She Brings Onto Me Such Desire

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Such desire she brings to me from the time spent knowing each other and all the time we spent together.

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012





She brings onto me such desire

that burns within the flames our love

feeling her body against mine

passion rising 

within the warmth of skin against skin

my lips caress the side of her neck

my arms encircle her

holding her so close and tight

fingers stroking her firm stomach

as our lips meet in a soft kiss

feeling her body shivering in bliss

she melts within my arms

and offers all she is to me 

as I do the same for her.


For we know each other so well

know everything about each other

which strengthens the trust between us

as willing to listen and respect each other

as we prepare to make love 

willing to embrace all that we are

ready to let this relationship between us grow stronger

and become closer than we were before.


We have nothing to hide from each other

as we reveal our innocence and true self

within the sensual affections we share

for we both know this is what our hearts long for

that we have waited for so long to happen

as we took our time to grow this close

that we yearn to share our bodies

and the emotional attachment as well.


To love each other stronger than before

showing it by all the time we spend together

and the honest eagerness to know each other

and hide nothing from each other.

For without the patience of time

and spending as much time as we have with each other

this act we would share

would be nothing more 

than a cold and meaningless act

that  is just done for carnal need 

which would be forgotten the next day.

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