Sleep My Lady And Dream Sweet Dreams

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Sleep my Lady and dream of the day I will be with you and together we shall start a life together of love and happiness forever.

Submitted: April 21, 2012

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Submitted: April 21, 2012




Sleep my Lady and dream sweet dreams

of the tenders of our affections we share with each other

as it brings you to the paradise of our love

where walk hand and hand upon the sand shore

the surf serenading us with its gentle rhythm

while sun caresses our skin in its warmth.

For here is the place

where memories of our love exists

and the dreams of that which yet to come

lingers and waits for us to find and make reality.

Knowing together anything is truly possible

as each sunrise brings forth the promise

of new adventures and opportunities

for us to embrace together.


Sleep my Lady and dream sweet dreams

of the way my touch feels upon your skin

soft and gentle....lovingly adoring you

my fingers running through your hair

as our eyes gaze into each other

and within that moment

time no longer exists

and the world stops in a heartbeat.

As we yearn for the taste of each others lips

bodies pressed against each other

skin against skin

arms holding each other so tight

and our hearts soar high into the heavens

upon the wings of a dove.

And within that moment

we discover that forever is so much more

than just a word to be said.


Sleep my Lady and dream sweet dreams

for I sleep and dream of you as well

knowing that soon I will be in your arms

and together we shall share a love so true

while making all our dreams become reality

as we start a new life together

in love and happiness

that will last for an eternity and beyond.

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