The Haunting

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A nightmare which I had for a while and in a way an encounter with a ghost I had.

Submitted: January 18, 2017

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Submitted: January 18, 2017




Within the ten years which I’ve lived within this house, I never thought that I would ever discover something so strange, that I wouldn’t be able to explain. But there was something here within the shadows of the house, within every shadow of the room, which made me feel that it was watching me, waiting for the right moment to make itself be known. Even though I wanted to believe it was nothing more than my own imagination, but something deep within my soul made it difficult for me to really believe that. My wife, Leandra (Lee to me and a few of her friends) would tell me that this was nothing more than my vivid imagination which plagued my mind. But, I knew it was something so much more than that…something which I knew that I couldn’t explain right now.

It all started a couple weeks ago, but when it did, it was nothing really that noticeable…or that would draw my attention to. Even Lee really didn’t take any attention to it, at least at first. But, as time went by, there was something there which made itself be known, something which brought about a sense of such dread to my soul, to the point which I couldn’t take for too long.

Tonight, I found myself sitting within the living room alone, the only sound which I could hear was the ticking from the grandfather’s clock, sounding like a horrid mechanical heart. My attention tried to stay on the novel which I was reading, but there was something else which seemed to be bothering me. As if there was something which was watching me from somewhere within the shadows of the room. No matter how ridiculous it seemed to me, it seemed to be the only thing which made the most logical sense. That was if there was any true logic to be found with it. That was if there was any to really be found, which I longed to find. My hands gripped the sides of the book, the words becoming blurred to my eyes, as something seemed to grip my very soul. Feeling my breath become heavy and rapid, making my heart pound so hard that I thought it was going to explode through my chest. A feeling which I never thought that I would ever feel. My hands gripped the sides of the arms rests, fingertips digging into the leather fabric of the surface, as the sensation of what I was feeling continued to grow stronger against my skin. What the hell is happening to me? A question which I really didn't know the true answer to.

Through the silence, I could hear the soft and faint sound of a voice which seemed to come from somewhere within the house. Not sure, what it could be that I was hearing, only that there was something there that was something which was making its way to me. My eyes stayed focused in front of me, while my mind continued to try and fight off the fact that this was something which it was impossible for me to do. The more I sat there, the stronger the torture of it grew within my soul. How I wanted to get up and find out not only where the sound was coming from, but also what it could be. Still, there was something deep within my soul, which made it impossible for me to move or find the courage to really go and do it. Not knowing what it could be that I would find when I did. Still, it was the only thing which I could do, unless I wanted myself to sit there and let the madness get to me.

“This is's only my imagination. Nothing more than that.” I whispered under my breath.

I kept repeating the same thing repeatedly, probably hoping that I would believe it. Yet, there was something within my soul, which refused to believe that... knowing this was something which was so much more that my mind probably wouldn't be able to comprehend. The only other sound which I could hear was the ticking of the grandfather’s clock, softly echoing in the air. Still, the faint voice was the one thing which I found myself focused on. Not able to know what it could be that was said, but finding myself wanting to know what it could be. How I wished that Lee was here with me, not only to see if she would be able to hear it as well, but to calm me down from this madness which I was feeling. Yet, that was something which wouldn't happen for a couple hours. The only thing was, I started to wonder if I wanted her to come to whatever it could be that was trapped within this house? Even though I had no idea what it could be that was here, the feeling that it was evil pressed against my soul. A feeling which I had always written about, but never thought I would ever really experience. Now that it was there, I had no idea what it could be that I could do to escape from it. For what I wrote about, so many times, was nothing more than my own morbid imagination that I used to write about. And it was the one thing which brought about a name to me within the literary world. Now though, this was something which I knew wasn't going to help me right matter what it could be that was waiting for me here. Something which I needed to discover and find out the reason. It seemed like the most logical thing to really have, still there was that doubt which burned within me. This is crazy. I must prove that this is nothing more than my imagination. The only thought which I kept trapped within my mind, to bring about the courage I needed to push myself to get up and look around the house. If.... no, when I do look around the house, I would, for I knew that I needed to do this, I would keep the lights on in each room. At least, for a short time, for I knew this thing probably lived within the shadows. No thing to haunt me. I felt as if I was a child that was afraid of the dark. The only thing was, I wasn't a child and it wasn't the darkness that I was afraid of.... only what it was that could have been existing within it. In a way, I was hoping to drive it see what it could be that I was dealing with. Even though I had no idea what it could be that I would do next... but does anyone really know what they would do next in a panicked or stressful situation?

After going through every room of the house, even the closets and under the bed and seeing nothing there, I went through another round to turn the lights off. The only lights which I left on was the small kitchen light above the stove, the dining room and the living room. For a moment, I stood there in the archway between the living room and dining room, looking around me. As if I expected to see something to appear, whatever it could be that was the voice I heard. All that I wanted to know, was to know this was not my imagination...that it was true. But, if it's true, then what would I do?  That was the one thing which I knew there was no real answer to. Still, I knew that I had to do this, and whatever it was that I would find, I would deal with.

It was then I heard the voice came back again, sending a chill down my spine, stiffening my soul and making it unable for me to move. That was something which I really didn't want to happen. To be paralyzed in fear was probably the one thing which this thing which it would want. This time, the voice was more clear, knowing that it was the sound of a child's voice...a little girl...crying in terror. My eyes darted around me, hoping.... praying that I would find this find the girl there. Even though, that was something which seemed impossible, because I was alone in the house and all the doors were locked. So, how could it be that I was hearing a girl's voice, crying? Lee and I never had kids, because we couldn't have it wasn't our own. Just hearing it, brought about something which made me want to know what it could be that was there.

“Who are you?  Show yourself.... let me see who you are!!!!” I said in a demanding voice.

For a moment, the crying stopped and the only sound which I could hear was the sound of the ticking of the grandfather's clock and my rapid, panicked breathing. My attention darted around me again, expecting to see some little girl near me.... even though it seemed so illogical to me. Now though, the only thing which I could do was to wait and see what come, even though I really didn't want to discover it. The only thing was, I knew that I had matter what. When I looked for a second time, I noticed a little girl, who looked about five, in a pink summer dress, standing there before me. Her head was lowered to the floor, hearing her crying, her body flinching in sorrow as she remained there motionless.  Her hands covered her face, as she continued to cry in such sorrow and terror.

“Who are you? What are you doing here? Can you speak to me?” I asked.

For a moment, the only thing which I could hear, was the girl's sobbing, her body shivering in such sorrow and fear...not knowing what else I could be waiting for me. I wanted to go to the girl, but there was something which kept me away from doing it. Knowing that, within any horror story or movie, the worst thing to do was to go to someone, which you had doubt about. But this was reality.... or at least that was what I thought it could be. Still, I found myself at a cross road, where I wouldn't be able to know what I was supposed to do. Yet, there was nothing that came to me that was except the lines from a Robert Frost poem. … two paths verged into one....and I took the one less traveled....and made all the difference.  The only thing which I wasn't sure about was what path that could be.  And if that could really deal with me. If there was any meaning with what was happening to me. Deep down in my soul, there was...but what was the other walk away from this? That was something I couldn't do...for Lee would walk into it. So, all that I could do was to face what was before me.

“Are you alright? Who are you? What are you doing here?” I asked in a calm voice.

“You have to leave before he comes and takes you. “the girl's voice echoed within the air around me. “He is hiding in the shadows and waiting to come forth.... the bad man in black.”

“Who? Who is he? “I said and then hesitated for a moment. “Tell me, who is the man in black?”

The girl didn't say anything in response, her head continued to stay lowered as if she was afraid to answer me for some reason. My attention stayed focused on her, unsure of what she was saying to me. There was something about this little girl, which seemed so familiar to me, even though I never seen her before. I could hear her sobbing, which echoed around me. I wanted to say something else to her, but my fear kept me from doing so. Practically choking me where no words or even breath could come to me. Just knowing she said someone is waiting in the shadows to take me, was something more than I could really handle. For some reason, I needed to see the little girl's face, to see who she was, even though I didn't know why. Something inside of me didn't want to see her face. Still, I needed to really be aware of who she was.

“Can you look at me? Tell me who you are?” I finally could ask as I started to approach her.

Even though I knew it was a bad idea, I couldn't resist the temptation to know who she was. That and how she got in here as well, that was if she would be willing to reveal that. The only thing which I could do was to wait and see what would happen. My eyes continued to stare at her, waiting to see what her response would be...if any at all. In a way, I could feel such a terror burning within my soul, that to the likes which I never felt before. The only thing which I could hear was the same thing which she had said before. Who this man in black could be, was something which I really couldn't comprehend...yet, wanted to know who it could be. When she said it the first time, I could feel myself wanting to just run out of the house and never return. But, Lee would come home to it and it would take her, which was something, which I knew I couldn't let happen.  No matter what, I had to stay here, to protect my beloved wife from whatever this thing could be. To face it and hopefully send it back to whatever hell it came from. Even though, I had no idea how I would do that. The only thing which I could do was to wait and see what would come about for me. That was the only. Even though deep within me I wanted to know what the truth could be.

“Can you tell me who the man in black is? You don't have to be afraid, I won't let him get you.” I said in a slightly calm voice.

For a moment, the only sound which I could hear was the ticking of the grandfather's clock and the sudden sound of my heavy, almost panicked breathing. Why I was feeling this way, I wasn't sure, because there seemed to be no real threat to least not yet.  The only thing I could concentrate on was to find out what it could be that was happening in this house and what this girl was warning about to me.

“Please, tell me what you know about this man in black. I want to know, you have to tell me.” I said in more a demanding voice.

“Why do you want to know of him? If you know his name, then he will come and take you to his dark place. Please, don't make me say his name.... I don't want him to get me.” she said in a terrified voice.

“He won't get you...I promise. Help me, please. Is he the one that is haunting this house? Is he the one that I have felt for the last couple months?” I asked.

For a moment, the girl just stood there in silence, her body shivering within fear as I could hear her crying again. It seemed to echo around me, bringing me to the point where I couldn't take it any longer. I had to know what it could be that she was afraid to tell me. But no matter what. I was determined to know what I was asking.... no matter what cost it would be.

“Yes, he had been watching you. Because, you are a story teller and wants to come into your world through your written words.” she said and then hesitated for a moment, as if she was afraid to continue.

“You have tapped into the darkness of the other world and because of it, he has come to you.”

“And what if I don’t do what he wishes? What if I reject him and cast him back to the hell he came from?” I asked.

“You can never do that, because of what your words portray, the evil of the world he comes from, grows stronger. You have no idea who this man is.... he is evil and strong.  He is...” she started to say.

“He is the devil...or not him.... but a demon.” I said suddenly.

“I.... I don't know what he scares me. Please, don't let the evil man come back. He will take me to that dark place where he came from. “she said in a terrified voice.

For a moment, I stopped and stood there watching her, unsure what she was going to do next. The one thing which I found myself wanting to know that which I needed to hear. That was if there was a chance for me to know the truth. That was, if there was any truth to really be found.  There was still one question which, I needed to ask.... that I needed her to make come true. The only thing was, I wasn't sure if this woman would do that for me. For it seemed that she was afraid of whatever this man in black truly was. Still, there was one thing which I needed to see, something which I needed her to do.

“Show me your face, do it now!” I said in a demanding voice.

The girl said nothing, her body remained motionless for a moment, as the sound of the child' crying continued to echo around me, making me want to go to her and comfort her. Damn, my kind heart! But, something deep within me which I knew I wasn't sure if I really would want to hear the truth which she would tell me. That was is she would do that at all. Even though I, needed to know what she looked like, there was still something which I was afraid of.

“Do you really want me to reveal myself?  Is that what you want?” the girl said in almost an angered tone.

At first, I really wasn't sure how I should really respond, but knew I had to say something to this girl. The only thing which I wasn't sure what it could be. Deep in my soul, I found myself wanting to say that this was driving me to the point of madness, but that would be something which this thing could use against me. A weakness which it could pray upon that I didn't want to let happen. Still, my curiosity burned so great that I couldn't resist it.

“I want to me.” I found myself saying.

The girl let out a sudden, wicked laugh, which hung heavy upon the air in the room. I stood there unsure if what I wanted from her was the what I really wanted. Yet, I knew there was no way that I could back down from what I demanded from her. And now, she was going to reveal the one thing which I wanted to know.... at least, one of the few things which I wanted to know.

Slowly, her head started to raise, as I found my heart racing so hard that I thought it would explode through my chest. Her head had been lowered, the long dirty blond hair covering her face, when she removed her hands from her face. But now, her head slowly lifted, wanting to reveal the truth of who she was. Which now, I wasn't sure if that was something that I really wanted or not. It was too late for me to really worry about it, because it was something which I really couldn't change now. When she looked at me, her eyes were nothing more than two black pits, the skin of her face was a deadly ghost white...which seemed so lifeless...and cold. Even though, I was terrified by her sight, there was a sense of pity as well for her. I wasn't sure who this girl was, but knew her demise had been because of the one she called the man in black. Streams of dries blood ran down from the corners of her eyes, resting on her cheeks, as her lips showed such a wicked grin. Something which made me want to believe that she knew something that I wasn't aware of just yet. How I wanted those decaying lips to speak the words which I longed to hear...the truth which she held within her. For a moment, she said if she was keeping a secret from me, something so dark that she really couldn't reveal it to me. But why? That was the one thing which I really didn't know right now. The only thing which I could do was to wait and see what would come about.

"He did this to me...damned me to this eternal hell, which he will with you as well. That is unless you escape now...get out of this place, before it's too late." she said as dark blood flowed from her opened lips.

How I wanted to follow that advice, to just run out of this house and leave it all behind. But there was Lee to think about. Knowing that she would walk into this nightmare and whatever this man in black was, would take her. That was something which I knew I couldn't let happen, no matter how terrified it could be that my soul felt. The girl kept repeating the same thing a couple times, as if she was trying to push me into the pits of madness. The one place which, I knew that I couldn't let myself fall into.... for if I did, then I would never return.  Or at least that was something which I really wasn't sure about...or if it would really be true. My body shivered in such fear, not knowing what it could be that was coming to me.

"Was this girl, right? Was there something which was waiting to take me?" I thought.

That thought kept running through my mind, making it impossible for me to think of anything else. Slowly, I turned away from her, trying to get some logical thought to come to my mind. Not knowing what it could be that was happening to me...only that I wanted it to end. To escape from this nightmare which I had fallen into. That was if there was a way for me to do that.

When I looked back at where she was, the girl had the sudden sound of her screaming echoed around me. With such a high-pitched tone that I felt that I would have fell to my knees in such weakness from it. Still, there was something more which I could feel, that brought about such fear within my soul. Something which I never felt before and never thought I could even feel.

Before I could even gasp, I could hear the girl scream, which was silenced suddenly. The only other sound which came was that a man’s voice, laughing so wickedly. Slowly, I started to back away, even though I had no idea where it was coming from. Its voice was low and so unforgiving, to the point I could feel it ripping through my very soul. What it could be that was coming to me, was something, which I really didn’t know what could be. My head was throbbing in such pain suddenly, with such intensity that I thought my head was going to explode from it. How I wanted to scream, and yet not a word or a sound came from my lips. My arms wrapped around me, trying to stop the shaking which my body did wildly. How I didn’t like it when this happened to me, which hadn’t happened since my divorce years ago, But, it had never brought about such illusions as this. Which was something I could never control...probably never could, if I tried.

It was then I heard the man’s voice, so clear that I could swear that the man was next to me. At first, it was nothing more than a soft whisper, so close to me that I would be able to feel his breath upon my skin. Yet, it mumbled something which I couldn’t figure out, which I was probably would be thankful that I couldn’t. Still, it’s presence was so strong that I couldn’t matter how hard I tried. Within a few breaths, the man’s voice became clear, for me to be able to comprehend what this thing was saying.

“You thing that you can defeat me.... that you know of true nightmares? You have not seen anything until now, you fool.” the man’s voice echoed around me.

“Who are you? What do you want from me?” I asked in terror, as I remained there knelt on the floor.

For a moment, all that I could hear was the silence around me, except for the wicked sigh which he let out. Just from the hear of it, sent a chill through my soul, stiffening my body and making it impossible for me to move at all. How I wanted to look up and see who it could be that was looking at me, but the terror kept me from doing that. I had no idea why that could be, but it was something which loomed over me. No matter what though, I knew that I had to find the strength to see the evil which was before me. For, only when I face it will I be able to defeat it. That was, if there was a way that I could ever do it.

After a couple seconds, when I could control my breathing and calm myself down, I could feel the rage burning within me. Not only the rage of whatever this thing could be, but the protection of my beloved Lee as well. Not wanting her to walk into whatever nightmare this thing could have waiting for her.

Slowly, my body stood erect, my hands gripping tightly into fists, as I raised my head to see what this thing could be. Even though fear was still there within my soul, there was still something which made it impossible for me to ignore. I needed to see the face of this demon...of who it could be that was haunting me. And in doing so, find a way to defeat it.... that was if there was a way to really do so.

When I looked in front of me, there stood a man dressed in black, the collar of his treanch coat lifted up and pressing against the skin of his neck, while the black Puritan hat that he wore slightly hide hia identity. His arms rested by his sides, almost like a gun slinger ready for a shoot out at high noon, like in those old western movies.

“If you thnk you can take me, then do it! Don’t just threaten me with your idol words, prove it.” I said in such rage.

In a way, I felt that was something which I would regret saying, even though my rage really didn’t let it comsume me, or at least I thought it didn’t. My eyes looked around me, just wanting to know what it could be that this stranger in black wanted from me. Even thinking about it, brought about a sense of terror which I never thought that I could ever feel. He just stood there, his head down as the rim of his puritan hat covered his identity. Even though I had no idea who this stranger was, the terror burned within my soul...stronger than anything which I ever felt before. All that I could do was to wait and see what this man would say or even do. I stood there motionless, not finding any way for me to really escape from the trance which I found myself in. The only thing, which I could do was to wait and see what the stranger would do, if anything at all.

“Who... Who are you?” I asked.

For a moment there was nothing more than the sound of silence and then the sound of it sighing as if in frustration from what I said. I needed to know the truth, to know what it could be that I was facing. But, the one thing which I wanted the most was to see the face of the person (if it was a person at all), that was before me. My attention stayed focused on him, unsure of what he was going to do, yet in my soul I knew there was a reason for him to be here, which I was happen for the stranger to reveal.

“What is it you want to know?” the stranger asked.

“Why are you here? Why are you haunting me?” I asked without thinking.

There was a brief moment, where all I could hear was his heavy breathing as he stood there, his slowly lifting up, revealing his identity. When I saw his face, I could feel my body shivering in terror, as my mind couldn’t believe what it was that was before me. The man’s face was that of a rotten corpse, the scars and decomsoed flesh handing off its face, brought about a sudden rush of terror within my soul. His eyes were nothing more than two dark pits staring directly at me. Its mouth opened, as the brief liquid of blod and maggots which existed within it, flowed out of its mouth. The odor of an ancient death seemed to filled the air around me, as I tried to keep the strength...the courage to face this demon. I needed to know what it could be that this thing could want from me, why it was here.

There was somthing about those dark pits which brought about such terror within my soul...outside of the shock the first sight of it. Making me wonder what it could be that I was dealing with...what I was entering into? But, that was more which I couldn’t comprehend...something which I needed to know that I wasn’t sure what it could be. All that I couls think about was wanting to find this thing to get back to the normal life which I had with Lee, that I charished so much.

He didn’t try to approach me, as it there was something which he... or it, was concerned about. It stared so intensely, that I felt his stare was burning through my soul. Not a word was spoken from his dead, decrepide lips, except for the wicked laughter which I could hear from him.

“Who... Who are you? What do you want?” I finally found the strength to speak.

The specter just stood there in silence, its laughter continued to echo within the air as its decrepit hand raised up, pointing at me. Even without it speaking a word, I could feel the terror burning within my soul, stronger than I ever felt before. How I wanted to hear its voice, no matter what it could be that it would tell me, or how I would regret it.  I needed to know the truth …. if this was real, or just something which my demented imagination had created. Yet, there didn’t seem to be any real answer which I could find, at least that was what I believed. In a way, I wanted to scream, but the fear kept me from making a sound.  Tell me what you want, you son-of-a-bitch! Tell me, so I know what the hell to expect!  That was the only thought which I had running through my mind, which I wanted to find closure with.

“Sinner!!!!” it’s wicked voice suddenly said.  “Now, you must pay for your sins?”

I had no idea what it could be this specter was talking about, for there was nothing I really made me a sinner. At least, not out of the normal things which anyone did, who lived a normal life. So, what could it mean by that? The only thing which I really wanted to know, but seemed to be no answer to be found. At least, that was what I thought.  

Before I could think about what to say next, the specter moved across the floor. The only thing was, it didn’t seem to walk, but floated about the floor, like mist over the ground. I wanted to run away, but the fear had paralyzed me from doing that. Paralyzed in such terror, which I had never really thought I could feel. What this thing was going to do to me, was something which my mind couldn’t comprehend. The smell of death grew stronger as it approached me….an ancient death which no one has ever felt before. When it stood in front of me, I found myself staring into the black pits of what was its eyes, as its decomposed hand reached out, gripping my neck and squeezing tightly. I gasped to breath, trying to pull it off me.  But my attempts were futile and I knew that this thing would bring death to me. The only thing which I could think about was of my beloved Lee, how I wished that I had told her that I loved her one last time.

It was then I could hear the girl’s scream echoing around the room, as the entity loosened its grip, as it looked around the room as it looked around the room in an almost frantic motion. I had no idea what was happening and in a way, I really didn’t care. For it was my chance to escape, that was if I really could.

Instantly, I broke away from its grip and raced to the other side of the room.  I was about to make my way to the front door, when something made me stop and turn to look at it.  When I did, it slowly vanished, like a dream when you wake up, never to remember it. But, I knew too well, this was something much more than a dream …. something which was a warning for us to leave this place forever. 

It was then I heard the front door unlocking, as I was trying to catch my breath. Watching as the last of the entity vanished before my eyes, letting out one last horrid scream. She would have to hear that…. She would have to. Which was the last thought running through my mind, as my body collapsed to my knees. I could hear the door opening and the sound of Lee’s voice, even though I had no idea what she said.  Only the panic and fear in her voice which I remembered, before my sight became black. That and the feeling of my body hitting the carpeted floor and Lee crying out to me…. saying only one thing.

“No Mark…. stay with me.  Please stay with me!!!!! “her voice called out in such terror.

The next thing I knew, I found myself laying within a hospital bed, with Lee sitting next to me, her eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep and crying. When she had seen my eyes open, she stood up and stood by the side of the bed. Leaning down and kissing my lips. I wanted to talk to her, but found myself too weak to do so. Yet, the feel of her gentle, loving kiss was something which I knew that I needed to feel right now. How I wanted to tell her not to go back to the house, to stay away…to stay at a motel room…or her mother’s place. But I was too damn weak to speak in nothing more than a whisper and only speak a few words.

“Baby, what happened to you. I found you with bruises on your neck, like someone was trying to strangle you. Was it a break in? Tell me…. please.” She begged as she sobbed.

“Don’t …. go…. back….to…house, Evil there…. will hurt you.” I tried to say in my weakened condition.

“Okay Mark…. whatever you want.” She said in an uncertain voice.

“Promise me.” I said as I gripped her hand and showed the terror within my eyes.

For a moment, Lee just looked at me, not knowing what to really say to me. I could see the uncertainty she was feeling…thinking that I had gone mad…that I lost all sense of reality. But, there was still a part of me, which knew she was aware I was telling her the truth.

“Alright Mark, I will stay with my mother until you get out of the hospital. I was going to do it, because I want to be close, in case something happens.” She said and then hesitated in regret for what she said. “I love you, baby. Get stronger so you can come back to me.”

My eyes stayed focused on her, seeing a tear running down her cheek, which she was trying to hide. How I wished that I could have had the strength to hug her and feel her body against mine. Just to feel that would have eased my confused and weakened mind. Yet, that was something which wouldn’t happen... at least not now. Or at least, wanting to reach up and touch the side of her face, just to the contact of her skin against mine. That was the one thing I longed for the most. Without making a motion, she gently grabbed my hand and lifted to the side of her face, her eyes looking at me so d lovingly. Pressing my hand against her face, and then kissed the palm of it. When she lowered it back down to my side, she leaned over and kissed me once again.

“Honey, we got the house in California…. We can move in after you get out of the hospital. Isn’t that great?” she said smiling.

All I could do was to nod briefly as my eyes stayed focused on her and then for some reason looked beyond her. In the doorway, I could see the man in black standing there, nothing more than a silhouette, but I knew it was him. The terror came back within my soul as my heart raced and my breath became rapid. I wanted to warn Lee to turn around, hoping that she would turn around. But I knew that there was no way she would ever see it, for spirits and demons would never let themselves be known to anyone that that didn’t want too.

It was then I felt the gentle touch of a small hand on my right arm, gripping me enough to let me know its presence. When my eyes glanced over to my right, I could see the little girl standing there by my side. Her eyes staring at me so lovingly and innocent, yet there was a fire in those eyes, which I only had seen when Lee was angry about something.

“The bad man won’t get you, I promise you that. Daddy, I love you and I will be back with you soon.” She said softly.

“Daddy?” I thought and then a sudden sense of shock filled my soul. “It’s can’t be you… no. it can’t be.” 

“Yes daddy, it’s me. I will be you soon. “she said.

It was then that I realized who the little girl was, she was the unborn child which Lee and I tried to have and lost five months into her pregnancy. Knowing that would be a girl we were going to call her Emily.  And when we lost her, Lee went through such depression that she wanted to leave me because of it. Thinking that she had disappointed me because she couldn’t give me a child. But, the only thing that I care about was of my beloved wife and to help her through this hard time. Which I had done and we moved on with our lives. Yet, deep in my soul, I knew that we would have a child again and if it was a girl…I would name her Emily.

My eyes glanced back at the silhouette in the doorway, watching it fade away, like smoke in the air and then looked back at the girl. Even though her lips didn’t move when she spoke, I could hear her voice.

“Please daddy, leave that house...don’t you and mommy stay there. I want to be with you. I love you both.” She said as the image of her started to fade.

“I love you Emily and my God’s grace you will be with us soon. That I promise.” I thought.

“Honey, what are you looking at?” Lee asked worried as she leaned to me to hear my response.

I told her it was nothing and then asked her how fast can she get us packed us to move After I get out of this hospital. She said that it would be as soon as I was strong again, but only when I’m strong enough. Till then we would spend the time I needed to heal at her mother’s house. It was something which I really didn’t want, not to put the burden on her, but knew it was better than reliving the I nightmare I went through.

We had moved six months later to a house in California and started a new life together. I never spoke to her about what had happened that night, back in the old house. Even though at first, she had insisted in knowing what happened to me, I remained silent about it. For I didn’t want to relive that nightmare, for I wasn’t ready. A year after we moved there, Lee gave me a beautiful daughter, which we named Emily, Lee knowing why. And then six month after that, I started writing these words…to finally put the demon to rest. And, to let my daughter know that her past life, no matter how brief, saved us from death and damnation.




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