The Haunting Dream

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Just when she thought that the nightmare was over when she woke up, it returned.

Submitted: June 05, 2008

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Submitted: June 05, 2008



This was nuts! The handle was protruding out of his chest and warm blood oozed down her hand as she kept the blade inside him. What was he made of? His eyes penetrated her soul as her gaze never left his ebony eyes. He lean body stood firm and fighting for his life didn’t seem important to him. He grabbed her firm grip and started to wrench her fingers free. She tried with all might to fight him off, to keep the blade inside him. But he was too strong for her and there was no way she could continue to hold onto the handle. Once he had her hand free, he shoved her backwards with such force. She landed on the floor, her back hitting the side of the light brown dresser. She could feel the pain surging through her spine, her hand reached in back of her holding it. Her eyes looked up, seeing him start to come toward her. That damn handle still sticking out of his chest, as she found him now towering over her. It was now that she realized how wrong she was to let this stranger pick her up. But now it was too late for her to worry about that. The only thing that she was aware of was that there was no way she would ever leave this motel room alive.
As he stood in front of her, he had muttered something, which she could not make out. That wasn’t what worried her; it was that wild, crazed look in his eyes that paralyzed her body in such terror. She wanted to beg him not to kill her, but knew that would not do her any good. His hand reached over for the handle and then pulled the knife slowly out of his chest. He let out a horrid scream as he continued to pull the knife out of his chest. His head tilted back, till finally he held the bloody knife in his hand. His eyes looked down at her, blazing with such hatred that made it impossible for her to move at all because of her fear. His hand rose up gripping the blood soaked knife, while with his other hand he reached down and gripped her neck lifting her mercilessly to her feet. Her hands reached up, trying to pry his off of her, but it was no use. Even with one hand this man had the strength that she had never experienced before. His hand continued to lift her, till she was off of her feet, dangling helplessly before him. She wanted to scream, but found herself just having the difficulty trying to catch her breath. There was nothing that she could do, she was naked and defenseless to whatever this man would do with her next. The one thing that she knew was that she would never leave this motel room alive. How she regretted agreeing to come with him to this room for a moment of pleasure. If this was his idea of pleasure, she knew that she wouldn’t survive. The only reason that she had stabbed him with the knife, hoping that she would have the chance to escape from this room. Even though she would have been naked when she would be running out of it and onto the lain street, it would have been a lot better than this. With one motion of his hand he hurtled her body to the bed and then pinned his body on top of hers. Running the side of the blade across the cheek of her face, smearing his blood on her, as he felt her body shivering in terror. She wanted to speak, yet found herself unable to do so. A tear ran down her cheek as she stared up at his wicked face. She knew that her death was inevitable, no matter what she would be able to do. Even when she closed her eyes, she could still feel the blade scratching over the flesh of her breasts, moving down to her stomach.
“Please… Please don’t.” she begged in a terrified voice.
But her begs of mercy was heard on deaf ears. The only answer that she had received was his wicked laughter. She could feel the tip of the blade cutting her flesh, sending a surge of agonizing pain flowing through her veins. While the warmth of her blood streamed down her body.The feel of that cold steel ripping her flesh, which fed the agony that she, became enveloped in. Again and again she felt him cutting her, as she thrashed her head from side to side. He sat on top of her, his weight pushing down on the waist. She opened her eyes, seeing him sitting on top of her. His hand holding the bloody knife above her chest, the blood dripping onto her now scared flesh. His breath now deep and rapid, as his eyes filled with the madness that consumed him. Then he lowered the knife down, cutting off the nipple of her left breast. She screamed out in both agony and terror, no longer able to hold back the pain she was feeling. Her back arched, as the blood streamed from her breast. And then she felt the blade cut into her, between her breasts. Gasping for breath, as she let out one final scream.
The next thing that she knew she found herself sitting up in her bed. Her naked flesh coated in sweat as her heart pounded so hard she thought it was going to burst out of her chest. The shadows in her bedroom growing darker as it seemed to reach out for her. Her eyes were wide with fear, as she looked around her franticly. When she realized that she was in her bedroom, she sighed as she let her body fall back down on the mattress. In her mind, the dream she had slowly started to fade from her memory. The one thing that she knew was that she would never forget was his eyes. Those dark eyes that had penetrated through her soul when he had first looked at her. But it was nothing more than a dream, something that didn’t mean anything to her. Or did it? That was the one thing that she was not sure about. The dream, (if that was what she could call it) seemed so real that she swore that she could still feel the stranger’s hand gripping her throat. Could still feel his blood upon her hands and hear his wicked laughter echoing all around her. But most of all, she could still feel the blade of that knife cutting through her flesh, the surging agonizing pain that seemed relentless to her…. It was a dream … Nothing more than a dream…. But how could she convince herself of that? Her mind still believing that it was something more, something that had happened to her. Yet, it couldn’t have happened to her. For if it had, she would now be dead. Lying there on the bed of some cheap, sleazy motel room. And she knew too well, that was some place that she would never go to. For she was more dignified than that. At least she hoped that she would be.
“It was only a dream Terri. Nothing more than a dream.” she said to herself.
Her eyes glanced over at the digital clock on the nightstand, seeing that it was ten at night and she had to start getting ready for her shift at the nursing home. In a way Terri figured that while she was busy with the patients, she would be able to get her mind off of the dream and the fear that it brought. Even though she did dread going in, she knew that there was no way that she could avoid it. For what was her other option? Staying alone within the isolation of this room, dealing with the trauma that the nightmare had brought out in her alone? No, she had to go to work, if not for anything else, just to make sure that she would be able to pay off the bills that she had. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed, her feet touching the cold surface of the tiled floor as her body gradually became erect. Then she carefully made her way through the darkened room, her hands reaching out in front of her for the light switch on the wall. Even though she had been in this room for months now, she always seemed to do just that when she was in the dark. As if she was in some place where she had never been before. Of course, Terri didn’t think anything about it, for her mind on was getting ready for work. A year ago, she had gotten used to her husband having her clothes out on the bed while she took a shower and made her lunch. But the divorce had ended that benefit that she had. And also the benefit of having someone there when she got home. It seemed funny how the small things like that seemed to feel so good, even though you never really notice them until it’s gone. Terri got used to it after a while, even though it was a hard thing for her to do.
Forty-five minutes later, she walked out the door of her apartment and made her way over to the parking lot where she had parked her car. The cool summer breeze slapping her face as her hands rested at her side, gripping her car keys tightly in her right hand. So tight that she could feel them cutting into her flesh of her palm. She didn’t know why she did that, probably just so that she knew that she was awake now and what she had envisioned was nothing more than a dream. That was the one thing that she ran through her mind, over and over again. Like some scared child who was trying to go back to sleep after waking up from a vivid nightmare. And in a way she was just that. For she had never remembered any dream that she would have, especially nightmares. Luckily, she wasn’t still married to Mark; for he would have laughed at her by the way she was acting now. Telling her that it was nothing that she had to worry about, for dreams could never hurt anyone. When she thought about that, she found herself wanting to laugh at herself, knowing that was true. Why she was acting so silly was something that she couldn’t really find the answer to. When she got in her car, she started it up and then backed out of the parking space and off to work. Hoping that she would be ready for whatever would be waiting for her. Even if she wasn’t, she would still have to face it no matter what. The car drove off to the corner of the block, turned and then disappeared into the shadows of the street.
After a week of working four nights straight and having that same dream reoccur again and again in her sleep, started to wear her down. She was grateful that she would have two days off, so she could relax and maybe fid something that would bring some joy to herself. Mainly shopping at the large mall that was in the next town ten miles away. Even though she didn’t like driving long distances at times, she knew that it would be worth it. But nursing supervisor had just told her that Terri would have to work one more night, because another nurse wasn’t going to be coming in. In fact, she hadn’t been at work for the last two nights. No one knew where she had gone, for the nursing supervisor was the type of woman who always tried to hunt someone down, if they were gone for more than one night. Terri found it odd that this woman would have missed two nights of work, for she knew her. Her name was Gloria Kent, a woman in her early thirties, who was married to a man who was a construction worker with two kids. When the nursing supervisor had called Gloria’s home, her husband said that he had no idea where she was. He hadn’t seen her in two days earlier. Terri figured that they had gotten into another fight and Gloria had left him and went to stay at one of her family’s house. But that had always been only over night, was what he had told her. There was no anger in his voice this time; he was genuinely worried where she could have gone. For why would Gloria have disappeared when she had a three-year-old son and a seven-month-old daughter at home? She hadn’t been the type of woman who wouldn’t leave her children, for she loved them. That probably was the one thing that made Gloria kept her with her husband. And because of that, Terri found herself becoming worried about the whole thing. And because of it, she had agreed to work her night off. Not only to help out the nursing supervisor, but also because she could use the overtime. But for some reason Terri had a bad feeling that this extra night was going to be something that she would regret.
That night as she made her way down the silent hallway of the nursing home, she couldn’t get the thought out of her mind that there was something wrong. That something was out of place and yet she couldn’t figure out what that could be. In a way she just wanted to forget about it, so she could continue on with her work. That was the only thing that really mattered to her. Normally, she would be frustrated that she was alone on the floor, because the nurse’s aids were taking an extended break, smoking cigarettes and gossiping. But not tonight. She sort of like the silence, for it gave her a chance to get her work done and the chance to clear her mind. Mainly, the thoughts of what could have happened to Gloria. Even though it really wasn’t any of her business what she did, Terri still found herself wanting to know.
It was then she noticed the door closed on one of the rooms at the far end of the hallway. When she looked at the notes on her clipboard she noticed that room was vacant. Normally the door would be left open, so they would know that there was no one in there. Even though she found it odd that it was closed, she really didn’t think twice about it.A lot of the times one of the staff would go into one of the vacant rooms to take a quick nap, or if they were on the cell phone with someone and wanted some privacy. The only thing was, some of the staff was outside smoking, while the rest was at the nursing desk. So who could be in there? Was there an admission that she hadn’t been told about? There had been times when that happened to her. And that was what she was feeling was going on right now. Instead of going back to the desk to find out, Terri felt that it was her own responsibility to go and do it on her own. Anyway, if there was a new patient in there, they would probably need something. Even though at three in the morning, she couldn’t imagine what that could be, except for sleep.
As she slowly made her way down the hallway, the only thing that she could hear was the souls of her shoes against the linoleum floor. She knew that there was nothing for her to be worried about, yet there was a sense of dread that seemed to go through her mind. Making her want to just turn around and forget about going in there. Pretending that she never noticed it… of course then she would get in trouble for it. Especially since she was the charge nurse tonight, responsible for everything that happened on her floor. When she reached the closed door, she stood there for a moment in hesitation. Her mind-questioning if she really wanted to go in there or not.
“Come on Terri, you know that the only thing you are going to find is one of the staff sleeping in there.” she said.
Her hand slowly opened the door and she made her way into the darkened room. A second later her scream could be heard coming down the hallway. A scream that was heard but not acted on till minute later.
Colleen Fowler was just making her way around the nurse’s desk when she heard the scream. Her eyes stared down the hallway for a moment, as she stood there unsure of what was going on. In her mind, she thought that it was one of the patients who probably fell. But this was the scream of someone young, not elderly. Still she knew that she had to do something. She raced down the hallway as two nurse’s aids, who just came back from break, followed her. They no idea what was going on, but knew that they had to be ready for anything. When they reached the door at the end of the hallway, Colleen turned the light on as they walked in. Colleen screamed in terror as her eyes stayed focused on the bed in front of her, not believing what it was that she was seeing. Lying there in a pool of blood, on the bed was Terri’s body. Her eyes staring up at the ceiling in terror with her mouth open as if to scream. But the nurse’s aids behind Colleen screamed for her. And on the floor be the bed was Gloria Kent’s body, her throat cut and blood flowing onto the floor. On Terri’s clipboard written in her own blood were only two words. DARK EYES.

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