The Longing of Her Lonely Heart

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The Longing of my Lady's lonely heart calls out to me. And I willingly answer with all my passion and love.

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012




The way my Lady looks at me so tender and passionate

as she comes to me with the white towel wrapped around her

like a shield protecting her innocence for all who would do her hard

yet she knows that I am no threat to her

for I am her lover that wait for her to return to my arms

and bring forth such passion within her heart

that she secretly hungers for...secretly even from herself.

I see her now standing there before me ,

her innocence aglow within her eyes and smile

as she offers herself to me

wanting to feel that closeness which we have shared before

wanting to feel my kiss....

that shall awaken herself into the passion of love again

where the warmth of our bodies shall protect us from the cold

feeling the friction of skin against skin as limbs entwine

leaving the world to go as it must......not caring anymore

for all that matters is us within this sensual moment

where our heart express its true affections

through the amorous actions we share with each other.

Bodies join as one....becoming one whisper of love

as our hearts entwine and together

we find something so special and true

that can never be broken.....and never be replace by anyone else.

The sensual expression of love

that two lonely hearts do long to find

and now become absorbed within it

never to let it go....never to let it die.

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