Take Me Into Your Circle

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Take me into your circle my Witchy Woman and cast your spell of love on me.

Submitted: October 31, 2011

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Submitted: October 31, 2011




Oh my Witchy woman
take me into your circle
and enchant me with all that you are,
let me watch you dance around the fire
as you envoke such desires within my soul
and manifest the yearning for you.
Cast your passion upon me
as we reveal our innocence
and burning passion to each other
within this night.
Oh my Witchy Woman
you have cast a spell on me
and enticed me into your world
to the point where I can no longer resist you.
I give in to your beauty and love
letting you take me to a world of enchantment
as skin skin touches skin
and we our bound within each other arms
rhythmic passion
as our hearts ride upon the night wind
like spirits from the grave
and within the light of the full moon
our love making within this circle
is our vow of eternal devotion
and the true magic we envoke
is the love we share for each other
deep within our hearts.

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