The Yearning Within The Night

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Within the shadows of the night my heart yearns for my beloved Jane. To feel her love and embrace her with all my soul.

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011




I couldn't sleep in the late ours of night
as thoughts of by beloved Jane
float like a breeze through my mind.
Imagining her lying next to me
the warmth of her body
the feel of her skin against mine
as I listen her breathing
so soft like a whisper.
My arms would wrap around her
holding her so close
that our bodies would melt together
joined in perfect bliss
as if we were meant to be together.
In my heart I know we are
and she knows the same,
as we lye under these sheets
keeping each other warm
through the cold winter night.
Feeling the spark of affections desire
wanting to consume me,
to have us embrace such passion
that we both know in our hearts exist.
But I do not move at all,
absorbed within the silent bliss
of this moment.
It is nothing more than a vision for now,
as I lay there in my bed
the shadows of night all around me,
as I wonder
is she feeling the same?
Is she wishing I was lying next to her
wanting to feel my body next to hers?
I can only wait for the day
when I call her and hear her voice,
then I will know
the yearning we both had within the night.


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