Dalton grabbed Sable and yanked her to him with such force that she fell to her knees. Her tear filled eyes looked up at him as her body shivered in such terror.

"Please.....Please Dalton, don't hurt me....I will do anything you say...Don't hurt me." she begged in a sobbing voice.

"And why should I. If I let you go without punishing you, you are just going to do this all again. What kind of mother are you to Chelsie and Anna Lynn? I mean my mother is watching our three year old and infant daughter while you are here getting drunk and flirting around with other men." he said as his eyes looked down at her a blaze with such rage.

"I....I promise....I won't ever do this again....I will stay at home and not look at another man. You are the only one that I want....that I love." she said desperately.

"Your are coming with me now. And you are not going to argue about it at all. You do and you will end up like your two lovers over there." he said as he watched her get to her feet.

Sable wanted to tell him that they were not her lovers, even though she had wished that they would be. But knew that there was something that would be wrong to say. Dalton walked her out of the house, his hand gripping her arm so tightly that she wanted to scream out in pain. But she kept it in, not wanting to upset him any more than he already was.

That was the last time anyone had seen Sable. Two days later it had been reported that she had disappeared and Dalton had moved away with his two daughters. No one knew where he had moved to, not even his parents. As for Sable, everyone had there own idea of what had happened to her. Some say that she ran away in the middle of the night, forsaking her own daughters to save her life. Or that she had went with Dalton, because he forced her to. But there were still those who believed that Dalton had killed her and that somewhere her body was waiting to be found. Even though no one has found it yet. And it had been a year since that night already. Her own disappearance had now had become a mystery to everyone in town.

Submitted: August 03, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Michael68. All rights reserved.

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