Something So Special Between Us

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There is something so special between us....something that can not be found between anyone else. And because of it, we are so bless we have each other.

Submitted: May 22, 2012

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Submitted: May 22, 2012




Looking upon your beauty 
I am reminded of how wondrous it is
to have your presence before me.
Your smile which warms my heart so
and to hear your laughter 
brings about such joyous feelings to my soul
as all I can think about it you.
How I think of how close I feel with you
when I hold you so close to me,
gazing into the loveliness of your eyes 
wanting to be absorbed within them
and drown within their depth
to the pathway to your heart.
How I feel like I can tell you anything,
to share with you every secret within my soul
and no subject is ever to sacred or forbidden between us.

Oh my Lady I have always been an open book to you
willing to reveal everything I am so freely
never afraid of your judgment 
for I know that you cherish the man that I truly am
able to see what is beyond this mere flesh
into the spirit of the true person that I am
as  you open yourself to me
showing me the woman you are within your heart.
Showing you such respect, kindness and love,
never to judge who you are 
for there is no reason why I should.
Together I yearn to share my life with you
so that together we can experience
all that life has to offer us
and letting the bond of our love grow even stronger 
cherishing the bliss between us
forever and ever more.

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