The Last Farewell

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A man not knowing if he is going to make it through the night and his final words that he speaks to the woman he loves.

Submitted: January 24, 2009

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Submitted: January 24, 2009



Feeling the weakness consuming my soul
and with weary eyes I do look upon you my darling,
so much I long for you to know
but time is not on my side now.
The pain surges through me; nothing to stop it now,
as I whisper to you that which my heart needs for you to hear.
Shed no tears my love for this is what is meant to be,
and I shall always be within you within your heart.
Look upon the eyes of our children
and there within them shall you see me,
smiling so lovingly back at you.
The years we shared I cherish the most,
along with your smile which always warmed me heart so,
your voice that of an angel that sings to me,
and your tender kiss which I could taste when I fall asleep.
The love we shared is something so special and true,
and I regret not a second of the time we have shared together.
You are the one who believed in me the most,
bringing forth the sunlight of your love
and casting away the dark gray clouds of my misery.
Now at this moment, when my fate balances on the almighty,
there is one thing that you must know
if it must be that I should pass into the gates of the unknown.
I love you with every breath, every ounce of my being,
my thoughts and dreams have been and always will be of you.
You are the mother of my children,
my devoted and loving wife,
my passionate strength...inspiration....
and courage through out these years.
And if this be my time to leave this Earth,
then I shall go knowing that I have loved completely
with a woman as wonderful as you my darling.
I love you so much and shall continue to even after death,
for I shall always be within your heart.

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