The Darkening

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Something I have been working on for a while now. The horror side of me is back, Beware the never know what they hold.

Submitted: October 21, 2008

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Submitted: October 21, 2008



She stood on the sidewalk, her hands stuffed into the pockets of her sweatshirt. Green eyes looked upward towards the church. People were streaming in, talking and laughing with one another. The light emanating from the place, which held warmth pleading for her to come in. She wasn’t sure why she was so hesitant to go inside, after all this was her town too. Yet, the people around her always made her feel so much like an outsider. Not because of the way that she looked, but because of the fact that she had isolated herself for the longest time. Not wanting to talk to anyone or get involved as a matter of fact. That was the major point that she had to worry about. Michelle had gone through a bad relationship a year ago and swore to herself that she would never get involved with anyone ever again. And so far she was able to keep that promise. The only reason that she was out now was because she needed to get out of her apartment for a while and get some air. But in doing so, she started to feel that there was something watching her from the cold shadows of the night. Something that she was not sure about, but could swear that it was there. A cold October breeze slapped her face as she took a deep breath as started toward the church. She wasn’t sure what it could be that she was expecting to find in there, but something was drawing her toward it. The only thing that she could think about was wanting to get out of the cold night air for a moment before she started back to her apartment. She knew what was going on, for in this small town of Mokena there was no way anyone could not find out about some social event that was happening. Heck, the town was so small that everyone knew everyone else’s business; even of they didn’t want them too. That was the one thing that she hated about the town but knew to well there was nothing that she could do about it. As she made her way across the cobble stone path that lead to the front door of the church, she could feel the eyes of the people passing her, even though she didn’t look at them. She knew that the people in town thought that she was odd, a young woman like her, alone all the time, making it by with selling the works of art that she created. But the last couple weeks she found herself uninspired. Craving something that would bring back the creativity that she so desperately needed. The only thing was, she had no idea where it could be that she would find it. As she made her way up the wooden steps on the church, a woman with long blond hair, wearing a dark fur coat bumped her as she passed Michelle. She staggered, almost falling to the side, as her eyes stayed focused on her.
“You bitch.” she muttered under her breath as she watched the woman disappear into the crowd.
Michelle knew there was nothing that she could do about it, so she just let the disgust fade from her mind. Right when she got to the doors of the church, the night breeze blew passed her again, making her stop as she felt a chill run down her spine. It was right at that moment that she could swear that she heard something in the wind. Something that sounded as soft as a whisper, making it difficult for her to understand it. It was a voice, that much she was such about, but what it said was something entirely different. Just the sound of it though brought about a sense of fear that she had never felt before. Something that made her feels that something was coming for her. She instantly turned around and looked out into the night. But all that she could see was the empty street in front of the church and the looming dark shadows.
“Come on Michelle, you know that there is nothing out there. It is all in your mind. You are stressed out and now your mind is playing tricks on you. That’s all it is, nothing more that that.” a voice echoed in her head.
She had never had voices in her mind speaking to her before, but she knew that what it said was right. Still, there was some sort of ominous presence out there, she knew it. Hiding in the night, watching her… waiting for the right moment to strike. She just shook her head and turned to make her way inside. The only thing that she wanted right now was to forget about this feeling that she was having. That was if there really was a way for her to do that? Michelle hade her way toward the church, her hands staying within the pockets of her sweatshirt, as her eyes stayed focused in front of her. Refusing to look to either side of her, so that way she wouldn’t have to look at the faces of the people around her. Seeing the way they would look at her, as if she had just done something that was so horrifying that they couldn’t believe. Yet, her mind could not contemplate what it could be that she had done so horrible that the town would react this way. And she was not willing to let it bother her, for that strange feeling of something watching her still loomed around her. As she made her way across the cobble stone path, leading to the front of the church, that feeling was growing stronger with every step that she was taking. As if whatever it was, was getting closer to her. Ready to make its move on her, yet nothing did so far. She was a couple feet from the church doors, blending in with the few people that were walking in, as she thought about how they were probably talking about her in whispers. Right at that moment, a woman with blond hair, wearing a dark brown fur coat quickly passed by her, bumping her and almost knocking her down. Michelle knew the woman, everyone in this small town of Mokena did. Her name was Dana Woodall, one of the few people in town who was labeled as the upper class. Michelle glared at her with such disgust as she disappeared into the church.
“You bitch!” she thought.
But she just let the anger go in her, for she knew to well that there was nothing that she could do about it. At least for now there was nothing that she could do about it. Everyone seemed to be excited about something that was going on and it had to be something important to have a meeting at the church this late at night. Right before she got inside the church, she stopped suddenly as another breeze floated passed her. She turned and looked out at the darkened street, as if she had expected to see something there, but there was nothing there at all. She could swear that she could hear something in the breeze, something that sounded like a voice whispering to her. So soft that she was not sure what it was saying. But its tone was enough to send a chill down her spine, making her body paralyzed for a moment.
“This is crazy. There is nothing out there. It was just your imagination playing tricks on you, just like before. Get a grip on yourself Michelle.” a voice suddenly echoed in her head.
This was the first time that had ever heard a voice talking to her in her mind. Even though it scared her somewhat, she knew what the voice said was right, she had to get a grip on herself or she would lose it totally. She took a deep breath to calm herself down and then turned back around. Michelle made her way inside, and then started to make her way through the crowd. It was lucky that the church was big enough for something like this, or else they all would be pack in like sardines. She had no idea why she was headed to the front of the church, only that it was something she needed to do. As she did, she could feel the eyes of the people she passed on her. Watching her so closely, as if they expected her to do something inappropriate. This was the one thing that she would never do. She found herself unable to think straight, clouded by the multitude of random thoughts, which flooded her brain. She had never had something like this ever happen to her before. It got to the point where she started to believe that she was able to hear everything that everyone was saying. And because of it, Michelle wanted to scream from the pressure of it all. Yet, not a sound came from her lips. It was then she stopped, trying to regain her thoughts as she found herself wanting to figure out why she was really there. It was then that she saw him, standing a couple feet away from her, through the scattered crowd between them. The face of a man that she had not ever seen before, as her eyes stayed focused on him. His short brown hair, the medium build of his body made it impossible for her to turn her attention away from him. She had no idea who he was or why she was so drawn to him, only that this feeling was something that she could not ignore. She could feel her heart pounding wildly as her eyes widened with such excitement. Never before had she felt something like this for someone, especially for someone that she didn’t even know.
“Come on Michelle, you can’t be serious. You don’t even know who that guy is. For all you know he could be married or have someone.” the voice suddenly came back, in a low, soft voice.
“Shut up, just shut up! I have to meet him. I have to.” she thought.
“Why? Why is it so important for you to meet this man? Answer me that.” the voice said.
“I just have to. I just have to.” she thought.
The only thing that worried her was what she would say if she did meet him. Michelle wasn’t that good at starting a conversation with someone that she didn’t know. She had lived a life of isolation for the last two years after her boyfriend had left her for someone else. Staying within the small one bedroom apartment, working on her artwork, which she sold online, and within a few of the stores in town. Never really trying to talk to anyone, for she was afraid of being hurt again, like she was in the past. Still, there was something about this man that grew her to him. Something that she could not explain, for she had never felt something like this before. She noticed him slowly making his way to her, through the crowd as she became nervous. Her hands moved out of her pockets and rested at the sides of her body. She wasn’t sure if he was really coming toward her or not, only that this was the chance for her to talk to him. To have the chance to say something…. anything to him. As she watched him, she could hear the voice talking to her again in her head, but she just ignored it. At least she tried the best that she could.
“He’s probably just going to pass you by, just like everyone else has. The people in this town probably got to him, telling their lies about what they think you did. And because of that, he is not going to even acknowledge that you are there.” the voice said in a hurtful tone.
“Shut up already! I am not listening to you!” she thought as she tried to block the voice out of her mind.
He made his way to her, his hazel eyes looking at her as he smiled so warmly at her. Michelle found herself unable to even think of what to say as she smiled back at him, waiting to see what or if he would say anything to her.
“Hello. Glad you could make it.” he said kindly.
“Thank you. I am glad to be here. I don’t think I ever seen you around town.” she replied in a kind voice.
“Probably not. I just moved here a week ago. But it seems that my popularity got me noticed around here. I’m Mark Patel. I’m a writer and came here to work on my latest book.” he replied.
Right when he had said his name, she knew right away who he was. Mainly because she had read the stories that he had written and found herself fascinated by them. She had always been interested in horror and his work had a way of impressing her so much. She just couldn’t believe that he was standing in front of her, one of the few writers that she admired so much.
“I know, I read your work. You are really a talented writer.” she replied.
“I heard that you’re an artist.” he said in a curious tone.
“Yes, I am. Not the greatest in the world, but people seem to enjoy my work.” she replied modestly.
“I wouldn’t say that. I saw your artwork and think that you are very talented. I have been looking for someone to do some artwork for the cover of my next book. That is if you are interested?” he replied.
Michelle couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She never thought that she would have a chance like this to work with someone who was so well known as she was. For a brief second she just stood there in shock, unable to find the words to say. His eyes stared at her, waiting to hear what her reply would be. But she found herself lost within his face, feeling as if the world around them had suddenly vanished, leaving only them in silence. It was just an illusion of her mind, some romantic fantasy, but she couldn’t help thinking that. She took a beep breath as she tried to find the words to say to him.
“I would love to do that for you. I could really use the business.” she said smiling.
He smiled back, but before he could answer there was the sound of a large explosion that came from outside and then followed by something that shrieked 
in a ghastly, ungodly tone. The power of it practically shook the foundation of the church as everyone looked around in fear, not knowing what to do. Mark stood there with a calm expression on his face, looking around franticly.
“What was that?” she asked.
“I’m not sure and I really don’t want to find out.” he said in an uneasy tone.
Just the way that she heard him says that was not that reassuring to her. Still, for some reason she knew that whatever it was that was out there, had to be the reason that she had that strange sensation a moment ago. Of course she was not going to say anything about it, because everyone would think that she was crazy. It was then they heard the sound of the pastor Blizzard voice over the scared crowd. Trying to calm everyone down, so that no one would get into a panic.
“My friends…please we must remain calm. I am sure there is a logical explanation for what just happened. It could be nothing more than the local plant near here that exploded. We all know that the chemicals that they produce there are highly dangerous.” the pastor said in a stern voice.
“And what about that other sound we heard? How do you explain that pastor Blizzard? We all heard it and know to well that it was not part of the explosion.” Mark said in a confident tone.
“Mr. Patel, I don’t think that this is time for one of your ramblings of the supernatural, which you have become famous for in your writings. This is nothing more than a factory explosion which the local authorities will get under control.” the pastor said.
“What if he is right? What if there is something out there? We have all heard the legends about this town, about how there used to be something that came along and took the lives of so many people in the past. Whose to say that it hasn’t come back?” a woman’s voice from the crowd said in a scared tone.
Michelle had heard about the legends of the town too, but never really believed them. They were nothing more than ghost legends, which were meant to scare people away from certain areas of town, where the politicians didn’t want them to go. She figured that there had to be some sort of reasonable explanation for what was going on, that was if they would be able to find one. She looked at Mark who was puzzled by the mention of the legend and knew that he would be asking about it, The only thing was she wasn’t sure if she should say anything about it. But, just looking at him, she knew that she couldn’t lie to him.
“So what is about this legend that they’re talking about?” he asked.
“They said that at one time there was a woman who was a witch who the townspeople hung because of it. They say that she always used mirrors when she did her magic and that it was a portal to some dimension where she got her power. Right before she died, she swore that she would come back and take her vengeance on this town. And after she died they said every mirror that had been in her house turned as black as obsidian. When they buried her, they panted a tree by her grave so that her spirit would never be freed.” she started to say.
“So where is this grave? It should still be safe as long as the tree remains there, that is if the legend is true.” he said.
“I guess, but the grave was disturbed a couple years ago. Tore down the tree moved the grave, thinking it was nothing more than an unmarked grave. Since then, around this time of the year, strange things start happening. People disappearing…ending up dead, and no one knowing how it happens.” she said in a serious tone.
“So where was the grave originally?” he asked curiously.
For a moment Michelle just stood there in silence, afraid to tell him what he wanted to know. But she had already had said too much and knew that she could not hold back any more information from him. But how could she tell him what he wanted to know? Just thinking about it, brought about a sense of fear to her.
“The grave was originally right here…. where this church now stands. No one has claimed to witness anything strange happening here since it was built. But when it was being built a few of the construction worker had died on the site. They called it freak accidents.” she said.
“Great. So if the legend is true…we are all in big trouble right now.” he said and then looked over at pastor Blizzard, who was continuing to try and calm everyone down.
Michelle’s eyes continued to look at him, wondering if he thought that she was crazy for what she had said. Even though that was a ludicrous thing to be thinking it still stayed within her mind. Then her eyes looked passed him, to where she saw Dana Woodall starting at her with such contempt on her face. It really didn’t bother her, for she knew to well that Dana was hiding secrets from the town, which if found out would discredit her and ruin the excellent reputation that she had made for herself. Mainly the secrets that she was sleeping around with a few married men in town…one of them being the towns own pastor Blizzard. Dana knew that Michelle knew about it and that was why she always treated her with such hatred. That didn’t matter right now, what did was the fact that they had to figure out what it was that had made that sound. Michelle thought that it had to do with what she had felt outside the church, but really wasn’t sure about it.
“It is the curse! The spirit of the witch has returned and it is all her fault! We have Michelle Randolph to blame for this!” Dana screamed out.
“Don’t be talking such nonsense. There are no such things as curses. We are all just over-reacting.” Mark said instantly in defense.
Michelle could feel everyone’s stare growing even stronger now; as she started to wish that she had never came here. But something drew her in. Something that she was not sure about. Her eyes stayed on Mark, not believing that he was actually protecting her, when he didn’t even know her at all.
“Mark, I should get out of here. If I don’t there is only going to be trouble and you don’t need to get involved with it.” She said as a tear fell down her cheek.
“I’m already involved, and there is nothing that we can do about it..” he replied with a smile. “And anyway Michelle, it is too dangerous for you to go out there,”
She knew that he was right, but there was something deep in her soul that made her not really care. Wanting whatever that thing was to get her. Just so she could escape from the pain that the people in this town made her feel. Exhausted from fighting this battle that she knew to well she could not win. The only thing that was stopping her was Mark. There was something about him that made her want to listen to him, to trust him. His hazel eyes stared at her with such compassion, more than that which any other man had done. What he had said about something being out there though felt wrong to her. For she felt as if whatever had been out there was now here in this church with them. It was only a feeling, yet something that she knew to well that she couldn’t ignore. Mark looked at her with a curious expression on his face. As if he knew that there was something that she had on her mind.
“What is it Michelle?” he asked.
“I don’t think whatever made that noise is really outside….it’s in here. This is where the gravesite was, right underneath this building. So it would be safe to say that whatever this thing is, it’s in here with us.” Michelle said in a soft voice.
She expected Mark to look at her as if she was crazy, but he didn’t. His expression was blank, as if he didn’t know what to think. Before he could say anything, pastor Blizzard was yelling out to the crowd.
“People! People please, we have to remain calm. I have someone calling the authorities in my office right now. We will soon find out what is happening out there. Till then we have ton remain calm and not do anything to rash.” He yelled.
Mark took Michelle’s hand and started to take her through the crowd, to the front of the altar. He knew that if the crowd was going to do something, she couldn’t defend herself in the middle of them. They made their way to the side of the altar, near the door which led to the pastor’s office. That was just in case the crowd would become violent and decide to go after Michelle, they would have an escape.
“Why are you helping me? You don’t even know anything about me?” she asked.
“I know I don’t, but I would like to. There is something about you that drew me to you. I really don’t know what it is, but I want to know you. And right now, I might be the only one that can get you out of here safely….I hope.” He said looking at her.
Michelle was just about ready to say how much that touched her heart and how she felt about him. But before she could, there came a blood-curdling scream from beyond the doorway. Without thinking, they raced through the doorway, down the narrow hallway and into the pastor’s office. At first they didn’t see anything but a dark pool of blood that was near the back of the desk and lead to the mirrored wall on the opposite side. The air wreaked of the odor of rotted meat almost as they slowly started to move into the room. When they got closer, they noticed the mutilated body of a woman with short black hair, lying on the floor behind the desk. Her eyes opened wide with fear, mouth opened as if she would scream again, as the lower half of her body lye by the mirrored wall. The receiver of the phone swung like a pendulum over the side of the desk with the woman’s severed hand still gripping it. Just the sight of this made Michelle want to be sick, but she fought it as she slowly turned away. But she only turned part way, finding herself looking at the mirror curiously. For she couldn’t see their reflection in it. No, it was as black as sat clothe and almost seemed as if the surface of it was moving, the way the surface of a pond would. She wanted to say something, but the fear kept her from doing so. All she could do was to stand there, staring at it in somewhat of a trance. In her mind, so many questions ran through her brain, questioning her sanity. And it seemed that each one there didn’t seem to be any answers that she could find. She could hear the whisper again, the one that she had heard right before she had entered the church. But this time it was clearer, and she could make out what was being said. Come to me. Become one with me. Come to me now. It was the voice of a woman who she didn’t know, yet there was something about it, which drew her to it. Something that made it impossible for her to turn away from it. The black surface of the mirror seemed to move with waves that went with such rhythm, as the light from the room glimmered on it. Without her knowing, she was making her way to it, wanting to reach her hand out and touch it, so she would know that this was real. Right at that moment, she heard the sound of Mark’s voice yelling out to her.
“Michelle…get away from there.” He yelled.
Michelle backed away as she snapped out of the trance that she had been in. She looked at the strange black liquid surface of the mirror, then turned to Mark who was moving toward her. His wrapped around her, holding her close to him. He could feel her body shivering in fear as he tried to find the words to say.
“Are you alright?” he asked.
“I… I think so. What is that thing? I was just looking at it and the next thing I knew I was walking toward it. As if there was something in it that was taking control of me.” She said in a nervous tone.
“I don’t know, but whatever it is, or whatever is inside there was what killed that woman. I think we better get out of here, before that think decides to come back again.” He said.
“God almighty….Clara….Clara… What could have done this?” pastor Blizzard said.
“You knew her?” Mark asked.
“It was his wife.” Michelle answered in a lifeless tone.
“I’m so sorry pastor. But we can’t stay here. Is there another phone somewhere else?” someone asked.
But Blizzard didn’t reply, he just stood there staring at the mutilated corpse that once was his beloved wife. Tears rolled down his cheeks as his body shook in grief. Michelle knew that they had to get out of there. But also had to figure out what it could be that this thing was that had killed Clara…and stop it before it would kill again. It all seemed like some bizarre dream to her that she could not get out of. In a way she wished that it had been and she would wake up in her bedroom alone, knowing that she would be safe. Yet that was something that she knew to well would not happen. Right when they turned to walk out Dana Woodall walked into the room so forcefully, as if she was demanding to be informed about what was going on. Her eyes looked at Michelle with the same hatred again, as she slowly moved toward her.
“What did you do this time, Michelle? I know that you had something to do with what is going on around here.” She said in an angered voice.
“How could I when I was in the church with everyone else when we heard the scream. But if you are so eager to know what happened take a look for yourself.” Michelle replied in a sarcastic tone as she pointed to Clara’s mutilated body.
Dana took one look at the upper half of the corpse and screamed instantly. Her body staggered as she took a couple steps and then looked around the room at everyone.
“Did anyone call the police? My God…a woman has been brutally murdered and you all are just standing around doing nothing. I’ll call them myself.” She said in a forceful tone.
Before anyone could warn her of Clara’s severed hand still clinging to the receiver, Dana picked it up and looked at it in sheer horror. Everyone could see her eyes bulging in terror, her face turning pale white as she let it fall from her hand and then backed up. Unfortunately, the way she was moving, she was headed backwards to the strange black abyss. Tears flowing down her cheeks, making that perfect makeup that she wore now run and now making her look like some demented clown.
“Dana don’t back up you are headed right for….” Someone said…but never got to finish that sentence.
The strange black surface came alive the moment it sensed Dana coming toward it. Moving violently around as it formed some sort of hideous form that almost appeared to be a claw. Before Dana could even answer, her back arched as she let out a high pitched scream and her chest exploded, sending fragments of flesh, blood and bone scattering everywhere. Her body went limp, but still seemed to stand in an awkward way, being held up by the things monstrous limb. Then within an instant her body fell as if the limp supporting her body had become like water and she just fell through it. Dana’s corpse crashed to the floor, her face frozen with the expression of terror on it. Behind her, in-between her corpse and the strange black liquid surfaced mirror was her heart, resting on the floor in a pool of blood. And then the strange black liquid started to grow larger, stretching out over the walls, ceiling and floor. Instantly, they raced out of the room and down the hallway, toward the church. But before they reached the church, they could hear the sound of people screaming in terror.
“Oh my God, it’s got to them now.” Michelle said in a terrified tone.
“There is a back door down at the end of the hallway. Get out while you can.” pastor Blizzard said.
“What about you? You can’t stay here.” Mark said.
“I have to stay here and try to help out those who I can. I have a spiritual responsibility to this town.” the pastor said.
“But….you are going to die.” Michelle said.
Before he could answer he opened the door to the church and saw the black liquid consuming the people that were left in there. Bodies being ripped apart, as their scream filled the air and then were silenced. Pastor Blizzard knew there was nothing that he could do except the fate that as before him. He had to make sure that the other made it out alive, which meant that he would have to sacrifice his own life for it. He turned to them and yelled for them to run and get away as the darkness slowly closed in on him. For a moment he watched the small group racing down the hallway, being taken down by one, till only Mark and Michelle were left. Then he felt something large and sharp ripping into his back, moving deeper and deeper into him, till finally it pierced through his stomach. He screamed as the door closed and he knew now there was no escape for him. His death was unavoidable.
Mark reached the backdoor, holding Michelle’s hand tightly as he pushed the door open. Michelle didn’t look in back of her, not even when she heard the sound of the other people in the small group screaming in terror. For she knew that there was nothing that she could do about it anyway. And if she were to look back, she would have been frozen in fear, then her fate would be just like all the others. When they got outside, the cold air slapped their faces, bringing a sudden chill to their flesh. But it was something that Michelle thought that she would never have thought she would be so grateful to feel. They raced over to a black Range Rover and got in. As Mark started the engine, Michelle looked back at the church, seeing that strange black surface now starting to consume the outside of it and making its way to the ground.
“Let’s get out of here now!” Michelle screamed.
Mark answered by slamming his foot down on the accelerator, the car speeding off down the darkened road, as his hands gripped the steering wheel tightly. Michelle kept looking back, watching at the thing continued to grow, consuming everything within its path. Leaving it into nothing more than a blanket of flowing shiny black liquid. The engine raced faster and faster as they made their way to the town boarder. Knowing that would be the only way that they would be safe, or at least that was what they thought. Michelle looked at him with terror in her eyes, as her bottom lip quivered.
“We’re not going to make it…. are we?” she said in a shaky voice.
“We will make it! I promise you, we are going to make it!” Mark said in a stern voice.
His eyes focused hard on the road, not looking back and not slowing down that was until they had gotten far enough out of Mokena. Mark wasn’t going to take any chances, for after writing so many horror stories in his life, he knew he knew what would happen if he slowed down. And that was the one thing that he was not going to take the chance. After about twenty minutes they had crossed the towns boarder and a mile after that they had slowed down. Pulling over to the side of a dark and silent expressway, Mark looked at her with a relieved smile on his lips.
“We made it. We are finally safe.” Mark said.
“Yes we did, and I have you to thank for saving my life.” Michelle said as she leaned over and kissed him.
Their lips met in a moment of a tender embrace, Mark’s hand reached up and touched the side of her face, as she felt her heart beating wildly with a sensation that she thought that she could never feel again. Within seconds their embrace became more passionate, as they were enveloped within the moment of that kiss. As they pulled away, Mark gazed into her heavenly green eyes as they both started to giggle, like two school children who had a crush on each other. As they drove away, she moved closer to him, her head resting on his shoulder.
“There is one thing that I can’t figure out.” he said.
“What’s that Mark?” she said in a pleasant voice.
“Why was it that all those people disliked you so much? What could you have done to make them do that?” he asked.
“Well….” she started to say and then hesitated for a moment. “It really isn’t what I did. It was something that a family member did a long time ago, that the town could never forgive.”
“And what was that?” he asked in a worried tone.
“That witch that I told you about who caused all this….she was my ancestor. I am related to her. And they thought that I was a witch too. Just because I always kept myself isolated and away from everyone.” she said.
Mark just sat there, his eyes staring at the road as he tried to think about what he was going to tell her. But nothing came to him.
“You’re not a witch though….are you?” he asked.
“No, I’m an artist…just like you heard. And ….”she said and then hesitated again. “I can’t believe I am saying this….I think I love you.”
“I think I love you too.” he replied smiling and looking at her for a brief instant.
They made their way to the next town, checked into a motel and stayed there for a couple weeks. Not telling anyone about what they had witnessed… and to make sure they were safe, they took down and covered all the mirrors in the room. Just in case whatever it was that had devoured Mokena wanted to come after them. It never did though. The news about the bizarre destruction of the small town made the news on the radio, television, and newspapers everywhere. Everyone asking what could have happened to this quiet small town that would cause such an act like this? For you see the whole town had been turned into nothing more than piles of smoldering ashes. Not even one body had been found and no clues to what could have started this at all. Of course Mark and Michelle knew, but they were not even going to utter a word about it. For who would believe them? In time they would forget that event that had brought them together, as they started a new life with each other. Sometimes it is better for someone to let go of the past than to hold onto it. For it will only end up in your own destruction.

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